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Which Of The Dark Knight’s Rogues Will Tom Hardy Play In Batman 3?

Spinoff readers were right on the money when it came to predicting which character Rhys Ifans will play in Sony’s Spider-Man reboot. But how will you fare when we turn our attention to Tom Hardy and Batman 3?

Deadline revealed yesterday that the 33-year-old co-star of Inception will reteam with director Christopher Nolan for a lead, if secret, role in the follow-up to The Dark Knight. It’s highly unlikely that Hardy will don Robin’s little green trunks — or that the Boy Wonder will appear in Nolan’s Gotham — so the safe bet is he’ll be a villain. Again, though, which one?

As we noted last night, Riddler has long been rumored for the third Batman film, but with Hardy’s Inception cast mate Joseph Gordon-Levitt favored to pose the questions. It’s possible, even probable, that Nolan is envisioning a departure from the comic-book depictions of Edward Nigma and from the earlier portrayals by Frank Gorshin and Jim Carey. Casting the rugged Hardy would certainly signal a break with the past.

If not Riddler, then how about Killer Croc, the reptilian powerhouse prone to devouring his enemies? This rogue, too, has been linked to the next movie, in large part because of the reported New Orleans filming location. It’s tempting to mark him off the list, as Killer Croc’s appearance and superhuman abilities would seem to conflict with the world Nolan has crafted. But don’t forget the character’s more realistic portrayal in Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Joker, where Waylon Jones is a thug with a skin condition and, it’s suggested, a hankering for human flesh. (Could we end up with dueling cinematic reptile-men, with Rhys Ifans’ Lizard versus Tom Hardy’s Killer Croc?)

Then there’s the Penguin, a role most often linked to Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hardy could play up the character’s mobster/”gentleman thief” aspects, moving away from earlier portrayals that tended toward the comedic (Bergess Meredith and his “Waugh! Waugh! Waugh!”) or the disturbing (Danny DeVito). I actually like the idea of Hardy, who’s no stranger to criminal roles, playing a menacing and slightly deformed Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

There are, of course, countless other possibilities, from Bane and Calendar Man to the Mad Hatter and Mr. Zsasz; Batman’s rogues are legion. However, Riddler, Killer Croc and the Penguin are the most likely candidates — or are they? Which villain do you think Tom Hardy will play in Batman 3?

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  • Mythos

    Zsasz was already used in Batman Begins.

  • Bill Reed

    The Wrath/Prometheus/Anti-Batman.

  • Palmer


  • Rachel Joseph

    Two words:


  • Rsdkjfsdkfj

    Deadshot…mark it down…

  • K.M.B.

    Simon Hurt. You heard it here first.

  • Kungfuhustler84

    Weren't you guys saying last week how pointless it is to speculate? *sigh*

  • battyfan

    Deadshot or Killer croc period.

  • Elvin Cito

    I think he will be playing, hush, black mask, deadshot or the riddler. My guess “& it's a good one to” ;) and remember people, CHRISTAPHER NOLAN IS DOING A REALISTIC BATMAN MOVIE; That means, no Croc, Manbat, Clayface, Vaine ect…

  • PsychloKillah

    Hush? He seems the right age and sensablilties to maybe be Bruce Wayne's old friend Thomas Elliot. This would allow Nolan to use flashbacks to their childhood so we could use hid trademark jumping between different times.

  • Miss Media Junkie

    Black Mask, Hush, Bane, Clayface, Deadshot, or Killer Croc. Or he could just play Bronson again, which would be just as awesome.

  • Hobbes

    It's insane how Nolan is supposedly making a realistic Batman movie. Batman is unrealistic by its very nature.

    The Dark Knight and Begins were both incredibly unrealistic… Then again I suppose there is a big leap from action movie to a man who turns into a bat.

  • stealthwise

    By “realistic” I think everyone means that rather than just taking a leap of faith that a man would simply dress up as a bat and swing around beating people up, you instead take the time and care to show the steps that would go along with that path, and provide some plausible motivations for the characters. Batman projects since 1938 have simply taken suspension of disbelief for granted, rather than actually taking the time to craft a somewhat reasonable fictional world where the action can take place. Nolan's universe isn't realistic when compared to our world, but is certainly a step above the standard comic book or action movie.

  • Outlawmojo

    He'll be NightWing

  • Why hello there

    “Above the standard comic book?” aye? Tell me, have you read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller? Or Joker by Brian Azzarello? Or The Killing Joke by Allan Moore?

  • darrellsan

    cat woman

  • RockSteadySteadyRock

    I hope not the Penguin. I think that was pretty much the only role from Batman's previous run which the actor playing it (Danny Devito) completely owned.

  • Cainmarco71

    you can put in any lame villain in the Batman movie as long as the storytelling is as good as the second..

  • Loki

    I can see him as Penguin or a realistic Killer Croc if they go that way, but I feel that most likely we'll see him as Hush, Blackmask, or Deadshot; Possibly even Riddler. Hopefully they give us Tom Hardy as a lesser known villain, and another great actor as the “well-known” bad guy, like Riddler or whoever.

  • Nagato

    Dude i don't think he meant as being better then those comic books (which they were amazing), but i think, and let me say it again, i think that he meant when he said that, as being more realistic than the standard comic books, then as comparing it to our world.

  • Nagato

    But if you did mean that the dark knight is better than the standard comic books then i would have to kinda disagree, even though the dark knight was an amazing movie and my #1 movie of all time, their are comics that are just as good, like the ones that why hello there listed.

  • Patt5

    tom hardy will play black mask, hush, or a watered down version of bane, maybe even hugo strange. rest assure if it is bane, batman will have a broken back at some point in the film.

  • mmac

    How about the Clock King?

  • JoeQ

    Nolan has said its not Mr. Freeze, or The Riddler, and that portraying the Penguin would be “tricky,” which most diffidently means Not gonna happen. Zsasz was in Batman Begins, so if he is in it, Tom Hardy won’t be playing him.
    What I am about to suggest may seem pretty out there, but if Nolan wants to do a well rounded, complete trilogy, he should bring back the League of Shadows. It works. Talia would be the new love interest. Now, where does Tom Hardy fall in? Well, he would be the new Ra’s Al Ghul. In the comics, Ra’s is immortal. In Batman Begins, they made this more realistic by using decoys. The Decoy Ra’s would die, but the real one would live on. Hardy could play the new Ra’s Al Ghul. Think about it this way, Ra’s Al Ghul is more of a title than a name, and though the person may die, Ra’s will live forever. Ra’s is a symbol. Batman is a symbol.
    See where I’m going with this? Just my thoughts.