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CBS Likes Its New Line-Up

While other networks cancel shows or make decisions about which series should get new episodes, CBS has a very different experience right now: It’s just given full season orders to all of its new 2010 shows.

According to The Wrap, all five of the networks’ new series – Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods, Mike & Molly, The Defenders and, yes, even $#*! My Dad Says – have been given the go-ahead to complete their first seasons, thanks to high ratings and a confident network. For all the jokes and complaints about CBS’ conservative programming, there’s no denying that it certainly knows what works. Maybe NBC should take a leaf out of their book.


  • DaVeO

    Well, I only watch H5-O and then because I can watch it on demand. So it guess I’m glad to hear I can continue to watch something at suppertime if nothing else is on.

  • Varnews

    I wish the good looking hiwaiian would let the other two actors borrow his razor!!!!! Love the show, but am disgusted with the no-shaved look!!!!