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Get Ready To Meet Charlie’s Angels

Charlie's Angels

ABC has long planned a television reboot of the Charlie’s Angels franchise, but little movements has been made — publicly, at least — since former Smallville executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough took the reins on the relaunch.

That changes today, as Deadline reports that ABC is gearing up to pull the trigger on Charlie’s Angels. According to the report, casting is currently underway for the pilot episode, albeit “quietly,” under the direction of casting director John Papsidera. The pilot is set to shoot in Miami, with January targeted as a production start date.

Gough and Millar are executive producing alongside original series executive producer Leonard Goldberg, film star Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen, one of the producers on the movie revival.


  • catsmeow12

    With Drew Barrymore as producer, it means the show will have some sort of connection to the movies. The three new Angels are probably replacing Dylan, Natalie, and Alex. With John Forsyth and Bernie Mac dead, they’ll have to cast a new Charlie and Bosley.

  • demoncat_4

    hope this time is the charm even though relauching charlies angels is another sign hollywood is dried up on original ideas. besides it will be hard for any actress to try and add a new twist to the Farah fosset role of the original.

  • Brian from Canada

    Hopefully, this Charlie’s Angels will actually go back to what the original series was about instead of the nonsensical movies: capable cops plucked out of the police force because they “weren’t as good as the men.” It may even make a good trio with No Ordinary Hero and the remake of The Incredible Hulk.

    Unfortunately, given Hollywood’s less than stellar record on remakes — Hawaii 5-O and The Defenders included — it probably won’t and will end up all surface and no substance like the rest of the dreck they are planning.

  • Summer

    I kinda hope to see Kristin Kruek and Kristen Bell as two of the Angels, but I’m sure that isn’t going to happen.