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What Other Shows On Marvel’s List Deserve To Be Made?

One of the most interesting things about the news about Marvel TV’s first two series was the revelation of a list that was given by Marvel to ABC executives of possible series adapting Marvel concepts. Hulk and Cloak & Dagger got selected, but what about the other ones? To use a familiar Marvel refrain, U DECIDE!

The Hollywood Reporter had the following series on the Marvel-produced list alongside the Hulk:

• Heroes for Hire (Centering around Luke Cage, sans Iron Fist)
• The Eternals (Focusing on the Kirby backstory of superpowered beings living amongst us in secret inspiring historical myths, rather than any more recent revival)
• Agents of Atlas (The Jeff Parker revival version)
• Alter Ego (A retitled version of Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias)
• Moon Knight (No idea which version of Marvel’s Batman rip-off)
• The Hood (Focused more on the Brian K. Vaughan original series than the character’s latter development in the Avengers books)
• Ka-Zar (Taking the character out of the Savage Land, for budgetary reasons as well as that ever-popular fish-out-of-water dynamic)
• Daughters of the Dragon (The classic Misty Knight/Colleen Wing combo)
• The Punisher (Come on, it’s the Punisher)

Interesting to see that they’re definitely focusing on more “street-level” characters, which seems sensible in order to save on cost and embarrassing effects. Personally, I would’ve loved to have seen Heroes for Hire, Agents of Atlas or Alter Ego out of that line-up – or, ideally, a Daughters of the Dragon series with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as back-up, but that might just be me – but which of the above shows do you think would hold the best potential for a long-running series? And who would you like to see star in them?

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  • Saleem Noorali

    I don't know if it is just me but seems that there is some sort of hate against Marvel Studios for trying to do live action stuff themselves. I am noting the previous article about The Hulk TV show too saying that it is a failure. The movie made it's money back which can't be said for some other movies, but still I don't see what the negative is.

    I think the best idea would be Heroes for Hire because they can use some of the other characters like Iron Fist and just roll Daughters of the Dragon into it. Punisher could work with it too because it may not be able to sustain it's own TV show unless it is done extremely well on cable or pay tv.

    “Alter Ego” is interesting because they could just open that concept for anything and not be exactly about the book itself but just the world of heroes.

    I think Moon Knight could work because people have been wanting a new “batman” tv show for a long time but has to be done right so I am sure a tv version will differ.

  • Ashran

    Actually, none of the above. I don't enjoy street level super heroes. I like big action, science fiction, and I don't see those heroes able of keeping an audience for a long term tv series. Give me fantastic four, give me avengers, give me x-men, give me what if, or even Guardians of the galaxy and nova… Thoses, while costly, would definetly be able to garner a good audience if done correctly…

  • Westlake

    “marvel's batman rip-off”? I am offended.

    i agree with your assessment that they should be using lesser-known street level characters, not only because of the cost but it'll be more palatable to new audiences. (but i really like iron fist)

    the only ones here that seem likely to me, are alias and the eternals. abc wants a new, slick mystery type show to rope in fans of lost and that one jennifer garner show. and eternals because i just think someone wants to milk the heroes cash cow.

  • Fury

    a Moon Knight series could prove he's not just a Batman rip-off, by realy delving into the mythic aspects and his mental issues…

    then again, that'd probably get watered down or neutered for the American public that can't handle people with mental issues without being raving nutcases or 'comedic' characters…

  • Oneonly

    Darkhawk, at least the early part of the series. I'd think you get the best of both worlds. A bit of street level violence with Chis Powell's family dealing with his father under suspiscion for corruption. The case against mob boss Phillipe Bazin. Then you have the mystery of the amulet that gave Powell his powers, its origins ,and all that. It gives the network and the fans the best of both worlds. Street level action, with a healthy dose of sci-fi/mysticism.

  • Nick

    Heroes for Hire sans Iron Fist? Pass…

    Why don't we have a “none of the above” option?

  • Chris Arrant

    The Daily Bugle.

  • Artattacm00

    Moon Knight would make a great series on HBO or Showtime.

  • T_Jay78

    If they used Mark Waid's Kazar as a spring board to the whole fish out of water mentality if could be quite well done…with a little (and I mean only a little) Crocodile Dundee thrown in for good measure.

    If Dexter has proven nothing else you can focus an entire series around a man out for blood, so if this approach is taken it could be quite successful. The trick is to not go down the same path as Blade.

    And I would definitely be down for a Daily Bugle TV show. I think it could probably be the best of the bunch with the right writing crew.

    And just to capture that CW demographic, they could throw in Generation X or Avengers Academy, showcasing heroes in training all the while finding themselves.

    Heroes for Hire: Think A-Team…..if Iron Fist isnt going to be in it, atleast include Shang Chi

  • madeleymade

    What is Alter Ego?

  • James J. Reaves III


    a Daily Bugle show could be awesome; sort of like the ever-popular police procedural, but with investigative reporters & the like. and whenever you needed a boost (whether for sweeps or the like), you could bring in Spider-Man or one of his villains. since you wouldn't be spending a ton on F/X every episode, the ones that had them could be that much better.

    i'd watch it!

  • Fred

    'Moonknight' and 'Punisher' would be great…why not ' Doctor Strange', ' Sleepwalker', 'SpiderWoman', 'MachineMan', 'American Eagle', 'Dazzler'…'HOWARD THE DUCK ' ?

  • Moose

    Hey, why no Iron Fist love? He was and still is awesome, you can't have a Heroes for Hire featuring featuring the kungfu master!! That's probably the BEST option there is!

  • hgd

    The ETERNALS ALL THE WAY. Much more sci-fi than any of the others.

  • Drew

    Heroes For Hire without Iron Fist? Epic fail.

    Hope his specific exclusion means the Iron Fist film is coming soon.

  • multispaz

    I could agree the Batman rip-off statement was harsh especially if anyone were likely to take the character seriously. In a holistic sense Moon knight superficially does look a lot like Batman; but so does Nemesis for that manner. I’m not a Moon knight expert but these specific things do not resemble Batman.

    1. The comics and films reinforce Batman’s father as a forefather and benefactor of Gotham City, in this way the Wayne family legacy looms over Bruce’s adopted home. 2. The trauma of loosing his parents caused Bruce to become one of the most exceptional men of the DC Universe. 3. The childhood trauma to adult avenger scenario was so influential it inspired the creation of a teen sidekick Robin the boy wonder (and a list of other deriviative heroes including Moon knight).

    Yeah the silhouette creates an image the mimics the dark knight’s silhouette but the character isn’t rich enough to sustain a resemblance to the caped crusader that anyone would take seriously for long.

    In “comics world” Moon knight may appear to be a substantial character but after all of the compromises for transition to live action were accounted for; I am sure he would have a hard time sustaining skeptical general audiences.

  • RockinRobin

    Agent of Atlas. Was going to vote Heroes For Hire, but no Iron Fist? Why don't we just have the Fantastic Four without the Thing?

  • B3shmoonwalk

    punisher would be awesome and easier to make as he is grounded in realism

  • TIP

    Woodgod: Inside the Goat Pants

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    They really should just combine the Daughters of the Dragon with Heroes for Hire.

    As to why no Iron Fist, I think Marvel is still positioning the character for a big screen debut.

  • Bluestrike-mike

    Hey, what's with calling Moon Knight Marvel's Batman rip-off?!! That's kind of unfair. For that matter, you might as well call Batman a rip-off of Zorro, The Shadow, or The Phantom. Or call Zorro a rip-off of The Scarlett Pimpernell and Dr. Syn.

  • Bclewis6593

    I voted for Agents of Atlas myself but not as a live action show. That's a property that would work best in animation.

  • Zach

    You didn't read the article? It's explained in the article. Why comment on an article you didn't, apparently, read?

    Seriously, why comment on an article without reading it?

  • Francesjr Gino

    I would like the idea of a Heroes for Hire Series. And also i would like to see a series based on the hood tv series.

  • Cforshaw67220

    'The Punisher' is the only recognisable character for most people, and given the lack of interest in the three films made about the character it is unlikely that he would be a huge smash. The others are not recognisable, and work best within comics. I mean, 'Alias' (the comic) had as its major selling points: sex, swearing, Bendis. Sex and swearing aren't selling points in a medium dominated by HBO, and nobody outside comics cares about Bendis (nor do more and more people getting sick of his samey, samey dialogue).

  • Tyrone Venture

    The Eternals, especially if based on the Gaiman run, would be awesome and completely doable on television. Much of the narrative would be devoted to Ikaris and Druig searching out the “sleeping” Eternals, which would limit the amount of CGI the network would have to use in favor of plot complexity.

  • Magical Mimi

    Guardians of the Galaxy. A version of the most recent team/title that is. It has everything you need to make a good action packed sci-fi show with the right balance of humor.

    Powerless earthman in space? Check. (Starlord)
    Fish out of water humans in space? Check. (Jack Flag)
    Talking animals? Check. (Rocket Racoon and Cosmo)
    Giant guns? Check (Rocket Racoons guns)
    Space Monarchs who talk in an interesting manner? Check. (Groot)
    Hot lesbians? Check (Moondragon and Phyla Vel)
    Space religion? Check (Warlock and Mantis)
    A character too cool to be defined easily? Check (Bug)
    A time traveler? Check (Major Victory)
    A cool HQ? Check (The fricken head of a dead Celestial!)

    I ask this. Why /isn't/ this show being looked at to become a TV series?!?

  • allen

    Assuming a well done series, I picked Agents of Atlas, there is a lot of pulp and sci fi in the cast and it would fill a niche that really isn't around on TV right now. The Eternals sound bite sounds like several other series that have been on TV (including the current running the Event) and I don't think a grand conspiracy show is really what TV needs again. NBC is doing a series called the Cape that comes out soon and the costume looks just like Hood's and it may make both the Hood and Moon Knight look like rip offs to the common viewer. I can't see Punisher working on TV, it hasn't worked in two movies, it just isn't anything unique among multi media, guys who go around killing bad guys is common in both TV and movies.

  • Jaded Devil

    I picked Agents of Atlas because I think it's a quirky idea that could pick up a decent following, with a bunch of odd characters that could translate better to TV without too much in the way of tinkering the concept. The Hood would probably be my second choice, even though at this point it sounds redundant of NBC's “The Cape” project, regardless of whether it came first or not. I also wanted to vote for Moon Knight, but like someone else said, they would probably have to water down certain elements to make it more palpable to Ma and Pa TV Viewer.

    As for the rest…most of them really aren't anything we haven't seen before. Both Heroes for Hire and the Punisher would basically be like the Equalizer, except with powers in HFH's case. Daughters of the Dragon would catch comparisons to Charlie's Angels or, worse, VIP. The Eternals, while having potential, would probably play a lot like the various vampire flashback sequences we saw on “Buffy” and “Angel.” Alter Ego is ultimately just another detective show with superpowers in the mix. And Ka-Zar? I would love to see a Ka-Zar movie…the appeal of the character is that he's basically the Tarzan of Jurassic Park. Taking him out of that environment…well, look at how well WB's “urban Tarzan” series did a couple years ago.

  • Jenn

    Heroes for Hire would be awesome, but I really don't see how they can make it without Iron Fist. Most of the non-action appeal (and some of the action appeal) came from the way Luke and Danny interacted. They both had so much to learn from each other, and I just don't see how it could work very well without that dynamic

  • Michael Bridgett

    Daughters of the Dragon would make a perfect show as prophetically written about here:

  • Russell Dady

    I personally think Heroes For Hire, WITH Iron Fist, is probably the concept for a TV series with the best legs. Iron Fist's powers are martial arts based anyway so there's no need for any fancy special effects. The cast could expand to include other members of the various H4H teams as time went on, and there's an ample range of villains to choose from.

  • loki4ever

    I think that a Doctor strange show can be cool on Tv

  • Bjwax1

    The only reason I post this is because I haven't even heard this suggested yet: How about a “smallville-esque” marvel TV show based on NYX? Focus on NY-based teen mutants, throw in X-23 and her Marjorie Lui backstory, it could be fun.

    just a thought

  • Hypestyle

    I would support any of these shows getting on the air, if handled properly.. My guess is the report is combining/confusing some of the titles, but I guess we'll see..

    Ka-Zar– hmm… setting it in an urban environment cuts down costs vs. a “Savage Land” setting, but Zabu's FX would be mighty expensive, I think.. (anyone see 10,000 BC?). And, does anyone remember the “Tarzan” update on the WB, lasted less than a season.. heh..

    Hulk- starring Mark Ruffalo or yet another new Banner? Hmm… and would they get a bodybuilder or use FX to create the Hulk this time? If the latter, then that would likely be very expensive for episodic TV..

    The Eternals– Hmm, My guess is that they wouldn't be wearing costumes most of the time.. possibly an analog to “Heroes”..

    Cloak and Dagger- I'm most excited about this.. I wish I was involved in the show.. This can be Marvel's “Smallville”.. they can cast some talented unknowns or near-knowns.. thematically the show can be a kind of super- “Mod Squad” without 'Pete' (Ty= Linc, Tandy= Julie)… The duo would be based out of a church/runaway shelter, they could be peer counselors during the day, and at night they stalk bad guys.. Father Delgado could be a known TV/Movie veteran.. to save money, they don't have to do supervillains every week, especially since C&D's early agenda was to target drug outfits & the Mob (maybe lift a Maggia boss from the comics or make up one)..

    this would be a chance to amp up/reboot Cloak's character development in particular, short-circuit some of the typical complaints about him..

    (and the show can feel free to film in Detroit.. tax credits, tax credits, tax credits)

  • Bicycle-Repairman

    The proposal for a Ka-Zar TV series also reminds me of the awful 1989 TV movie “Tarzan in Manhattan”. It starred Joe Lara, who would later play Tarzan again in the syndicated series “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures”. Tarzan travelled to present day New York City to rescue Cheeta, who was held captive by an organization experimenting on animals. Jane was a taxi driver and her father was a retired police officer played by Tony Curtis. I suspect it was intended as a pilot for a TV series that was never picked up.

  • ATK

    Exiles, Exiles, Exiles. I will fully admit it would be too large of a budget for network TV but put Exiles on HBO or other Premium channel and make it as brutal and uncompromising as the comic (before Claremont go a hold of it) this would be a excellent Marvel property with a wealth of material and characters to work with.

    For those not in the know Exiles was a series involving a team of heroes gathered from different dimensions and have to travel each week to a different dimension to set things right and restore order to the multiverse. Basically it was a combo of X-men meets Sliders with a little Quantum Leap thrown in.

    Each week they would have to fight strange variations of known heroes and villains. One week an evil Iron Man has taken over the world, another week an Insane Charles Xavier psychically kills an entire city, and then the next week the team have to destroy the utopia a good Dr. Doom has created in his dimension. Sometimes faced with impossible tasks like killing the good guys and send the world to hell because in the greater good this will set things right.

    It was dark and beautiful and had so much more potential as a comic before it was cancelled after 100 something issues.

  • ATK

    Exiles, Exiles, Exiles. I will fully admit it would be too large of a budget for network TV but put Exiles on HBO or other Premium channel and make it as brutal and uncompromising as the comic (before Claremont go a hold of it) this would be a excellent Marvel property with a wealth of material and characters to work with.

    For those not in the know Exiles was a series involving a team of heroes gathered from different dimensions and have to travel each week to a different dimension to set things right and restore order to the multiverse. Basically it was a combo of X-men meets Sliders with a little Quantum Leap thrown in.

    Each week they would have to fight strange variations of known heroes and villains. One week an evil Iron Man has taken over the world, another week an Insane Charles Xavier psychically kills an entire city, and then the next week the team have to destroy the utopia a good Dr. Doom has created in his dimension. Sometimes faced with impossible tasks like killing the good guys and send the world to hell because in the greater good this will set things right.

    It was dark and beautiful and had so much more potential as a comic before it was cancelled after 100 something issues.

  • edtotheword

    No, seriously. Read the damn article. They put a bullet pointed list. That was much easier to read than Saleem's comment; but somehow you skipped the article

  • Matthew Martin

    Punisher would be fantastic, if done on right channel (HBO, etc) where he can cut loose. And you could bring back Ray Stevenson!

  • Magnusjragnarok

    Heroes for Hire, or just Luke Cage + some other people would be great, if they can find an actor with the right voice for Luke. They need someone who has street cred without being a jerk, who can be tough while able to laugh at himself, and who can throw out the line “Sweet Christmas!” without making it sound forced.
    Moon Knight would be great if they play up the psychological instability and multiple personality aspects, while keeping it gritty and based in the concept of “is Konshu real or just in Spector's head?”

  • Jasonmelendez1

    I'm not really all that jazzed about some of the options here. Punisher and Alias/Alter Ego seem like tough sells on something like ABC in my opinion, if only because you can't really do the characters without watering them down somehow.

    Whether MK is or isn't a Batman rip-off is almost beside because I think he'll certainly be perceived that way.

    Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon almost feel like you could do them together as one show, though it HFH does say sans Iron Fist which is a minus for me, unless they get Old Spice guy. But a Cage show is definitely doable. So's Eternals for that matter. Their powers shouldn't be anything trickier to pull off than people saw on Heroes or Smallville.

    Someone suggested the Guardians of the Galaxy. That could have potential. Either the modern or original team could work.

  • demoncat_4

    Marvel definitly should go for heroe's for hire and moon knight for both are just screaming tv. plus alter ego would fill the void left by 24. as for kazar and eternals they are too ahead of their times plus not really well known to get the needed fan base .

  • KylHu

    Moon Knight. Moon Knight Moon Knight Moon Knight.

  • Dancmh

    FX really pushes the boundaries with their shows and I think they could do an Alias…sorry…Alter Ego or Heroes for Hire show justice.

  • Koolio Blanco

    Guardians of the Galaxy should be on this list.

  • Randy

    A She-Hulk single green lawyer show based on dan slotts run would be tight.

  • Sijo

    Moon Knight USED to be more of a Batman clone in his early days; he even had his own “battle butler” but since then he's developed major differences- moon-related powers, multiple identities etc. And yes I think he could work for TV.

    While I would just *love* to see an Agents of Atlas show, I voted for The Eternals because I think it has the most long-term potential: from discovering the immortals who walk among us, to the monsters below, to the gods from space…

  • allen

    But that wouldn't work for the general audiences as most of the changes to each universe won't make sense to people who haven't read a ton of Marvel. Not to mention that X-Men rights aren't owned by Marvel right now, nor the FF.

  • allen

    Not being known isn't an issue when it comes to a single concept. No one knew what Heroes was before it aired and it did well in it's first season before writing killed it. Same goes for Lost, 24, and nearly every other show on television. Actually the less people know about the original the better it will help the show in many ways. Advertisements and promos tell the general public what the show is about to gain the fan base.

  • JTRobin

    Would like to see Daredevil a la Smallville, Matt in his early years, before becoming DD, training with Stick, perhaps encountering Wilson Fisk pre-Kingpin. Call it simply, “Man Without Fear”…

  • Jack Knight

    As a massive DC fan, I get angry when I see this because disney/Marvel is jumping on something Warner Bros. should have been doing for two decades now. Disney has always understood that the biggest need is to build the brand. If they own an intellectual property, they don't let it set there for decades.

    My kids were watching Cartoon Network this weekend, and show after show after show came on that could easily be adaptations of IP Warner has owned for years rather than paying for a new idea. Ben 10 as Dial H for Hero, Generator Rex as Cyborg, they could have made Samurai Jack about Katana, Dexter's Lab as the story of a young Lex Luthor, so on and so forth. Disney won't do that. They own these properties, and they will use them. As a super hero fan, I'm glad. They will make great shows. As a DC fan, I'm just gotta sigh….

  • mdk

    The Great Lakes Avengers. Superheroes with lame powers. Laugh riot.

  • jephd

    i can see them using either heroes for hire or alter ego as a good starting point which could be used to test other concepts for future development. jess jones investigates rumours of the eternals, luke cage needs some slinky samurai lady help so gives colleen wing a call. I'd actually quite like to see a sort of amalgum of some of the above ideas. maybe h4h starring luke, jess jones, the daughters, maybe cloak and dagger in there too?

  • jephd

    theyve already announced an iron fist film so they are probably trying to keep him safe for that

  • Rey Leopard

    I think that you can make a great “Heroes for Hire” without Iron Fist. Just give Luke a great bunch of supporting characters to play off of.

  • Sanders832003

    Hi, uhm long time veiwer first time poster.

    I was wandering about a “powers” show. I know it is a creation of Bendis but it would have that super hero angle and the police procedural. the first few arcs of the comic could be made into a show for a relaytively low cost and it has a more real world take on super heroes. I jst dont know if it wold be a problem because it's a creator owned property

  • Hulkster

    Exactly man.

  • Wolfthomas

    Cable and Deadpool, seriously comedy and action with a classic odd couple. Their convoluted backgrounds could be explained and perhaps simplified (not changed but exclude overly complicated stuff like Jean Grey clones). Also a huge amount of fourth wall breaking to the point where they actually discuss what happened in previous episodes at the start of a new one. Plus an epic start theme song that Deadpool loves and sings on ocaison.

  • Wolfthomas

    *explained over time (and mocked)

  • Puppykicer25

    agents of atlas sucks, i wish jeff parker would get fired already.

  • demoncat_4

    could see Eternals and Kazar work for the sci fi channel ABC not so much . plus Jack's work was kind of a head of its time. including for other media we shall see


  • God

    Any animated cartoon possibilities, or all just live action? I'd love to see a Devil Dinosaur cartoon for kids. Not too much on the list given here would be appropriate for younger audiences, except maybe Ka-Zar, and that's too much of a Tarzan rip-off to generate much interest.

  • Mason

    Heroes For Hire is NOT Heroes for Hire with just Luke Cage. Fist needs to be there too or there's no point.

  • Keith

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Cloak and Dagger. I think approaching television with lesser known properties is the way to go in terms of eliminating preconceived notions. I'm wary of the Hulk adaptation. It seems like it has all types of train wreck potential. I feel Hulk is a concept that should be reserved for the silver screen. I'm just getting all types of Lou Ferrigno flashes and it's making me chuckle.

    Of the options given, Eternals sounds compelling. I've actually thought for awhile now that Runaways would work better as a weekly series than a movie. Every time I sat down to read an issue, I could literally see it in episodic form. I think I placed the entire cast of Veronica Mars into the roles of all the characters.

  • Beacon

    A lot of these seem to be kind of missing the point …

    Heroes for Hire without Luke and Danny buddy comedy?

    Ka-Zar outside the Savage Land?

    A watered down safe-for-TV Alias (they should just call it the Pulse if they’re going to neuter it again)?

    As for the others …

    I’m not sure the Eternals will catch on with the mainstream.

    Likewise, an Agents of Atlas show (like the comic itself) will probably be too weird to gain more than a small loyal cult following. I’d really love to see it though.

    Moon Knight is just begging for a lawsuit no matter how much fun it would be to see multiple-personality Batman on TV.

    I always thought BKV’s Hood had a lot of potential as an HBO series.

    Daughters of the Dragon has a lot of potential if they can manage to snag some breakout actresses.

    The Punisher is one of those things that seems like a no-brainer on paper but always manages to get messed up by suits.

  • Shurron Farmer

    I would rather see Marvel revive some their recently-too-cancelled animated series: Wolverine and the X-Men, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.

  • Josh.

    Heroes for Hire without Iron Fist? What's the point?

  • Jaded Devil

    Wow, thanks for the sterling conversation, brainiac. Enjoy that MENSA membership.

  • Frequentcontributor

    Heroes for Hire could be cool if handled like Leverage, where you've got a really strong group of core characters holding the show together, but Leverage also has great heist stuff, which H4H wouldn't; I'd be afraid that it would go a bad A-team route. Just like hopefully the new Hulk show won't be too tied into the structure of the old one (make it more sciencey with dark military conspiracies…).

    Punisher is the one that could be done best if handled by the right people. The movies flopped because they weren't very good, but a show along the lines of AMC's lineup could be great. Don't even call it “The Punisher”. You could call it Castle, but only if you killed Nathan Fillion first. Or “Punishment” could be a cool title. It's a cop going to crazy lengths to avenge his murdered family: Add in some great criminal characters and you've got a hit, then just let the bullets and explosions fly.

    And I'd totally watch a Daily Bugle show. Already lots of great side characters there (with a young nerdy teen named Peter something running around in the background…).

  • Bicycle-Repairman

    How about Michael Jai White as Luke Cage? He starred in the blaxploitation parody “Black Dynamite”.

  • Not Harrison Ford

    I suppose that since Disney owns Marvel now they don't have to rename Alias Alter Ego.

  • jephd

    already in active development mate. if i read recent bendis/oeming interviews recently they are about to start naming names (showrunner, stars etc) snot coming from marvel studios though.

  • Matthewaos

    Moon Knight is not a Batman rip off.

  • Pbloome78

    look here is something easy moon knight rips off batman as batman rips off the shadow

  • Bicycle-Repairman

    “Moon Knight is just begging for a lawsuit no matter how much fun it would be to see multiple-personality Batman on TV.”

    I don't see any grounds for a plagiarism lawsuit against Marvel. Moon Knight and Batman don't have much in common besides being wealthy men who assume costumed secret identities to fight crime and using some similar equipment. Besides, Batman was hardly an original concept, containing similarities to the Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, the Shadow, the Phantom Detective, the Phantom, the Spider, the Green Hornet, and “The Bat Whispers”.

  • DaVeO

    Luke Cage can certainly be Hero for Hire, he did have the business before Iron Fist came along. Iron Fist can come in halfway through the season then join at the end. Daughters of the Dragon as occasional guest stars then added to the cast. Guest appearances by other heroes/mercs like Paladin, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Shroud, and Punisher. Could work, really could. Urban street fights and kung-fu.

  • Doctanno

    like to see a NAMOR film; INVADERS; DEFENDERS or another whith the SUB-MARINER.

  • DaVeO

    As an aside, I think Agents of Atlas could be a really good cartoon. The hitch would be that Warner Bros would have to make it to be cool. :)

  • Yetanotheranon

    That makes it sound interesting, in a way that the title — “Moon Knight” — does not. I haven't read the character, but that makes me much more like most TV viewers than the Marvel faithful. I'm interested in how you describe the concept, but the title is a turn-off.

    “Moon Knight”? Seriously.

  • Ebon

    “Heroes For Hire” isn't Heroes For Hire, it's Luke Cage. “Daughters Of The Dragon” could work in a Cagney & Lacey way although the name could use some revising. “The Hood” or “Alter Ego” would probably work best within the confines of a tv show although I'm more interested in the Daily Bugle show someone mentioned in the thread. That could work really well as a show and you'd have Spidey and Jessica Jones as recurring characters.

  • Gcrump

    you forgot Gamora

  • zacouf

    The Punisher also could with this work because he in the position, the program Support is not necessary, around television, unless it is done extremely well in the cable or pay them on television.

  • Ryanmcconnell1066

    i would love to see daughters of The Dragon , it will be good , it will show kick-ass females , we really need to see this , i would love this series to come out !!!