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Scripts For The Flash, Green Lantern 2 Could Hit Warner Bros. By Christmas

Drafts of The Flash and the Green Lantern sequel are expected to be delivered to Warner Bros. by Christmas, Deadline reports.

Written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, The Flash reportedly will use Geoff Johns’ take on the character as a model and fuse sci-fi elements with a darker crime component. Although no director has been announced, Deadline says it’s unlikely to be Berlanti, whose comedy Life as We Know It opened at No. 2 over the weekend.

The same writing team is also working “round the clock” on the script to the Green Lantern sequel, even as director Martin Campbell edits the first film (which Deadline’s Nikki Finke says she hears is shaping up to be “jaw-dropping”).

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard, Green Lantern is set to open on June 17, 2011.


  • demoncat_4

    warners is really working fast to have dc movies play catch up with Marvel if they are wanting the scripts by that date.

  • signalwatch

    The “catch up to Marvel” horse is out of the barn (and has been or about 6 years). At this point, DCE finally has leadership who understands the potential of the franchises if handled well. Getting screenplays done by Christmas doesn't really mean anything in itself, but it is indicative that WB is finally serious about the properties and has an overlying strategy with deadlines.

  • Dalegonsalves

    June 17th

    Damn, thats a long wait.

  • Zen Strive

    Well, Geoff Johns' Barry Allen or Geoff Johns' Wally West? If Geoff Johns' Barry Allen, well, I am yawning already….

  • Superhero Legacy

    I'm surprised WB wants a GL script just after the first one hit production. As for the Flash script, I'm glad this project is actually moving forward.