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Peli And Poe Team For Graves

The Paranormal Activity franchise may have marked creator Oren Peli as a master of modern horror, but for his next project, he’ll be working with one of the original masters: Edgar Allen Poe.

Peli has signed on to direct Eliza Graves, a loose adaptation of a short story by Poe that centers around a young Harvard graduate who takes a job in an insane asylum unaware that the asylum has been taken over by the inmates. The project has been in development for almost a decade, with Jodie Foster rumored to direct at one point, and Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman attached to star (None of those names are currently attached, and no actors have been officially named for the movie yet); no date has been set for the start of production.


  • Dfisher1983

    Really? Two movies with the exact same premise makes him a master of the genre? I think he still has to prove himself with a few more movies before that title is bestowed on him. That being said, I’m still really interested in the upcoming Area 51 and this new Poe project sounds interesting as well.