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Mary Jane Doesn’t Hit The Jackpot

The whole world (wide web, at least) was convinced that Emma Stone would play Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man, but they were wrong. In fact, it’s looking very likely that nobody will be playing MJ in Sony’s upcoming relaunch of the Marvel property.

The Hollywood Reporter’s rundown of Stone’s casting as Gwen Stacy pauses for a brief moment to inform readers that MJ’s participation in the Marc Webb-directed reboot is far from certain. The reliable Borys Kit writes:

The casting process reportedly involved looking for actresses for both Gwen and Mary Jane, and Columbia was into Stone — a favorite after starring in the studio’s “Superbad,” “The House Bunny” and “Zombieland” — for both roles. But as the search elongated, it decided to focus on casting Gwen, the more important role.

Sources said Mary Jane will not appear in the first movie, so a Gwen story line could provide an extra dose of gravitas, depending on how closely the studio and filmmakers hew to Marvel Comics lore.

If Kit is right, then MJ doesn’t have a seat at the table when Andrew Garfield swings into theaters as Peter Parker in 2012. What that also means, potentially, is that the remaining rumored actresses might not have any part to play in the Spider-Man reboot, unless that second fabled female lead is a different character altogether.

Oh, and that bit about Gwen Stacy adding “an extra dose of gravitas?” Kit has more:

In the comics, Gwen was Parker’s first love but died in a fight against the Green Goblin. The studio is not expected to have Green Goblin as the villain in order to distance itself from the previous trilogy (Philip Seymour Hoffman is on the shortlist for the new villain role), but it doesn’t preclude a similar story line to pack dramatic punch.

I certainly hope that Sony pulls the trigger on Gwen when the time is right, though I’m curious about whether or not she’ll survive the first film or two before getting tossed off the proverbial (and, well, literal) bridge. But would you be okay with Gwen dying at the hands of someone other than the Green Goblin? And who the heck do they want PSH to play?


  • Chris Katrev


  • tomdaylight

    Why do you “hope” they kill off Gwen? Is that what Gwen is to you – a one-note character that dies? It certainly isn't what she was conceived as – an uptight young woman who went out of her way to pursue Peter Parker. While many readers today might have only ever known her as “the dead one”, that shouldn't be her function in the film.

  • demoncat_4

    if Mary Jane is out. then odds are maybe PSH will then be the black cat. as for having gwen thrown off the bridge by another spider man villain . would be interesting to see . that is if sony even goes that far with gwen in the films.

  • Gapalanaky

    PSH is a guy, so I think he would be more apt to play Doc Ock or another ummm, portly villain.

  • demoncat_4

    my bad forgot that they want Philip as the ba dguy. doc ock they did already on film kingpin they could try since technically he started out as a spider man villain. we will just have to wait and find out when the film shoots and one shows a trailer and then hits theatres for the answers

  • portnoy de argentina

    dud, think, this a ultimate spider man take of the story, that means gwen survive the attack, MG is still struggling with some feeling over peter(telenovela style peter doesn´t know about it) and granma parker end up knowing that pete is spider man and encourage him to by a better heroe and pete´s moral compas

  • Jsmith

    Everyone seems to be upset that Emma landed the lead in Spider-man. She will be a great addition, much better than Kirsten Dunst and Bryce Dallas Howard. I think that it will be really good, I don't see how Mary-Jane Watson would fit in with the reboot alongside Gwen Stacy. From what I know Peter was never much of a ladies man and he always had his heart set on one girl. It would just complicate things to have both of them featured in this movie.

    The director and studios also said that Peter will be just an ordinary teenager pursuing his love interest, so in this case it is Gwen Stacy. Maybe they were planning on having MJ cameo in the film? Anyways, the remaining candidates for the part weren't really that good and Stone was the best of them all.

  • Mr. M

    “Everyone seems to be upset that Emma landed the lead in Spider-man”

    “Everyone”? Or “some people”?

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