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Warners To Make Acme Make Money Finally

As far as high concept pitches go, this one has the potential to be great – or maybe just a great disaster. Warner Bros has just paid six figures for a movie based around the fictional company that has a tendency to supply shady product to Wile E. Coyote and other Looney Tunes characters.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Kevin and Dan Hageman have sold a pitch for an Acme Company movie to Warners, with an eye to creating a franchise out of the fictional manufacturer. The two writers, who’ve been attached to the in-development LEGO movie in the past, developed the idea with How To Train Your Dragon producer Roy Lee and Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin, who are both attached to this new project. Here’s hoping it’s not as much of a dud as some Acme products…


  • Kid Show Business

    Is the story going to be how Acme faces bankruptcy once everyone knows their stuff doesn’t work?

  • God

    The problem, though, is that there’s a real company with that name. (I have a ruler made by them.) In fact, it’s quite possible there’s more than one company using the Acme name. Warner’s lawyers better check it out thoroughly before setting themselves up for any potential lawsuits.

  • Will

    I demand that Disney create an Ajax movie to compete.

  • Jrau18

    This would specifically be about the “Acme Corporation.” There’d be no law conflict.