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Mel Gibson To Get Over His PR Hangover

If it worked for Tom Cruise, then maybe it can work for Mel Gibson. The, uh, anger-challenged actor is about to begin the attempt to rehabilitate his career and public image by turning to comedy cameos, starting with the second Hangover movie.

Vulture reports that Gibson will appear in the sequel to last year’s surprise hit as a tattoo artist; whether or not it’ll prove to be as amusing and then ultimately annoying as Cruise’s Les Grossman character is open to question, but it does raise the question: Is PR disaster the only way to get big stars to embarrass themselves in the name of entertainment these days?


  • Steve

    Tom Cruise wasn't caught using racist remarks and beating his wife. Kind of a huge difference don't you think?

  • Jim

    Who says Tom Cruise is back?

    Mel, please go away. Take your money and your miserable, racist self back to the hole from which you came.