Thor‘s Heimdall Joins Ghost Rider 2

Don’t be surprised if you see the guardian of Asgard’s rainbow bridge show up in the follow-up to 2007′s Ghost Rider movie – but it doesn’t mean that the movie ties in with Marvel’s Avengers continuity… Just that actor Idris Elba has an active agent.

Elba is in talks with the producers of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance to join the production as, according to the Hollywood Reporter, “an alcoholic warrior monk tasked with finding Ghost Rider.” He’s not the only actor currently in negotiations to join the supernatural party; CSI: Miami‘s Johnny Whitworth is also looking to star in the movie, as a criminal recruited by Ciaran Hinds’ Satan to find Johnny Blaze’s (Nic Cage) son.

Spirit of Vengeance begins shooting in Europe next month.

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  • Evil_s2003

    I thought that was a joke when they showed him pictured as 'Heimdall' How annoying when they make major changes like this. Well, it isn't like I actually needed another reason to not watch this thing.
    And Ghost Rider 2? How about you not do that and apologize for the crapfest that was the first Ghost Rider movie?

  • Sam

    Grow up, mate.

  • A_engmann

    Whine,whine, bitch,bitch,whine,whine! “Oh noes! Heimdall's being played by a black guy! WHY?”

    Idris Elba's awesome – - you need to grow up. Marvel and studios that make these movies don't answer to whiny little children like you.

  • Hamburgerjustice


  • Andreas

    The Marvel version of Thor has never been, and has never needed or tried to be, completely faithful to Norse legend – which doesn't make it any less great, and has maybe enabled it to be more great than it would've been otherwise. Having a Black actor play Heimdall is, as this is a film version of Marvel's version of Thor, not noteworthy at all in light of all the other huge changes Marvel's already made to the mythos. It is definitely not a “major change”. I concur with Sam – grow up! Also, as a Black Swede, I'd like to add a heartfelt “f**k you” as well.

  • Evil_s2003

    You miss the point, as did the others who reply to me. This isn't about being faithful to the actual Norse mythos it's about being faithful to the MARVEL mythos of Thor. Yes, having a black actor playing a character who was always white annoys me. It also annoyed me with Daredevil when they destroyed Kingpin by having a great actor play the wrong part (mostly because Kingpin was created to be the 80's generic villain: evil white businessman.)
    But this is also about political correctness. We have to change everything to make things look politically correct? People attack people like me when we speak out like this but then turn around and say the exact same thing when I suggest the same applies to Blade, he should be played by a white guy and see what happens.
    Sidenote: your race doesn't matter here. I'm a 'minority' as well. My family is from Mexico and they came to America years ago, legally. So calm down, I'm just voicing a valid opinion that to many people are to scared to voice. I just call them as I see them.

  • Veleno

    a mexican in america… not so minority… just saying

    and Elba is a B.A. I had no problem with him playin the role of a “white character”. Whose to say he actually was white in Norse Mythos. Whose to say Jesus is white in christianity, if you as me i would believe he was probably like the Middle Eastern people of today. again, just saying.