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Incredible Hulk Rampaging Toward TV

Marvel and ABC are developing a live-action series that will bring the Incredible Hulk back to television for the first time in three decades.

The Live Feed
and Deadline report that although the project is in the early stages, it’s one of two priorities for Marvel’s fledgling television division, headed by Jeph Loeb. The other is fan-favorite Cloak & Dagger, destined for ABC Family. (Marvel and ABC are, of course, both divisions of the Walt Disney Co.) Neither series has a writer, but a search reportedly is under way.

The news arrives just two weeks after Warner Bros. announced that David E. Kelley is preparing a revival of Wonder Woman who, like the Hulk, was a staple of late-’70s television. The Incredible Hulk famously aired from 1977 to 1982 on CBS, with Bill Bixby starring as Dr. David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Green Goliath.

According to The Live Feed, ABC executives were presented in May with a list of Marvel properties ripe for adaptation — among them, Heroes for Hire, Agents of Atlas, Daughters of the Dragon and The Punisher. Curiously, Cloak & Dagger wasn’t on the initial list. The Hollywood Reporter blog cites insiders as saying Marvel wants to move slow with live-action TV, focusing initially on just one or two series.


  • Anonymous

    >Incredible Hulk
    >Not the Punisher
    >Punisher was available

  • Alex H

    Aha! That Agent of Atlas bit possibly proves a lonstanding theory of mine that Marvel was being much more supportive of if than usual because they were looking to extend it into other media. I can see why too, with the right casting that could be a very good series in theory.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I am so stoked for a CLOAK & DAGGER series. ABC Family might actually be a good place for it since it's not really a kids network. They show stuff for older audiences too…

  • dragon261

    I think that an Agents of Atlas animated series would be a better fit than live action.

  • Khiaao


  • Not Harrison Ford

    I think that a New Warriors series would be a great Disney Channel series if the network ever wanted to do something different and of some quality again.

  • Guest

    If Marvel/Disney is smart, they will take care to put this clearly in the established Marvel Film Universe. What better way to build the idea of a shared universe amongst audiences than with a weekly check in? It doesn't have to be an overbearing factor of the show, but it should be a presence. Look at what tying the Superman/Batman Timm shows together did for the animation department at WB.

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  • Wind_in_your_sail

    the punisher is not going to work … if the program dont have the liberty .. of violence that frank castle is use to …
    maybe in HBO or SHOWTIME … picture FRANK CASTLE with all the violence of THE SOPRANOS or THE SPAWN ANIMATED SERIES FROM THE 90’S THATS A HIT

    but NO a WALT DISNEY company …..with all the violence , sex and curse words censored ….and ALL THE FCC ..GUARDING DOGS barking for every bloodshed , decapitation or MotherF……in the show