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Brian K. Vaughan Heads Back To TV With High-Concept Smokers

Award-winning comics scribe Brian K. Vaughan, who for three seasons was a writer and co-producer of Lost, is returning to television with a Fox series being developed by Sam Raimi and Joshua Donen’s Stars Road Entertainment.

Deadline reports that the hour-long high-concept drama, Smokers, centers on a documentary crew that follows “working-class heroes who exterminate alien threats in deep space.” That, unfortunately, is all the information that’s available.

Smokers is one of three projects in the pipeline from Stars Road; the other two are crime/legal dramas heading to ABC and CBS.

Vaughan is best known in comics circles for the series Ex Machina, Runaways and Y: The Last Man, and the graphic novel Pride of Baghdad.

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  • stealthwise

    Cool. Much as I would prefer Vaughan's work on comics again, at least we'll get something hopefully worth watching on tv, presuming that FOX doesn't hi-jack it or set it up to fail.

  • Bill Reed

    This is gonna be the best six weeks or less ever.

  • Nickcsantos

    Boo. Stop writing dumb shows and come back to comics!

  • Hasdash

    As if. Writing for TV pays better than comics.

  • Redvector

    This will go the way of Firefly, and Space: Above and Beyond.