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Doctor Who Comes To America In New Season?

After conquering America through BBC America’s rebroadcasts of the new series, is the BBC’s Doctor Who about to make it to the real thing for the show’s next season? A leaked memo suggests so.

The Doctor Who Newspage noticed that series line producer David Mason had recently updated his resume to include mention of a “USA Location Shoot” (that has, perhaps tellingly, since been removed), with no further details included. If true, this wouldn’t be the first time Who has shot outside the UK – previous episodes have been shot on location in Italy, Croatia and the Arabian Gulf – and may, as Bleeding Cool’s Brendan Connelly points out mean the series could tie in with the fourth season of spin-off series Torchwood, which will be entirely shot and located in the US (as well as subtitled The New World). More importantly, it might mean that the Doctor can bring his love of bow ties to a whole new continent…


  • mars

    They shot in New York for series 3. The Actors didn't go, the second unit got location shots

  • Pat

    As long as they bring back Ianto Jones to Torchwood they can shoot where they want and tie with doctor Who how they want!

  • 1Whovian

    he already has

  • Valarclan

    One down side it he might get stuck on a station controlled by Comcast/NBC and get replaced with Mexican Wrestling for no apparent reasoning…. Sad but good SciFi no longer seems to come from american TV, or anything resembling geekdom. The death of the SciFi channel and TechTV is proof, and TechTV had insanely high ratings.

  • Tea


  • otter

    I agree “SyFy” is no longer sci-fi. Besides wrestling, it's just campy horror movies.

  • Velvet_rose_77

    Torchwood season four isn't just being filmed in the US. It is ALSO being filmed in Cardiff and other world wide locations!!! And this came from series creator Russell T Davies hiself.

  • Alkade

    Does Fringe not count as good SciFi?

  • maths

    No. It certainly does not.

  • Cookdclown

    actualy, “Daleks Take Manhatton” was shot in a Car Park (Parking Lot) in Wales.

  • Dean

    This could mean the return of Captain Jack

  • LT

    This could mean a crossover. Harkness meets Sparrow.

    Let the slash-fic commence! (It probably has already… >.>)

  • Antoniomathieson

    i would so love to see dr whoi be filmed here i think that would be awesome as hell

  • Sijo

    What would be the big deal? Other than having Who meet some famous American character (real or fictional.)

  • Glenn

    I wish they would include more stories about the interior rooms and structure of the Tardis.

  • Prometheus

    The BBC announced they will be filming a two-parter in Utah! Yay!

  • Prometheus