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Miss The Walking Dead Premiere? Here’s Your Chance To Watch It

If you were too busy trick-or-treating or sleeping on Sunday to watch the 90-minute series premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC is streaming “Days Gone Bye” in its entirety so you can get caught up in time for Episode 2. It’s only available for a limited time, and it doesn’t look as if subsequent episodes will receive the same treatment. So enjoy it while you can!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 10 p.m. PST/EST on AMC.


  • Paul

    It seems like it should be available On Demand as well, maybe next week.

  • Matt Duarte

    Region locked, too. Can’t watch it here in mainland Europe.

  • Nico Meyering

    Go on and watch it.

  • ApproBAT

    Why isn’t it On Demand now? ARG!!!!

  • Tgcversion2point0

    Or you can catch it when AMC repeats it this coming Sunday a few hours before the second episode.

  • Jjgerding

    It is listed as available “On Demand”, but I guess it won’t actually show until after Sunday’s second episode.