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Will Warner Bros. Dream Up An Inception Sequel?

Even in light of the sizable hole created by the South Park gang in “Insheeption,” there’s still no denying that people remain bowled over by Christopher Nolan’s Inception. And some of those people include the folks at Warner Bros., who are reportedly interested in expanding the Inception brand with sequels.

What’s Playing has the word on the possible Inception sequel, citing an unnamed studio insider who reveals the WB’s plans:

“Warner Bros want another Inception – as in sequel. Doesn’t make a lick of sense creatively, but financially? well… it made ”a lot” of money for them. Can’t imagine [Christopher] Nolan wanting to do a sequel, let alone direct one. Also don’t imagine [studio chief Jeff Robinov] would want to piss off Nolan by doing one around him. All interest is on the studio side at this stage.”

Easily one of the most satisfying action movies of the year, Inception boasts a strong premise that could absolutely be explored and expanded upon with further films. I wouldn’t be opposed to Inception sequels, though I would like to see them focus on different characters and aspects of the world than what we saw in the first film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Perhaps some characters could crossover from the original picture — Tom Hardy as Eames seems like the best fit from that end — but let’s see the other ways that dream manipulation works in the world of Inception, perhaps in the field of medicine, or as a therapeutic tool, or something that the wealthy pay boatloads of cash for purely escapist reasons.

There isn’t much more to say on the story of Dom Cobb, but there’s certainly more to explore in the greater Inception universe — assuming Nolan approves, of course. But even if he doesn’t have time to direct a sequel, this strikes me as a project that he could supervise from a producer standpoint while allowing a younger, fresher director to come in with his or her own unique approach.

All of this is to say that an Inception sequel, although rumored, remains unconfirmed at this point. Still, it’s worth asking the question: would you be up for another round of dream theft?


  • Tomfitz1

    No Nolan, no Inception for me.

  • percane

    i don’t think they should make a sequel, as much as i enjoyed inception, however if they did, this is a project that would suit a director like zack snyder better than the upcoming superman. his movies have a dreamlike quality anyway, i think this could be a good fit

  • stealthwise

    Given the plot of the movie, you CAN’T do a spinoff, but you could do a similar movie with the same concept and different characters…

  • Jweissenburger

    No. No. NO. NO! Not every story needs a sequel, and not every story should HAVE one.

  • Politicaldefiance

    Zack Snyder directing an Inception sequel would be a horrible choice. It’s bad enough they chose him to direct Superman. I can only hope that Christopher Nolan has a LOT of creative input on it.

    As for whether I would want an Inception sequel, I say no. I enjoyed the movie a lot, possibly my favorite movie of the year so far, but I just find a sequel unnecessary. I’d rather see Nolan move on to some other project instead of becoming the kind of guy who does lots of sequels for his movies. That would be boring.

  • Cforshaw67220


    Or, was that too simple an answer? Let me put it this way – I am sick of sequels, prequels, remakes and adaptations being made solely because some idiot in a suit sees dollars. Films should be an expression of creativity, and should be driven forward in this way, because in the past this is what has provided us with the most entertaining – and often, the most successful – films. I mean, there will always be a drop off in subsequent movies, anyway, because not everyone is going to like your film.

    However, should Christopher Nolan return to write and direct this film, I will probably skip it, anyway. It left me bored most of the time, and didn’t make a lick of sense – seriously, they spend an hour setting up the rules of what you can and can’t do, and then violate them five minutes into the heist. Lot of psuedo-psychological twaddle, and nowhere near the genius of ‘Following’ and ‘Memento’… Year’s best film? Its no ‘Black Dynamite’.

  • Drhiphop85

    I actually think people crying about a sequel are thinking too literally. A direct sequel would be horrible, the story of Cobb is over. But an exploration of this world would be fun. I’d actually prefer a TV series (on Showtime or HBO) that takes the time to explore this world. Of course ever movie doesn’t need a sequal, DUHH! But with such a rich concept, it would be a waste (imo) to not explore it further. Like the writer of this post said I’m curious to see what other ways dream manipulation can be used or where it came from. I think you get Nolan as an executive producer, get a good director and maybe (a big maybe) one of the stars from the movie to show up and explore it as a tv series. This could be potentially a cross between the Wire (fabulous show) and Fringe and Dark City. Hell if it makes all the naysayers happier it can have nothing to do with Inception in it’s title just in concept. Again the story that was told in Inception is done but the tapestry of the world created has so many possibilities.

  • Aaron Davis

    I think that there should be an Inception sequel. Inception was one of my favorite movies of the year, (and possibly of all time). To see no sequel would be sad. In the sequel, I’d like it, if they included that football player, from Insheeption and the issue of hoarding. I think if they found some way to incorporate Batman into it, then it would be even more funny, but those ideas are not likely, especially the Batman idea because Batman is from DC Comics, and Inception characters are from Inception. But yeah. I’m all out for a sequel.

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