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McConaughey Keeps His Shirt On For Bernie

It’s been some years since Matthew McConaughey was in Dazed and Confused – or, really, since he’s made a great movie – but he’s about to relive past glories by signing on to Dazed director Richard Linklater’s next movie, the dark comedy Bernie.

Bernie stars Jack Black as funeral home director who befriends a rich widow (Shirley MacLaine) before killing her and storing her in his freezer. McConaughey will play the DA prosecuting Black’s character who finds himself having to deal with the fact that the entire town supports what he did. Surreally, the movie – co-written by Linklater and journalist Skip Hollandsworth – is based upon a true story from Texas.

The movie is due to start shooting shortly.


  • Z Herring

    A true story from a Texas town that's maybe 15 to 20 minutes outside of where McConaughey grew up, actually.

  • Bill Reed

    Thank God, from the headline I thought this was a Weekend at Bernie's remake.