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No More Cylons: Syfy Cancels Caprica

The escalating feud between the Adama and Graystone families, not to mention the race to build the first Cylon, is at an end. The Syfy network has announced the cancellation of Caprica, the television prequel series that spun out of Battlestar Galactica.

“We appreciate all the support that fans have shown for Caprica and are very proud of the producers, cast, writers and the rest of the amazing team that has been committed to this fine series,” said Syfy executive vice president of original programming Mark Stern in a statement. “Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, Caprica has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season.”

The decision is effectively immediately, as Syfy has pulled Caprica from its current broadcast rotation. The remaining five episode of the show’s first season will air at a yet to be determined point in 2011, serving as the final episodes of the series.

Although Syfy has pulled the plug on Caprica, it’s not over for fans of the Battlestar Galactica franchise. Late last week, the network announced a two-hour backdoor pilot for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, a different prequel series that chronicles William Adama’s days as a young soldier in the First Cylon War.


  • Christian

    Another show killed by a too long hiatus and a lack of progression happening since its return- too much Amanda, not enough Zoe
    I also think the new Tuesday slot has also killed it, personally I can see SGU being swapped swiftly back to it’s old Friday with Sanctuary slot very shortly too
    I really hope the Final Five episodes (he hehehhehehe heheheh) give some sort of tie off

  • Tomfitz1

    I hope that the last final five episodes will tie up the current storylines, but probably not the the sub-plots that eventually ties into BSG.

    I’m also hoping that I’ll get the opportunity to view the end of the series as I’m sick and tired of network pulling off shows without giving viewers closure.

  • mike b

    Write in campaigns have started. A rabid fan has spoken and is trying to get people organized.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I applaud Caprica for what it tried to do–show a different aspect of the BSG universe that didn’t involve spaceships–but I just don’t think a lot of BSG fans crossed over to this series. I’ve caught a few episodes here and there (never in their entirety though), and I thought it was pretty good.

    BSG: Blood & Chrome might actually be more successful if it’s more in the spirit of BSG with battlestars and viper fighters against Cylon warships…

  • Khiaao

    See ya!!!!!

  • DF

    UGH. Well, that explains why they did not show a preview for next weeks episode. Ugh. Just Ugh. I think Blood & Chrome sounds good, but not as a replacement for Caprica. I should have known thats where this was going. *SIGH*
    Canceled and they are delaying the final episodes too. UGH Syfy.

  • Guest

    As a BSG fan I actually didn’t know this really existed. Oh well.

  • DaVeO

    I honestly didn’t see this going past a season or two, although it did give us a different kind of sci-fi, a true drama set in an futuristic world. I hope they can do their best in wrapping up the plots. Good luck.

  • Grid-Eye

    Once again a good show ripped off the air by greed corporation just wanting money. Caprica could of gone far but its gone now. Lets put another talk show or another reality tv show in its place fraken joke you are sy-fi. Caprica we will miss you.