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Black Panther Has A Need For Triple A

Lost and Oz actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbajge revealed last year that he and his representatives were speaking with Marvel Studios about possibly bringing a Black Panther film to life. So far, little movement has been made on that front, but that doesn’t mean the former Mr. Eko isn’t still interested in the role.

At New York Comic Con, Akinnuoye-Agbaje spoke with Screen Rant and revealed that he’s still working on making a Black Panther deal happen, with no less enthusiasm than he displayed in 2009.

“I would love to see that happen, and I think the more we –- my people -– campaign for that, the more viable it will be,” the actor said. “And I mean, obviously appearing in cult-classics and blockbusters all help, we’re very much on [Marvel’s] radar… I think it’s all about campaigning, I’m going to keep knocking on their door.”

There’s been no shortage of actors expressing interest in T’Challa — Wesley Snipes, for example — and fans have tossed out a wide range of actors for the part from Djimon Hounsou to Chiwetel Ejiofor. For me, AAA ranks at the very top of the wish list; he’s got the build, the intimidation factor, an amazing range as an actor and a whole lot of passion for the project. Personally, I think he would be great as Wakanda’s warrior king. What say you?


  • demoncat_4

    always thought tripple A would be perfect for black panther and if he talking to marvel to make that happen finaly . good since every time marvel decides to do some thing with Tchala the thing winds up never happening. hope the former mr. Eko breaks the black panther curse.

  • Koolio Blanco

    Nobody else should play Black Panther , IMO.

  • Gary4362

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbajge is an arrogant ass who has burned bridges with co-workers on every project he has been involved in. On OZ he was eliminated long before his story was finished. On LOST he didn't like living in Hawaii and left after a season to then demand ridiculous amounts of money to return for the final episode. I think the others named, specifically Chiwetel Ejiofor, are better suited for a 3-picture franchise being productive and enjoyable.

  • DaBxBB

    This guy would be GREAT! Djimon Hounsou 2nd. Wesley Snipes is great, but he's too small and too old. Chiwetel Ejiofor is a great actor, but doesn't look the part although that didn't stop Marvel from casting Halle Berry as Storm (Terrible, should have been an Iman type). What about Omar Epps? (Giving him 6 months to get ripped)?

  • Clown Commandos

    I vote for the Old Spice guy!

  • Salustrade

    Dude, Chiwetel Ejiofor is the only actor in my opinion that would do the role of T'Challa justice.

    He's the acting credentials and charisma necessary to carry off the role perfectly.

  • Cid Phoenix

    I have to say this would be EPIC casting…