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Top Gun 2 Readies For Lift Off

If you thought the Top Gun franchise’s goose was cooked, you were wrong. Paramount Pictures is prepping a sequel to the 1986 aviation flick with Tom Cruise expected to return as Maverick, albeit in a smaller role.

Vulture reports that offers have been made to producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott for the Top Gun sequel, with The Usual Suspects screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie taking a crack at the script. Cruise, a friend of McQuarrie’s, has apparently agreed to take on a smaller role in the sequel, as long as it’s “not too ‘obvious’ a part” — as in, don’t expect Maverick to become a grizzled old flight instructor.

Hey, as long as Maverick is still singing awful impromptu love songs in a bar packed with air force officers, I’m there!


  • Adrian Johnson

    Why? Seriously, why?

  • Joemac307

    Yeah, seriously, why?

  • Tomfitz1

    Probably because they can.

  • A_belt1983

    I ratter see paint dry on the wall.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Should have seen this one coming. The original came out 24 years ago. This will pretty much be “Top Gun: The Next Generation” (or “Top Gun: Legacy” for some of you). If they keep it in the spirit of the original–but take into account it's now the 21st-Century–it should bring in both old and new fans of Top Gun.

    Wonder if they'll use F-18s this time…?

  • Collverkevin

    Airforce officers?

  • mmeans68

    Yeah, this time it will be Maverick chomping on a cigar and telling two other snot nosed kids..

    “You two characters are going to Top Gun.”

  • Aerozg

    Haha, “…but if you screw up just this much, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit outa Hong Kong!…”

  • aero

    Seroiusly, why are reading this article and leaving stupid comments if you hate the movie? Seriously? SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • mmeans68

    I'm reading the article because I liked the first Top Gun and wondering why in heaven they feel the need to try to make a sequel. If you don't like my 'stupid' comments, don't read them.


  • Mona

    will they bring the ghost of Goose back as well? pull a – “Maverick – let the force be with you…. use the force. You've had it all along…..”

  • Mona

    ahhh, sweetie – did someone piss in your cornflakes?

  • Mona

    what does “RATTER” mean? Is this new lingo you crazy kids are using today?