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Who Should Play Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman as a TV show? Sounds like a good idea to me – although David Kelley’s involvement leads me to worry that it’ll end up being more 1960s Batman than Smallville meets Xena, as camp as the latter may sound. But here’s the obvious question: Who should play Diana?

In case you missed Friday’s surprise news: Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are planning a Wonder Woman series not in the movies, but on television, with Ally McBeal and Boston Legal‘s David E. Kelley in the running for showrunner; the project is apparently close to being shopped to networks.

This one isn’t even a poll, because I’ll admit: My mind is blank. Who fits the bill for Wonder Woman? Who is young, beautiful and kick-ass enough to take on such an iconic role, and cheap enough to do it on a weekly basis for network television? My natural inclination is to suggest an unknown, but I’m sure you can all go better than that, so take it to the comments and take me to school: Who is perfect for the new small screen Amazon Princess?


  • Brawl2099

    There were murmurings at that the female lead from Legend of the Seeker (forgetting her name) is perfect, and honestly, I agree. She reminded me of a slightly less butch Xena.

  • CJeff

    Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker

  • Kelly Thompson

    Morena Baccarin would be my choice. Gemma Arterton could be great, but I don't know if she'd do television.

    I think Brawl2099 is referring to Bridget Regan – who definitely has a good look for Diana – I've never seen her act though, so that's a bit of an unknown for me.

  • Claudio Pozas

    I could live with Missy Peregryn (Heroes).

  • Otaku-sempai

    Bridget Regan of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. Morena Baccarin is getting just a bit past where she could pass as a youngish 20-something, which is where Diana should be at the show's start.

  • Chris Arrant

    I always thought Michelle Ryan, who played the Bionic Woman in the recent remake, would be great. She has the look, a firm acting background, and experience with action scenes.

  • Brent Kossina

    i second Missy Peregym. She has an exotic look taht could pass for someone who lived on an island her whole life. I never thought that wonder woman should be a pasty white woman, The Girl lives on an island, she needs to have some sun!

  • Bdcool6

    Alana De La Garza from Law and Order, or Gemma Arterton from Prince of Persia. I like the Missy Peregryn from Rookie Blue, but I think she would make a better Jean Grey. Either way whom ever they pick the woman will need alot time in the gym

  • Summer

    Missy Peregrym.

    Alexa Davalos.

    If it was a movie, I would have said Gemma Arterton, for sure.

  • nailsin

    Nadia Bjorlin. She's a soap opera actress–should be cheap enough for T.V.

  • N_geurtsema

    i used to think serinda swan would great, but she kinda already has the best suitable role for her in zatanna

  • Ericrocksmyworld

    Pleas not Evangeline Lily.

    I'm into Morena Baccarin for the role. Or Adrianne Palicki!

  • Needle

    I hope this shit of an Idea fails and we get an Wonderwoman movie instead. I don't need another Smallville on my hands.

  • R Vill

    Either Valerie Perez or an unkown.

  • Alex

    she should be computer generated.

    That's the only way to go.

    That's a joke.

  • Mark

    Morena Baccarin would be good…. Eliza Dushku as Donna Troy…

  • derf

    Google Priyanka Chopra

  • Summer

    I really don't think that Priyanka Chopra's going to give up a promising Bollywood career to do television in the States.

    She'd be a pretty good Wonder Woman, though.

  • Graeme Burk

    I never thought of Alana De La Garza before this, but I really like it. She's a great actress– probably my favourite ADA on Law & Order in a long, long time– and beautiful too. She'd be perfect.

  • Brian

    I second Alana de la Garza. I also submit Daisy Betts from “Persons Unknown”. She's an aussie, but has the body and perfect face.

  • Matt

    I like the Adrienne Palicki idea below.

  • Lfliv4

    Eliza Dushku would work for me.

  • Dg

    Summer Glau, Eliza Dushku, or Rachel Bilson plz

  • Skokie_tex

    Gina Carano?

  • Mr. M

    Maybe…*maybe* Gina Carano. If not as WW get her in there somewhere.

  • Glantern35

    Bruce Campbell!

  • Eruceht_1999

    Audrey Plaza from Parks and Rec if they want to go young and start in HS. I think she is only 25 or so and can easily pass for 17. Plus she has a wicked sense of humor.

  • Werehawk

    Tricia Helfer definitely.

  • M. Gunner Quist

    Anybody but Bridget Regan. That woman has exactly one facial expression.

    Summer Glau? Come on! Wonder Woman is tall and stacked. Not a scrawny ballerina. As much as I like Glau, she is wrong for the part.

    Michelle Ryan, who was the bionic woman in the updated show, might be okay. But I'm not sure about that.

    I hate to go against the point of this article but I really do think they should find an unknown. Perhaps someone from Europe. Perhaps southern Europe. Perhaps from somewhere in the Baltic states area. Or… here's a good idea… find a GREEK ACTRESS… who can speak GREEK. Just an idea.

  • Werehawk

    Tricia Helfer definitely.

  • Michia

    Definitely the best option I've seen posted is Morena Baccarin. Take a look at the comic again before posting the names of some 85 pound 20 something. Diana has curves…major curves!

  • Westlake

    who cares?

  • comic relief

    I would love to hold out for a live action movie as well. But Nolan and Campbell are booked up and DC already passed on Whedon who is also busy for the time being.

    But I’m not bothered by Wonder Homan returning to prime time yet I hope David E. Kelley can reinstall a secret identity we can believe in again. I liked her ambassador position but even the current continuity has bailed on that definition of Diana.

    The current Diana seems to be designed for a populated super hero universe and I think she might work better isolated from those influences.

  • TouchyRogue

    Morena Baccarin may have curves, but she doesnt have height, which Diana does have. Funny you demand curves but dont care about that.

  • Dan

    Missy has been the person I thought best fit the tiara for years now.

  • ray

    Megan Fox

  • Xaos

    As someone old enough to remember Lynda Carter in first run Wonder Woman, I have a vague dream of eerie doppelganger Sarah Lancaster (Ellie, chuck's sister from the NBC spy comedy) as Wonder woman

  • Rutles

    sarah lancaster from chuck

  • darrellsan

    Donald Glover.
    If race doesn't matter, neither should gender.

  • Rutles

    sarah lansaster from chuck

  • Madcattv2

    Jill Wagner

  • Jules
  • Gothamite01

    OK, enough already…I'll do it.

  • Jbelkinsii

    While I agree that Kelly's quirky cred is well established (starting with Picket Fences),he also established a solid drama cred with The Practice.

    I'm with Kelly, I really like the idea of Morena Baccarin as Wonder Woman, except that I have problems with her height. Wonder Woman needs to be tall, she also needs to look Medeteranian…something Jennifer Gardner didn't bring to Electra.

  • mrsH

    Morena Baccarin.Erica Cerra. Cobie Smulders could all do it.

    Bridget Regan. Not exotic enough. Looks too girl next door than regal Greek Amazon Princess.

    Evangelline Lilly..Too cutesy.

    Serinda Swan…Too cutesy.

    If it were big screen I agree Gemma Atherton or Katrina Kaif.

  • Enero

    All right enough of Morena Baccarin. Joss Whedon isn't a god. Firefly wasn't the greatest show ever and the actors and actresses don't need to be in every single thing shown on a screen. Get over it.

    They already had the role cast for the JLA movie that never was and they did the best job I've ever seen. Megan Gale. The greatest tragedy from that production falling through – other than Common getting screwed out of a speaking role – was not getting to see Megan Gale in costume as Wonder Woman.

  • Valerie Perez

    That would be cool… Am hoping for a relative unknown to completely embody the role as did Lynda Carter and Christopher Reeve, but also someone who is in the same ethnic ballpark – rather not see another Jennifer Garner trying to pass as Greek as we saw with Elektra.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Kelly Monaco, not only does she have curves, but she can keep the goods covered even when her strapless top drops!

    The Wonder Woman of the 1970's was a former Miss America. I think the the 21st Century Wonder Woman should be a former Playmate of the Year!

  • ShaunN

    The actress who plays Diana should definitely be an unknown. There is no established actress that I can think of who fits the bill, but there must be tall, dark-haired, beautiful Amazonian women out there who can match the character's look.

  • Mitch_the_itch83

    Aussie Superstar model Megan Gale

  • Majuris

    what about Alexandra Daddario from the recent Percy Jackson movie


    SERINA SWAN who played Zatanna on 2 eps of Smallville she has the personality and Beauty to pull it off SPENDIDLY! CAST HER!


    Brigit Regan, YES she would be a great choice also.


    missy PEPRGRYN YUK! hate her acting and look.




    cause height doesnt matter on the screen.


    oh so it shoud be wonder man/ then? enough with the p.c. bullshit!


    first of all whatt do you mean by cutesy? IF you think SERINA SWAN is cutesy more power to you but you dont JACK! And Brigit Regan is no girl nest door.

  • RockinRobin

    I think (hope) he was being facetious…lol

  • gnort

    Serinda Swan, who played Zatanna on Smallville. She'd be perfect! ;)

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    No matter who plays Diana, there's only one choice for Hippolyta…Lynda Carter!

  • kalorama

    I've long thought Lancaster would be a great choice, if they're going for a lighter tone. With brunette hair, she even bears a bit of resemblance to a young Lynda Carter. However, if they're going to play up the hardcore warrior woman aspect, I think she may project a bit to much sweetness and light to pull it off.

    My number one choice overall has long been Rosario Dawson. A longshot, I know, but I think she'd nail it.

  • kalorama

    Roasrio Dawson is my #1 choice for film. Probably never happen, but I think she has the goods.

    For TV,a number of possibilities exist. In no particular order:

    Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck)

    Sarah Lancaster (Chuck), but only if they're going for a lighter tone.

    Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker)

    Missy Peregrym (Rookie Blue)

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free or Die Hard)

  • Clark

    Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother.

  • Jjgerding

    Tabrett Bethell from Legend of the Seeker. So much more kick-ass than Brigit Regan.

  • Chanmanic


  • Mr_Wayne

    Nadia Bjorlin, Serinda Swan. SOLD!

  • Bcwflash

    Serinda Swan….Born to be, now make it so…..Ok she is Zatanna to a T but she could pull off Wonder Woman ,i think.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Oh and Megan Gale!

  • Webhead

    There have only been two actresses to play Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Cathy Lee Crosby.

  • Lufio

    There are some great actresses being mentioned, and I'd like to see them get bigger and better parts, but I've got to go with Michelle Ryan. She's just the right age, height, build and face to play an adult Diana. Eliza Dushku would make a great Donna Troy. Hopefully it's a good show and doesn't get cancelled.

  • MagCM

    Alana De La Garza is my pick for Catwoman, Selina Kyle.

    Bridget Regan for Wonder Woman. She has more serious maturity, for lack of a better way to put, than many others noted here.

  • Wonderfan

    Malena Teves

  • Kurumais

    missy got a hit with rookie blue

  • Kurumais

    i agree with sarah she kind of has a lynda carter thing going on and i doubt chuch will survive another season

  • Slugzilla17

    If she can act, Gina Carano is the perfect Wonder Woman.

  • Huy2814

    I think Michelle Ryan from the new Bionic Woman series is perfect.

  • demoncat_4

    my ideal choice would be Lucy Lawless . but she would proably not want to do tv. so i would if i were casting go with some unknown looking for that big break. and would have Lynda Carter as Hypolita

  • Peter Noble
  • Gusgruesome

    Pffft! Sarah Silverman was born to play the part.

  • only kidding

    Betty Suarez!!!!!!!!!

  • Twinzeeto

    Jessica Biel. She defininetly has the physique and stature to be Diana. Plus she is HOT!

  • Phil Edwards

    I nominate Swedish Model, Signe Nordstrom.

    Check out the photos of her and I am sure you will agree

  • Ken

    Charisma Carpenter.

  • LoveYa


  • LoveYa

    ! Birgit Regan, how in the world can you guys fathom her as an Amazonian heroin?!
    She has nothing queen-like in her appearance.
    I say you all need to take a closer look at Nadia Bjorlin! She is amazingly like a cartoon drawn heroin, especially with that body and those amazing eyes. She is born for the part!

  • FB

    I say Nadia Bjorlin is right for the part, I agree 100% with that. What an amazing looking woman!

  • Nima

    Rachel Bilson!

  • Bob

    they should give money to Staminal Cells Research and deage Lucy Lawless in some way

  • Bigdong

    Keri Russel

  • MarkB

    Gina Torres.

  • Steve Howard

    An unknown would be the way to go, but if I had my choices, they would be:

    1. Kelly Brook
    2. Erica Cerra
    3. Megan Gale

  • Steve Howard

    An unknown would be the way to go, but if I had my choices, they would be:

    1. Kelly Brook
    2. Erica Cerra
    3. Megan Gale

  • Shane

    I remember when they cast Megan Gale for the JL movie and she seemed genuinely excited about the role. It was a shame it fell through and it would be great to see her get another chance. Physically she fits the bill, and she's part italian too. And yes Lyna Carter for Hippolyta!

  • Batfroggy

    Monica Bellucci would be perfect, but not likely cheap enough.

  • Angela

    She doesn't have to be Greek, God damn. The actor just has to look the part and play it convincingly.

  • Shamon Temple

    That is the best idea

  • Barrie

    Alexandra Daddario

  • chubby baby

    Wanda Sykes

  • Sketchpad

    Count me as another vote for Brigit Regan :)

  • Keith

    Bridget Regan. For me, there is no other option.

  • Mwedmer

    I cannot think of her name off the top of my head, but the actress who plays H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13 would be perfect for it.

  • Londeaux

    Malena can certainly fill the costume, like Lynda did.

  • JacJac

    I'd vote for Kelli Giddish, the lead in NBC's new show Chase. Aside from being blonde (easy fix), she's got the necessary dramatic and action chops.

  • ivan

    Cobie Smulders from “How i met your mother”

  • Yorick

    Cobie Smulders from 'How I Met Your Mother', she was supposed to be Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman when he was on the project.

  • #27

    Malena Teves,, She's gorgeous, got the perfect look, and the kick-ass attitude to bring to the role. She has the added benefit of being relatively unknown even though her resume is impressive. I vote for Malena for Wonder Woman.

  • Brandonwlobo

    Michelle Ryan from Bionic Woman, tall, busty, dark haired, and no stranger to action TV

  • Pete Pfau

    Jennifer Connolly. Big screen, small screen, doesn't matter.

  • Todd

    Bridget Regan has been talked about for a couple years now, but I think Tabrett Bethell (Cara, from Legend of the Seeker) is way more kick-ass, has bigger bewbs than Regan (to better fit the character) and Tabrett is hotter. Tabrett all day long.


    Taylor Cole! She's got the look and is no stranger to action roles (Heroes, The Event).

  • Vg11950

    Lucy LAWLESS.

    Always has been the right choice. Period.

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    Eva Mendes

  • Mark Cronan

    Michelle Ryan. And let her keep her accent, so it doesn't turn into another Bionic Woman with her more focused on getting an American accent correct than on emoting.

  • Mark Cronan

    Yes, Brigit Regan would work well.

  • Michael Heide

    Jordana Brewster.
    Jennifer Connelly.
    Kate Beckinsale.
    Lena Heady.

  • Recently002

    I actually just read on a couple of sites and saw on TV that the studio is trying to persuade Minka Kelly to the role… food for though…

  • Thales Martins

    Serinda Swan – Zatanna from Smallville.

  • mike

    Katey Perry

  • Jjfigueira

    Serinda Swan (the Zatanna from Smallville)!

  • Derrick_ms

    I like Sarah Lancaster as well. Would be awesome if they could get Lynda Carter to do a cameo on the first episode as Queen Hippolyta. The resemblance would be great.

  • Azjohnson5

    Have to agree with Mike, only one out of 120 comments. Katey Perry. By all means, bash away on her music/videos/acting, but physically she a great choice.

  • Rkstewart68
  • FB-Mama

    Nadia Bjorlin is Wonder Woman!
    She is a warrior princess, an Amazon!

  • FB-Mama
  • FB-Mama
  • FB-Mama
  • Wonderman


  • Thenodrin

    Elizabeth Carolan.

  • Scribemage

    How about Odette Yustman she was in The Unborn and Cloverfield. I think she'd work well as a young Wonder Woman comming from Themyscara into the world of men. She's had a couple roles but nothing really big so she still has a bit of the unknown factor but would also have a sense of familiarity which I think would be good for the role of Wonder Woman/Dianna. I think that if they were to treat Wonder Woman similar to Smallville where we saw the evolution of the character Clark Kent/ Superman Odette Yustman is some one who I can see growing into the role of Wonder Woman as we know her today.

  • John Sinclair1

    I worked with her on Dr Who. Sorry guy, lovely as she is, talented as she is, she's just too short. About 5'4″”

  • Brianc

    Since this is a new TV show that will hopefully run for many seasons, they will need someone young that can grow as the show grows. So she needs to be in her mid-twenties. It'll also be an origin story, so Diana needs to have a little bit of naivety and innocence, at least in the beginning. So far, I'm liking Brigit Regan the best, even though she's probably a tad too old, she's got the right look for sure. But ideally if they could get a young unknown actress and turn her into Wonder Woman, that would be ideal. I mean Lynda Carter was completely unknown and look what happened! I guess it's hard for lightning to strike twice.

  • Michia

    Are you going to pay for the much needed implants?

  • Michia

    A little too curvy and too old.

  • Akachris

    Jaime Murray. Very beautiful actress. Was also on Dexter for part of a season. But too old if they're going for a young WW.

  • Akachris

    Just saw an episode of The Event and I was thinking the same thing.

  • Achilles in London

    Bridget Regan is a YES!!

  • Holden21361

    Amanda Righetti from 'The Mentalist'. She is absolutely beautiful and a good actress,but also has the shoulders and overall physique to pull off the Amazonian warrior/princess. Personally, I would scrap the new costume,too. I think they should modify/adapt Alex Ross' battle suit that he designed for the character in Kingdom Come. If you drop the all gold color scheme and mix in some of the traditional Wonder Woman colors, I think it would look awesome on the screen and wouldn't be too revealing for the overly-sensitive crowd. Just my 2 cents.

  • Holden21361

    Or Katheryn Winnick from the current season of Bones. Same reasons that I posted for Amanda Righetti, plus she has martial arts training that will make the action scenes amazing. Though I would love to see a lot of more popular actress's in the Wonder Woman outfit (several of them names on this page), I would like to see a relative unknown in the movie.

  • wilburpenguin

    Er……. Jackie Chan?

  • bearishbanks

    Bridget Regan for the WIN! =)

  • My name is Naty

    TAbrett Bethell NO DOUBTS

  • My name is Naty

    Tabrett BETHELLLLL

  • Ishman

    Who else? Betty White. :) She's hot right now.

  • Tivochick

    That's Bridget Regan, I watched that Seeker tv show just to see what she was like cause she has been talked about for months for Wonder Woman. The buzz is dead on, she would be perfection.

  • Hotstufflouieb

    I had no idea who this woman was but after seeing her photos on imdb, I must agree with the crowd that Bridget Regan is perfect.

  • Jason

    Annie Parisse, Morena Baccarin, and above all Jessica Paré from Mad Men. She's a giant.

  • Sareli

    I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Bridget Regan has extremely regal facial and poise. In fact, with her name I'm sure she has some royal lineage. She'd be beautiful as WW, but I hope she doesn't touch it since I think the series will fail.

    Nadia Bjorlin looks like a soap opera actress – superficial and ditzy.

  • Adamant877

    How about a woman who actually looks attractive, AND like she can kick a little @$$?! All of the other suggestions I have read have looked like anorexic teen models… not amazonian warriors. (I know this may be a blow to your intensley fragile masculinity boys, but we need a WOMAN to play Wonder Woman, not a girl.)

    I say Jessica Biel. She has the looks, the character, the physique, AND the attitude. Hell, she looks like she could take on most of the male action stars that are working today!

    The biggest problem now is getting a studio to consider someone under 19, and with some actual experience (or talent)… I wouldn't hold your breath. Kind of like getting Jon Hamm to play Supes… great idea, perfect casting, but don't hold your breath.

  • The Lions Den Comics

    TV should be Playboy's Hope Dworaczyk

    Movie Screen should be

    Jessica Alba

    Jessica Biel

    Oh God I can't wait!

  • Dan

    There are only a few people worse to play WW than Monica Baccarain. Among them, Betty White and Kristen Wiig. But that's about it.

  • Just a fan

    How about the girl playing Lois on Smallville currently? She'd be inexpensive and has the right look.

  • Alvaro

    I think, and know the Best Actress is KATRINA ZETA JONES.. She is Beautiful, and Great Actress..

  • Chad

    Have you people actually SEEN Nadia Bjorlin? She absolutely fits the role like no other actress…none of these others even come close. I’m not her agent or something, but come on…imagine THIS in the WW costume!

  • Tjmagnus

    Charisma CARPENTER Is hands down the best choice for Wonder Woman

  • Rob Roy
  • luke a young

    nadia bjorlin got to be woulder woman she looks the part!.

  • Gregwerthman

    The sister on chuck is a twin of the original wonder woman and should play the role

  • Orlandozer

    The one and only Wonder Woman is Sarah Lancaster from NBC’s Chuck. you know Chuck’s sister. She looks like a young Linda Carter. No Megan Fox can even come close.

  • Dakota Nelson

    Gina Carano. Your argument is invalid.