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Marvel Is Developing Three TV Series — But Which Ones?

Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger has confirmed reports from last month that Marvel is developing live-action projects for television. However, he says there are three series in the pipeline, not two.

News broke in mid-October that the company’s fledgling TV arm is making adaptations of The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger priorities, with the former destined for ABC and the latter for ABC Family (Marvel and ABC are both divisions of Disney). Entertainment Weekly‘s Lynette Rice later pooh-poohed the Hulk report, writing that “any speculation about the return of the big green man is premature, though interest from ABC is apparently there.”

But in an interview in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, Iger addressed how Marvel is being integrated into Disney, saying, “we’ve taken back distribution, or bought back distribution from Paramount, for some critical franchises. Notably, Iron Man 3 will be distributed by us, and Avengers. We’re developing three live-action series for ABC and ABC Family. You can buy Marvel products at Disney stores. And we’re working on Marvel games.”

What Iger doesn’t say, unfortunately, is which three live-action series those are. Naturally, The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger are good candidates for two of those slots. But what about the third?

Heat Vision reported last month that ABC executives were presented in the spring with a list of Marvel properties ripe for adaptation — among them, The Punisher, Heroes for Hire, Agents of Atlas and Daughters of the Dragon. Is it time for Frank Castle to take his crusade to live-action TV, or will Marvel and Disney turn the spotlight on some of its other, lesser-known characters?

In related news, Variety reports that Marvel Television has hired two new executives for its animation division and promoted a third: Producer Eric Radomski (Spawn) has joined the company as senior vice president of production and animation director, and Tracy McAndrew of Disney Channels Worldwide has been hired as vice president of programming and distribution strategy. Meanwhile, Cort Lane has been promoted to vice president of development and production of animation.


  • Bill Reed

    I’m rooting for US-1.

  • demoncat_4

    hopefully it turns out to be heroe’s for hire. or the daughters of the dragon. though the secret could be they are finaly going to do something with power pack.

  • B Smithy

    while Marvel will completely win with the Disney deal, and its roster of characters will get incredible exposure, the Mouse Corp is still an evil empire. After all, as former CEO Michael Eisner said, “If Mickey Mouse could vote, he’d probably be a Republican.”

  • Lando

    I’m down for a Agent of Atlas series, but writer Jeff Parker needs to be involved…and it needs to have a immortal Gorilla.

  • Wolfthomas

    Guardians of the Galaxy!

  • Michael Sacal

    “Cloak & Dagger” and “ABC Family” are not two things I see going together.

  • Trey

    What? Agents of Atlas is so full of FAIL.

  • Guest

    This forum does not need to read B. Smithy’s insults, especially when it has nothing to do with the article.

  • ATK

    Oh how it wish it would be Exiles and aired on HBO but I’m not that fortunate.

  • pDUB

    …aaand being a Republican automatically makes you evil?

    i hope you’re kidding, cause that’s bollocks.

  • stealthwise

    Is that even English? Why not actually make some kind of point in your comment instead of just trolling.

  • LordGanja

    The success of The Walking Dead shows it needs to be something game-changing rather than a variation on a theme. My suggestion would be for Neil Gaiman’s 1602. Using all of their best familiar characters in new settings – it’s got scope & ambition.
    The best non-Marvel property ripe for development has to be CHEW – that is so insane and different it would have people throwing up their dinner:)

  • James

    God! Not more Punisher please!

    How about a series based on X Factor?

    With the wit of Veronica Mars, but with super powers! :)

  • B Smithy

    unfortunately it’s not:)
    Also read “Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince” by Marc Elliot, for Uncle Walt’s business practices.

  • Chuckamock

    I honestly have thought for YEARS that Power Pack is a concept that would speak right to the preteen set.

    I doubt that Heroes For Hire is in the works because, reportedly, both Iron Fist and Luke Cage are in film developments. Sidenote: It would be sweet to have a LC film and an IF film followed by a HOH film featuring both characters. Come on, they are doing it for the Avengers franchise.

    I think with David Kelly working on WW, Daughters of the Dragon would be a great idea. Stay with the ORIGINAL concept , just Misty and Colleen. Misty with her bionic arm, Colleen as the martial arts person. Strong characters, exciting story arcs. I think this would be an easy sale.

    But what do I know??

  • J_macq

    Do it the easy way. Combine Punisher, Heroes for Hire, and Daughters of the Dragon, maybe even Daredevil too, and just make a “Marvel Knights” series. Basically you could wrap up almost all of Marvel’s “street level” characters into one ongoing series. Sort of a mini-version of the cinematic Marvel Universe. Of course, Cloak and Dagger would probably fit in there, too, so maybe we’ll be seeing crossovers in some form or another regardless.

    Kind of leery as to whether they’re seriously going to do the Hulk or not. They seem to want him in movies, and I doubt Mark Ruffalo is going to go for an ongoing TV series so you could end up with that dreaded “brand confusion” that studios seem so afraid of.

    But if you could get Ruffalo for occasional guest-shots…you could make a She-Hulk series.

  • Mwedmer

    Daredevil is the only series that they should be working hard to develope. Its perfect for Television and could ebd up being Dark Knight level every week.

    Make is so Dismarvel.

  • Ken

    I don’t think a Punisher television series would work for a PG-rated audience. I mean, I suppose it could be done if he’s hunting super powers rather than mobsters but I just don’t see it being a success.

    I still say I’d LOVE to see series based on either Darkhawk or Sleepwalker. Neither one is knee-deep in the Marvel Universe and could easily be based in their own universe in a TV series.

    I also think Alias would make a great television series. Either one of those or Squadron Supreme would be good (even though that’d probably be too similar to Smallville with the case of Hyperion).

  • 0bsessions

    The Walking Dead is based on a premise that is about as old hat as could possibly be. I’m enjoying it and I love the series, but there is absolutely nothing “game-changing” about the Walking Dead. If anything, it’s proof that presentation is more important than originality in regards to a concept.

  • Squashua


  • Dan

    I’m going to politely disagree.

    Walking Dead is pushing the envelope in a few departments.

    When all is said and done, it may end up being the finest comic-to-tv translation ever. We’ll see — the future certainly looks bright.

    Also, the zombie premise has almost always been firmly rooted in film (not so much these days), and yet, here we are, in 2010, watching Rick shoot a zombie girl in the head. WD is serving up a grisly meal every weak and the response has been overwhelming positive…yet I know quite a new people who watch the show and would never have touched, say, Return Of or Dawn Of. But it’s big, it’s on TV, and they’re tuning in. So the level of accessibility is heightened, as well.

    And finally, I’ve heard that the comic will be re-released every weak starting from the 1st issue for viewers who want to play catch-up and not buy the collections. This seems obvious, but really, no one has properly pulled it off — even at Marvel, where they routinely put out superhero films that simply do NOT coincide with an accessible storyline in the comics for new readers to jump on…

  • Bclewis6593

    I don’t think that a live action Hulk series would work it’d be too expensive to do a CGI Hulk and a body bulder/wrestler in green make up would be cheezy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrap the Hulk show for one of the other characters that would be less expensive to produce.

  • Talmerian

    I thought we already knew that they were adapting Dark Tower as a movie/tv series? Doesn’t that make three? Incredible Hulk, Cloak & Dagger (although I am still not sure this is correct, I think a Marvel Super Hero Hour is more likely with a revolving cast), and Dark Tower.

  • Pennyforth

    Oh, if only….I’ve just got a new generation hooked on the original Power Pack series (no offense to the modern all-ages version–they’re a good effort, but a little too generic), and I would love to be able to sit down with the child in question and watch a PP TV series.

  • Beow101

    Damn straight. Disney would water them down so much as to be unwatchable. High School Musical meets the Wire. I’d pass.

  • shrinknomore

    Cloak and Dagger could be really astonishing, if the basic-material isn’t wasted ( experiments upon junkies ) and if the producers and all the staff really boil the street-level aspect…

    is Steven Bochco still alive ?
    is there a chance to see Abel Ferrara directing some episodes -or all of them, otherwise ( : mwaa-hahahahaha )

  • Weezy Baby

    I dunno..I think B. Smithy is right on! 1st of all it was a ridiculous statement by Eisner anyway–but given that country continues to move forward liberally (more minorities able to vote, interracial marriage, civil unions, greater healthcare opps for less advatanged) the idea of a party that wants to tell people who can marry, what religion to support and so on seems very much like the political party that tries to burn Mutants in the Marvel U–which seems awfully Republican to any objective viewer.

  • Guest

    What part of my comment did you not understand? B. Smithy’s insult had nothing to do with the article. Furthermore, did you miss last week’s election? The U.S. is a center right population. Your ridiculous ideas about the Republican party is silly & specious.

  • Weezy Baby

    I’m pretty aware of the Election and that is gigantic BS about the center right. What part is center right? Financially? Socially—tell that to Fox TV–you know the other part of their empire which when not scaring the ignorant–proceeds to showcase the lowest common denominator for sitcoms–that routinely feature gay characters (hello Glee!) or minorities–(remember In Living Color, Martin, Bernie Mac or even now– Brothers?—you–probably don’t–how about Cleveland show?)

    This country is center left–it always has been. Few Republicans homeschool their kids or send them to a catholic or christian school–several have affairs–and quite a few are gay but hiding it. Face it buddy–your party lives very socially liberal while telling everyone else how to live more conservative.

    Much like how Republicans always whine about liberal = socialism or WMD in Iraq were real–it’s actually common knowledge from most objective viewers that they (Republicans) LIE and there are the gullible who will ignore common sense (“NO FEDERAL HEALTH CARE— DON’T TOUCH MY MEDICARE!”). I guess you are one of them.

    How this has anything to do with the article is simple–put Hulk on TV and have a Gen. Ross be a chicken hawk Repub that wants to use him as a weapon rather than find an intelligent diplomatic means or demagogue the Power Pack or Cloak and Dagger kids BE THEY MUST BE MUT–er ILEGAL IMMIGRANTS TAKING OUR JOBS!!!!

    If you’re so convinced about being a Republican on a comicbook forum of all places–proudly list your name sir.

  • Kevin Melrose

    The Dark Tower isn’t a Marvel property. Universal and NBC Universal are supposedly developing it as a movie trilogy and TV series.

  • SynapseAttack

    Not sure if Marvel/Disney have the rights to Dark Tower for anything more than just the Comics. It remains the intellectual work of Stephen King and I don’t see him allowing Disney to Disneyfy(?) if for television. I don’t want to see a Dark Tower TV series unless it’s done by/on HBO or A&E or FX or another channel like them. I have faith in them to do it right but not in ABC/Disney

  • Blythr

    Forget this make a daredevil animated dvd for christ sakes.

  • Fgadams

    Silly as it sounds at first pass, Ant-Man would be a good property.

  • Farview

    Weezy Baby… it is time for you to get out of Starbucks and Costco and visit a Safeway or a Walmart… this country is not left of center. The reason that we even still have a country is because the Founding Fathers of the US gave us a Constitution that laid out a set of laws and a governing philosophy which is now embraced by only one of the two major political parties and that is the Republican party. The Democrat party is doing everything it can to turn this into a European style democratic – socialist country. If that is what you want, fine, but don’t call it American, because it isn’t. Conservatism is all about empowering individuals… “progressivism” is all about empowering the state. Orwell’s “1984” is becoming increasingly real and it is all because of the action of the “progressives”. They are the ones who don’t want real debate. Why is it that on college campuses it is always the Conservative speakers who are shouted down? How many Conservative commentators are on the liberal MSNBC? Fox News has lots of liberal commentators. If you could only get away from your dogma you might see that all the lies are coming from the left, not from the Right.

  • Chan-Man

    I would like to see this.

  • Weezy Baby

    Farview–your name says it all. Your views are so far right that you actually have a pair of glasses that are not just rose colored but so dark red they are black. What do YOU see when you go to a Safeway or Walmart? I didn’t know that Safeway or Costco represented America anymore than Starbucks or Safeway did but you are parroting normal Repub talking points. What America is it that you think you have buddy?

    You would side with a party that actively demonizes other citizens? That actively states that being gay is a perversion? That actively attacks an intelligent black man who is POTUS as being racist (?) or from KENYA? Exactly what America do you think you live in?

    Let’s look at your comments for the lunacy they are—perpetuated I might add by a media that is using you so badly you don’t even see straight.

    1. “gave us a constitution that laid out a set of laws …. embraced by one party–the Republicans” – What tomfoolery is this? You have truly lost your mind. #1–we have a country right now because Americans said –we do not want to pay tithes to a government we don’t see and that doesn’t live here and represent us and yet Republicans are so far up the wazoo with a Corporate America that actually owns our media and lobbyists (BTW Fox is owned by an Australian with Interests in Dubai–if he were black or hispanic he’d be crucified by you and your repubs). #2 How do the Republicans represent this? To quote a famous liberal–“We don’t just talk over here–we THINK over here–your side just spouts nonsense like it’s truth” So, Farview–please enlighten us on how the Republicans represent two party government? When Bush and the Repubs waged two wars (one that was a lie) and increased debts and the Dems came in in 2006–I’ll bet you didn’t have any kind words for how the Dems represented true democracy. Your party represents lying every way they can to get an election.

    “The Democrat party is doing everything to turn this into a European –socialist country…Don’t call it America” — Hmmm, okay so let me get this straight…you don’t like a post service? Tell me Farview do you float to work on hot air or do you drive on roads? Did you support the bank bailout the Republicans gave? Do you like that the jobs being shipped overseas came from a low tax bracket? Those men and women who lost their lives in Iraq–no, wait..that one’s too easy–let’s try this—TELL THOSE CHILDREN, MOMS AND WIVES THEIR PARENTS WHO DIED ON A DEREGULATED GULF OIL TANKER (from your friend not mine–DICK Cheney) THAT THEY DIED FOR AMERICA!

    Face it dude, you are nothing but talking points. You are a typical sheep American that wants what they want and wants to be protected but have the gall to whine when real Americans, when Real Liberals and Real Democrats actually want to do the hard work in fixing problems. We have a deficit kid–how do you fix that? Those Euro socialist countries like Germany are KILLING US on financial reform and keeping manufacturing jobs and low unemployment. Do they COVER THAT ON FOX NEWS?

    3. “Conservatism is all about empowering individuals, progressivism (sic) is about empowering the state” Listen buddy, I don’t want to be an elitist but where did you go to school? That is not just wrong and factually inaccurate but it’s stupid. Let me give you a kindergarten version of things: Conserve is to reduce, minimize and slow down. Progressive is to evolve, enlighten and change. Women’s rights, civil rights and more are progressive tactics. Jim Crow, Kenyan Birthers, Tea Parties who don’t actually know the constitution but “Want their America back” are conservatives. One has a little thing called facts and reality on their side and another longs for something that isn’t coming back–ever.

    #4-“Conservative speakers are shouted down on college campuses?” Could it be cuz on a college campus unlike your “real America” of Safeway, Walmart and Fox News that–they are educated? That those college kids actually get to interact with people from all over and therefore can have real conversations? See, what Republicans do is what you’ve done–they either mis-state facts (you seem like an earnest guy so I don’t want to say you are lieing but the alternative is that you are stupid and gullible–so take your pick) or they pose false negatives–“This country is messed up, Republicans are only ones trying to fix it” — you honestly would say something that stupid and naive and yet I assume u are not 8yrs old–you know what the Republicans did in 2000-2008 and if you are truly politically savvy you know what they did for the last 30 yrs with trickle down economics.

    #5 “Fox news has lots of liberal commentators-‘-I take back what I said–you are an idiot. ABC, CBS and NBC are owned by corporations with known Republican leanings–the difference is they TRY to offer both views–MSNBC is a response to Fox–MSNBC only recently got a 100% liberal evening broadcast after 12YEARS OF FOX NEWS RIGHT WING MEDIA. Do you know Fox News donates to the GOP? Do you know that those liberals on Fox are not major liberal voices? Where is Markos from Daily Kos on Fox? Btw, when have you watched Fox and gotten a liberal talking point that wasn’t shouted down or mic cut off?

    Kid, you are lost in a forest of fantasy. You don’t know what dogma means you are so far blinded by what your parents have done to you. Let me tell you–India, China and those countries are gunning for the middle class that used to be owned by America.

    If you think the Republicans care about your individual right –you are crazy and when this country is so hot you can’t walk outside during the day because the Repubs don’t believe in Global Warming– or find yourself working for minimum wage for a company out of India- –and they fire you because you don’t learn Hindi b/c Fox News told you that real ‘merikuns speak ENGLISH’ –well let’s just say–I’ll be watching you asking for money on the sidewalk. You’ll be wishing their was a compassionate forward thinking safetynet.of a government who asked you the hard questions when you could afford to do the right thing for everybody and not your selfish ignorant repub thoughts.

    Hopefully you’ll get some change–.oh and I’ll be watching you drinking my Venti Latte at Starbucks.

  • Brian from Canada


    For one thing, a casting call went out but there’s been no mention of a director, script, or expected release date. (And both Dr. Strange and Iron Fist have been on hold until further notice.) For another, it’s a series that’s totally workable on television because it has multiple character growth, plenty of smaller quest arcs and individual stories, and a mixture of humour and action that would fit in today’s television cycle.

    Plus, if you take away Greek, the average age of the Runaways matches the demographic on ABC Family.

  • Brian from Canada

    Daredevil is NOT perfect for television. Yes, it has a low budget for special effects, but the Fox film with Ben Affleck proved there’s little development for the character to follow once the basics are established. In other words, he knows all that there is to know about himself, except who he’ll marry/boink/etc.

    Hulk works better because Bruce is on a dual quest: to rid himself of the Hulk, and at the same time discover what it is inside of him that causes Hulk to be how he is. That gives writers a much broader canvas to tell stories about.

    You need that dual quest. Smallville has Clark becoming the hero, but also dealing with his real life, much as Buffy Summers and the Haliwell sisters did on WB before that. JMS’ present Wonder Woman stories do that too, which is why it’s being circled for TV.

    That’s why Cloak & Dagger are being suggested, along with Heroes For Hire: they have the hero development arcs, but they also have a social angle to deal with that can develop those heroes. Remember: you have 22 x 44 minutes to fill, and how are you going to get viewers to stay interested long enough to reach the full 22, much less another 22?

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    @Weezy Baby and Farview Way to hi-jack a thread.

    Anyhow I’m hoping for Heroes for Hire with guest appearances by Daughters of the Dragon as I don’t think the girls could hold their own series by themselves. I would love it if they could but the last all girl team on TV (Birds of Prey) did not do so well.

    Cloak & Dagger on ABC Family? Erm, looks like a neuter job to me. But since the two haven’t really gotten back to their roots in some time, they can’t really be seen as the dark ‘n gritty heroes they debuted as.

    Hulk? Hulk. I honestly have no opinion on it. Only that we’d have how many actors portray him in the last ten years now? This would be 4 including the Avengers movie? I think Hulk wouldn’t be very good actually as you could never really show on a T.V. budget the amount of deconstruction he’s capable of.

    Now Werewolf by Night on the other hand… ;)

  • nny25

    Daughters of the Dragon starring Tracie Thoms as Misty Knight. Tracie is actually a fan of Iron Fist and Misty Knight!

  • mmeans68

    Geez, take the stick out. Not everything in the world has to be political.

  • Bigkat767

    Lets hope for Agents of Atlas!

  • Cid Phoenix

    Personally, I’d go with The Punisher, Midnight Sons & possibly X-Factor, but hey Hollywood<Indie