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Milo Ventimiglia Talks Heroes

Saturday afternoon at New York Comic Con, “Heroes” star Milo Ventimiglia stopped by the CBR Tiki Room for a video interview with Jonah Weiland to be posted on CBR later this week. Of the many topics covered, Ventimiglia spoke about the cancellation of “Heroes”, and NBC’s ultimate decision not to wrap up the series with a television special.

Jonah Weiland: We were big supporters of “Heroes” on CBR. I can’t let you get away without two questions on that at least. It’s disappointing that NBC didn’t let you guys wrap it up in some way. I know Tim has talked about that. How do you feel about it? Are you disappointed?

Milo Ventimiglia: You know what? It’s one of those things where being on a TV show, you always have to be ready that they’ll give you the can. If you’re expecting that you’re going to get a courtesy of an end episode, I kind of think you’re being a bit delusional, to be honest. I remember during the first season, we were sitting at an Emmy panel, and there was a whole bunch of us on stage. Somebody asked us about catching this lightning in a bottle and how exciting it was, and I was the only person who raised my hand and said, “Look, the reality is the show will get canceled.” Everybody was looking at me cross-eyed, like, “You’re crazy! Don’t say it!” But that’s reality. So if we’re hoping for that and we wanted to tell the story, if we didn’t get to tell a story, then it should have been in the series.

For me, I actually look at the progression of the show and I look at that fourth season and that very last episode, and I’m like, “You know what? I’m quietly satisfied.” Do I wish we could have had a little more time? Of course. You’re never going to get what you wish for. You gotta go with the reality of the situation. Hey, it is what it is.

I’ve got to say that that writer’s strike really hurt many shows on TV, and I think it hurt you guys, unfortunately.

You know, I think it hurt the kind of television business, but at the same time, it’s one of those unfortunate circumstances that, for me, I think it hurt a lot of individuals in the business. I’m not talking about writers; writers make very nice livings. So do actors and directors. I’m talking about crews. I think it really crippled the town. And not just the crew, but the vendors. Think about the guys who run the dry cleaners that cleaned all of the wardrobe on all of the different shows, and now their business is cut from let’s just say a hundred units, and now they have two. I thought it was unfortunate. I wish that strike would have been orchestrated better, but again, I’m not a [guild] president, I’m just a member. I’m a grunt on the battlefield. Hey, we do our best.

Now that you’ve played in comics, and [“Heroes” creator] Tim Kring has talked about the possibility of continuing the story in comics, is that something you would want to be involved in, or are you really more focused on your own comics?

I want to do my own stuff. To be frank, we were never involved with the comic book version of “Heroes.” Use our image on the cover to sell some books, but nobody ever came to us and said, “Hey, do you have a story to tell?” Not once. Me, I like doing my own thing. I have plenty of creative friends and a really great company and a good form to tell the stories that we want to tell. The thing is for me, everybody feels I’ve got this legitimacy in the comic book world because of “Heroes,” but I’ve been reading comics since I was 8 years old. For me, now I’m giving back to the community, it’s a little different than someone saying, “Oh, you’re legit, you’re kind of a magnet into this world because you were on a TV show that dabbled in that comic arena.” I knew who Jeph Loeb was before I sat down to dinner with him and he was like, “Yeah, I’m going to be writing ‘Heroes.'” And I was like, “Awesome! This is cool!” [laughs]

CBR Staff Writer Josh Wigler contributed to this story.


  • Chris

    Milo seems like a cool dude. Completely separate from the genuine geek-cred he seems to have, I was really, really impressed by his take on the writers strike. He's the first actor I've heard expressing concern for the “little guys” on set who were affected by it. And no, I'm not in the industry – it's just nice to learn that some actors are actually decent human beings. Good luck in the industry Milo. Hollywood needs more guys like you.

    (on topic: I've picked up Beserker. It's awesome. The art is f*cking amazing, and the story is ripped. Nice work)

  • Apoehler

    He sounds a little delusional that the producers should go up to the actors and randomly ask if they have stories they want to tell about the characters, rather than hiring professionals–not that they couldn't have done better picking talent for the Heroes comics. He hadn't established any comics credits at that time, so there'd be no reason to ask him.

  • Cundiffnation

    Milo wasn't suggesting that. The point is that he has nothing to do with the heroes books.

    And you would be surprised how clueless the producers were on heroes.

  • Joecooler2u

    It sucks so much how NBC treated Heroes, but they have a track record of not giving a show a chance. Even with a show that helped the network for 20 seasons they can't bring back Law & Order to set a new record? The people in charge at NBC need to go and some competent people need to be brought onboard. Whatever happened to this network? This was the same place that gave us Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, ER, Fraiser etc.

    I miss seeing Milo on TV. He was one of the bright stars of the show who I didn't tire of. Also miss Ali Larter, Quinto and some of the other cast. Despite the hatred some of the fans gave to the series after season one, it was a bit unique as a show. Smallville's as close a show to Heroes and that is also ending after this season. Man I hate when my shows end.

  • Omegasaga

    Never gave two $hits about the show in any form.

    However…. Milo does come off rather cool here. I would have bought his image book if the ART wasnt horrible.

  • ShadesAtKnight

    I do miss this show :(

  • madjohnfinn Karld1094

    what does this hitty little actor know about anything? Milo, you know fuck all about acting i wish you were taking it up the ass in Guantanemo bay.

  • Khiaao

    The last season sucked

  • Agent Torpor

    i hate Milo. He thinks hes fucking cool and he isnt. He needs to get his fucking head out of his fucking ass.

  • Dude

    You must chill.

  • def

    There are some wack comments here. I'm sure Milo is a decent guy, but this interview is inane. “It's not the writers or actors who get hurt, but the drycleaners.” “Jeph Loeb is awesome.”

    I'm sure it's possible that a person could speak the way he thinks, but more likely, he's just trained himself to give an interview.

    I watched all of Heroes, but gave up investment in it around the start of season 3. In retrospect, only the first half/maybe 2/3s of season one made any sense. Season four was as crap as season three, but in a different way. It would have been nice for them to wrap it all up, but at this point, I have little faith they would have done a satisfying job. Did anyone think the season finale of season four seemed like any sort of finale?

  • Colin MacDonald

    Meh, Heroes was like having sex with your slutty cousin. Sure, there’s that initial thrill of experiencing something dangerous and new, but after that wears off, you realise you’re just throwing a carrot down a corridor, and all you really want is for it to come to come sort of conclusion before you get bored and fall asleep.

  • Cnicolini

    He does come off as full of himself, but I've liked his work in Gilmore Girls, Boston Public, Rocky Balboa and The Bedford Diaries (I didn't watch Heroes), so I'm giving him a pass.

  • Scuba4u27

    Milo Rocks

  • Na

    The people running NBC are a disaster.
    You would think years ago that a network that has Jay Leno, Meredith Viera, Donald Trump, and Heroes — would be number one!

    All the shows mentioned above were “number one” when they came out – and now they are not.