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Deadpool Could Go To Unknown Swedish Commercial Director

Robert Rodriguez’s off-and-on relationship with Deadpool apparently is off again, clearing a path for a new, and relatively unknown, contender to direct the Fox adaptation.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Adam Berg, a little-known Swedish commercial and video director, has emerged as a leading candidate for the movie, which stars Ryan Reynolds as Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth.

The 38-year-old Berg has directed numerous music videos for European bands like Idlewild, The Cardigans and Kent — his brother Joakim his lead singer of the the Swedish group — but garnered wider attention last year with his stylish short film for Philips Electronics. Winner of the prestigious Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, “Carousel” is a 139-second continuous tracking shot of a frozen moment after a bank heist gone wrong. The camera pans through scattered bills, muzzle flashes and explosions, past police exchanging fire with masked robbers who have fled into a hospital, eventually looping back around to the beginning of the scene. You can watch the short, and a behind-the-scenes video, below.

According to the LA Times, Berg’s work is admired by Deadpool‘s producers as well as by Reynolds, giving the director a leg up on the competition.


  • Olivia

    Oh, please let this happen! These videos are brilliant and you can tell he really knows his way around a camera AND he actually has artistic vision! (unlike most popular directors today)

    I will be all over the Deadpool movie if they can get this guy! Plus I think Robert Rodriguez is a shitty director and he would just bring the movie into the overdone action-hero genre. If they can get the Deadpool movie to echo the old Joe Kelly comics instead of the new titles, they will have an excellent movie!

    Oh, please let this happen!

  • kalorama

    The last time an unknown European music video/commercial director with no feature experience was put in charge of a comic book property, we ended up with Catwoman.