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Liam Neeson Replaces Mel Gibson In The Hangover Sequel

Liam Neeson will replace Mel Gibson in the sequel to Warner Bros.’ hit comedy The Hangover following complaints by the cast and crew, Variety reports.

Gibson, whose public image has been severely damaged by repeated allegations of racism and abuse of his ex-girlfriend, was to have a cameo in the film as a tattoo artist in Bangkok. But as we noted this morning, director Todd Phillips was forced to withdraw the part, saying “this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.” (Entertainment Weekly‘s Chris Nashawaty points out that, curiously, convicted rapist Mike Tyson appeared in the first Hangover without threat of revolt by the cast and crew.)

According to the trade paper, Neeson was invited to step into the role by The Hangover 2 star Bradley Cooper, who appeared with him in The A-Team. Neeson flew to the set from New York on Thursday.

The Hangover 2, which also features returning cast members Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis,opens on May 26.


  • Mrdrcop

    So it appears that blacklisting in Hollywood is selective. A Conservative Christian is blacklisted, but a convicted violent felon is perceived as deserving a second chance.

  • Angry Yid

    Mel Gibson had a second chance. Then he had a third.

  • Docsavage46

    A racist, conservative Christian who abused a woman & child, but give him another chance Mdrcop, at least he’s white.

  • Bert

    So, they’re replacing Braveheart with Rob Roby?

  • JMC

    You’re so right – Lets just get rid of the courts and convict people in the media where they belong. Innocent until Oprah forgives you.

  • JMC

    Last I heard Mel wasn’t convicted of anything. Not rape, or violence toward others, or a history of sexually harrassing women over his career. He certainly didn’t bite anyone’s ear of either.

  • Khiaao


  • Gusgruesome

    Uh, a Holocaust-denier is blacklisted–hopefully never to work again. Tyson did the unforgivable, and paid for it with hard time.

    Christian Bale? Teensy weeny little feller goes free after Mom gets paid off for getting punched out by all 4-foot-9 Bale.

    Conservative Christian. Hyuck! Is that term even relevant anymore?

  • Gusgruesome

    Last you heard, blaming Jews for your traffic ticket went out with Hitler.

    Oh, yes. Yes it did. You know you like it.

  • Yanks5179

    So, let’s keep letting 9/11 denier Charlie Sheen and his dad work, right? You’re right, that’s great.

  • Noyoucant

    teh 2 issue daily mini series

  • krantzbucks

    Not sure that they should have given Gibson the cameo, but replacing him with liam Neeson? The cameo would have been funny if they had managed to keep it under wraps, especially given the un-PC bent of the Hangover. Same goes for Mike Tyson’s appearance in the first one. Would have been funnier if they didn’t give it away in the coming attractions.

  • mattyb

    He does have a history of sexual harassment, and there is evidence to show that he beat his wife. You haven’t heard any of the tapes or read any of the evidence against him? He is a wife beater, bigot, racist, and a complete and utter moron. I am not saying that other celebrities who have histories should be ignored, but Mel certainly shouldn’t be. I’m assuming you’re also very religious and that is a huge reason you are supporting him. You can apparently make a bad film about Jesus and get away with anything.

  • Doug

    These celebrity cameos have been going on forever in these comedy films and I think it mostly looks the film look bad. Yeah, Kareem Abdul Jabar’s Airplane character was great and was more than a cameo it was a joke and a funny character right up until he passed out. I think it’s a cheap thing to do and makes the film look cheap and hacky. Ofcourse I don’t like most films anyway. I don’t see how the Liam Neeson cameo is supposed to be that great. Mike Tyson was a celebrity Ex-Boxer. Atleas that joke made sense. Liam Neeson is a legitamate serious actor who isn’t known for anything but getting into his character, which is usually serious.

    Hey, who didn’t love Darkman.

  • Mathieugeekboy

    It’s still too soon, in few years we will embrace him once again. After fame comes disgrace and after that redemption. Pop culture has a short memory after all.

  • Robsanta74

    Let’s not forget Bill Murray in Zombieland. Stunt casting to be sure, but inspired and utterly hillarious.

  • Robsanta74

    Give Tyson a break. The man did his jail time. Let it go. What happened to the notion that a prison sentence is paying one’s own debt to society? I believe that every ex-con, no matter the crime, deserves a chance at redemption. If we continue to to persecute these guys well after their prison sentence the we, as a people, aren’t doing our jobs right. Punishing a guy and sending him to jail is only half the job. Learning to forgive him after, and reintegrate him into society, is the other half. Mike Tyson took his medicine like a man. Done. Fini.

    The issue with Mel is a bit different. His actions may not have led him to prison, but they certainly have offended both the society at large and those people within his his chosen industry.

    For a Hollywood actor, who you are and what you do in you personal life can greatly affect your bankability. Lindsey Lohan may be the next great Oscar winner, but we’ll never know since her personal life is a rotting corpse and no studio wants to bet money on a car wreck. Mel took it on step further. Hollywood will overlook an alcohol problem & single drunken rant. As with Alec Baldwin, they’ll even forgive some impulsive & even cruel ranting to one’s own child. However, that’s only if they’re isolate incidents.

    Mel Gibson has demonstrated a pattern of intolerance, drunken madness, and potentially lethal behavior. Look. If you know that, for example, you work in an office of all Italian people, you don’t walk into the office everyday screaming about the evils of Italy. Mel has to understand, no matter his beliefs (however misguided), the Hollywood workforce is no place for an antisemite. Believe what you want in the comfort of your living room. Don’t let it spill out into your work life. As an actor, any time you’re in the public eye, you’re “on the job.” Your life and every action is held up to public scrutiny.

    Mike Tyson is a FORMER boxing champ. He can talk crap about little people and it probably won’t impact is income potential. He’s not really relevant anymore and people don’t care for him in the same way, beyond his lasting contribution to boxing.

    Mel is still in the thick of it. He could pull out great movies til he dies. It makes no sense for him, as a career move, to offend everybody and anybody who could hire him. It’s not about blacklisting. It’s about burning bridges. That is exactly what Mel Gibson has been doing.

    No studio wants to be associated with a known racist with a history or anti-everybody rants. The world isn’t perfect, but we’re trying to put the rampant racism of the 20th century behind is. Our forward progress may be slow, but those baby steps will add up. Hiring Mel Gibson, when he is clearly not sorry for what he has done or said, is simply an endorsement of intolerance. Society cannot allow that.

    When it comes to this repeated intolerance, Mel has a huge debt that has to be repaid to society he can be afforded the same level of forgiveness as Mike Tyson, who did pay is own debt. Mel has to be willing to change, in some very big ways, but he just doesn’t seem to care.

    Furthermore, no studio in their right mind would want to hire a guy who allegedly beats up his girlfriend & threatens to brutally kill her. Gotta say… Death threats & abuse are career killing moves. Even if you could somehow explain it all away to the studio, can you really explain it all away to the ticket buying audiences? Betting on Mel, at this moment, is a monumental gamble.

    I don’t necessarily believe in convicting people in a court of opinion. However, California courts are notoriously easy on celebrities. If I did half the stuff that Mel or other Hollywood types did, I’d be in jail. Celebs are untouchable. You’d have to literally catch him with the bloody knife and his wife’s head in his hand to convict.

    Sadly, the only court for a guy like Gibson IS the court of public opinion. You may not be able to force him to pay his debt to society by way of jail, but you can sure as hell may him pay it via some good old fashioned guilt tripping & humiliation. A “time out” is really the only effective alternative for an untouchable celeb.

    As members of society, we agree to partake in a bigger social contract. To be a contributing member of society, you have to play by certain rules. We don’t all have to love one another, but we DO have to learn to get along. I’m Puerto Rican. Don’t like me? I’m cool with that. Just don’t get in my face with your racism. Stay in your corner & I’ll stay in mind. It’s a small planet and we have to figure out a way to co-exist.

    Mel Gibson doesn’t want to play by those rules. He doesn’t want to be a contributing, respectful member society. He doesn’t want to play nice with others. As such, he shouldn’t be allowed to play at all.

  • EDANGER):(

    So Mel said some bad words. BIG FUCKING DEAL! Soon we will be able to burn people at the stake again for thinking the wrong thoughts. That is, if the Liberal Thought Police are allowed to take over.

  • T.Wolf

    Not for nothing but i never saw mike tyson rape anyone, i did however hear mel gibson being a racist abusive lunatic.

  • hysan

    “Thought police?” Seriously?

    No one is stopping him from saying what he wants to say. Just like no one is stopping people from not hiring him. You can’t have it both ways. Freedom of speech means you accept the consequences of what you say. If I yell an anti-Irish slur in the middle of downtown Boston, I expect to get my a$% kicked. I have every right to say it, and someone has every right to treat me like dirt because of it.

    Try yelling “pack of ni%^^%” and see how it goes over for you. “Thought police” indeed.

  • Dswynne1

    Considering the fact that the role that Phillips had in mind for Gibson, that of a crazy, Vietnam era soldier/operative, the role would have been a stroke of genius. However, I do understand Phillips position, in that the actors and crew don’t want to work with Gibson because, lets face it, he IS a bit nuts in real life. Hopefully, Gibson will find the redemption that he truly needs (with much of it steeped in alcoholism, unfortunately).

  • Runnerx13

    Tyson did serve his time.

  • Castle

    Get real. You never saw Jeffrey Dahmer eat anybody, either. The man was convicted for it. Fucking idiot.

  • JMC

    His father was the Holocaust-denier, not Mel – get your facts right. And yeah Tyson did the unforgivable, and I believe pocketed 10 million for a fight directly after being released. Hard time? What universe do you live in?

  • JMC

    I love your logic – forgive Tyson, a man that is a convicted rapist, wifebeater, and has a confirmed history of sexual harrassment and general thuggery, not to mention being rewarded for it with a multi-million dollar paycheck directly after BUT convict another guy who hasn’t even been in court, based on suspiciously leaked audio in the media. You are priceless!

  • Azrael

    Actually his wife came out and said Mel had NEVER EVER laid a hand on her or any of his kids. Get your facts straight. And while you’re at it hunt down some of those character references from some of his non-white friends and actors he’s worked with over the years – the ones the media just loves not airing ’cause it doesn’t get headlines.

  • Azrael

    And was handsomely rewarded with multimillions – by people like you I suspect.

  • Nonja

    Do not anger Jews. Your movie career will be over.

  • @petpeevings

    Just as long as Mel Gibson doesn’t get pulled out of the Beaver, I’m happy. I know how much I hate pulling out of beavers!

  • DB83

    You must be an anti-Semite. That is the only way i can see somebody feeling any sympathy for Gibson.

  • JMC

    LOL. If wanting a person, any person, to be judged innocent before guilty is anti-semitic behaviour then, yes I am. If not going along with the other lemmings like you, and judging someone based on media speculation and unproven expose’s is anti-semitic behaviour then, yes I am.
    You are an ignorant schmuck.

  • Thegua

    Was Curious if the fella who said if you yelled an anti irish statement in Boston you deserved to have the SH@it beat out of you. thought that would also be OK if a Black man yelled out anti white statements in an all white crowd. I thought Violence was always wrong. Or is only Minority on Whitey Violence OK

  • Ger

    The funny thing is, you don’t want us judging Mel for his bigoted views and ridiculously stupid and insane comments, but I’m betting you didn’t feel so “against thought police” when the Dixie Chicks were raked over the coals for their comments on an idiotic ex-president. It’s not about being liberal or conservative, it’s about being held accountable for your actions -which is only amplified by being famous. Mel cannot be convicted of what he did because it wasn’t against the law, but it was against basic decency. I’ll admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by the news that he was dropped from this picture and I was equally surprised to see some of the ignorant commenters on this board defending him.

  • Ger

    You sound fairly intelligent but the words you’re posting are pure drivel. There is no doubt of innocence or guilt. His words were recorded and he didn’t deny a thing.
    The words “you are an ignorant schmuck” coming from you are pure irony. It’s hard to believe you do not have similar feelings based on your emotional and heated defense of Mr. Gibson.

  • Bornready2569

    Really good replacement liam neeson is a very talented actor and I think he can pull it off