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First Look: Green Lantern Footage

Last night Entertainment Tonight ran a 30-second teaser for the Green Lantern trailer, which it will preview during its Tuesday show. As you can see, the footage has a little something for everyone: cosmic action, explosions, Blake Lively, humor, Kilowog, Oa, Ryan Reynolds in his underwear — Warner Bros. is covering its bases with this one.

The trailer will premiere in theaters on Friday with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Green Lantern opens on June 17.


  • Ortiz

    It seems the suit still needs some digital work, too shiny, but for the rest, looks decent, not blown away, not dissapointed, still on board.


  • somedude

    I agree, it looks good during the darker parts but the room part near the end looks ugh.

  • Coy_dog0

    Funny how Ryan Reynolds is mentioned SECOND.

  • Minhquan Nguyen

    Well, I don’t think that had anything to do with second-rating Ryan Reynolds. I think it had more to do with the fact that the audience for Entertainment Tonight is mainly women, so they’re more likely to recognize a Gossip Girl actress. Reynolds is not really a household name like Gossip Girl is.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. As a huge Green Lantern fan my whole life, this looks like a dream come true.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if the suits too shiny, it is made of light after all, but I do agree it needs some work. There’s something off with the mask still.

  • Jenerators

    Is the guy with the glasses supposed to be Tom Kalmaku?

  • Palmer

    I think so, matches the IMDB pictures of the guy that’s suppose to play him

  • comic relief

    We should thank Marvel for sweeping the floors, pouring the punch, and hanging the Disco ball. Some of us have been waiting for DC to get this party started, and I’d say after looking at the clip that that’s about to happen.

  • SketchTurner

    They really need to blank out the eyes… as avoided as that has been in the Batman movies and such, I think it would help with the Green Lantern mask. At the moment, the costume looks WAY too CGI for my tastes… I wasn’t too keen on the “its made of light!” bit before, and I like it even less now. Another complaint… when he flies in to kick the guy, that just looks way too B-movie-ish for my tastes… doesn’t look natural at all. I’m banking on the idea that alot of this footage isn’t polished and will continue to be worked on.

  • Bcxvbvc

    I feel like he’s trying to land properly and accidently hits whoever is standing there.

  • demoncat_4

    interesting. though the green light effect is a little cartoony and the one scene. Ryan is acting like Kilawag has bad breath and he got a whiff of it.

  • The Best Guest

    Woohoo! I can’t wait!

  • knightoftomorrow

    I was really looking forward to this movie and had no doubts about it. However, having seen this, albeit brief, preview, I’m very hesitant.

    I don’t like the look of the costume at all. It just doesn’t look right. I don’t know that I’d say it’s too “shiny,” but something is not right about it yet.

    Also, seeing Ryan Reynolds in character. He just doesn’t feel like Hal Jordan to me.

  • Ddevinski

    I’m not sold on the bad guy, but there will be a link with parralax. It looks like they’ve put some work on this…this is essentially DC’s answer to Iron Man in terms of tone and cheekiness. At this point it could go either way. Reynolds appears to try to sell this one in terms of realisim in his reactions to an insane situation.

  • somedude

    Don’t be a poozer its Kilowog.

  • mic71

    its a bit comedic but hopefully it wont be like that throughout.. visually it looks ok.

    I just think Ryan Reynolds is too much of a clown to be Hal Jordan GL.

  • multispaz

    I’m sorry to remind some of you of this who complained about the costume, but a few months ago many had melt downs because they didn’t use the white gloves and boots and because the suit looked like a “ribbed condom”. Today now that the suit is in action neither of those aspects of the suit seems remotely important.

    Even worse Campbell, Reynolds, and Lively spent the last four months assuring many of you the sky wasn’t falling.

    Not only did you give all of the crafts men, artists, production crew, actors, and producers’ heart attacks but also you greatly jeopardized the quality of the end film.

    Some of you, this is a creative endeavor made with guts, bravery, humor, and vulnerability. Please don’t forget you are looking at clips from a trailer.

    The likelihood that these clips will completely sound, read and appear differently installed in hour plus long narrative is really likely.
    I’m sorry to remind you of this but a few months ago a lot of had a melt down because they didn’t use the white gloves and boots and because the suit looked like a “ribbed condom”. Today now that the suit is in action neither of those aspects of the suit seems remotely important.

    Even worse Ryan Reynolds spent the last four months assuring many of you the sky wasn’t falling.

    Not only did you give all of the crafts men, artists, production crew, actors, and producers’ heart attacks but also you greatly jeopardized the quality of the end film.

    All of you, this is a creative endeavor made with guts, bravery, humor, and vulnerability. Please don’t forget you are looking at clips from a trailer.

    The likelihood that these clips will completely sound, read and appear differently installed in hour plus long narrative is really likely.

    Please don’t prove the studios shouldn’t give you a sneak peek.

  • A.J.

    RE: multispaz

    It still looks subpar, no matter how much “guts, bravery, humor, and vulnerability” is involved in its conception. If things weren’t up to snuff yet, then they shouldn’t have released the teaser.

  • Drfunkphd

    For everyone who says that this is probably unfinished CGI, keep in mind that the trailer is coming out attached to Harry Potter next friday. It’s probably pretty damn close to finished. I haven’t been terribly optimistic about this since Ryan Reynolds was cast. This footage makes me even more cynical. GL is just one of those characters that won’t look good on screen, no matter what you do. I don’t think The Flash will look natural either.

  • Flip Maker

    This looks…challenging. I think that’s the politest way of putting it.

  • Hmph…

    You knew Iron Man would be great because they called on Robert Downey Jr.. I thought Marvel and DC were learning on the importance of getting some REAL talent. When I heard Ryan Reynolds was going to be Hal, that was enough to make me lose all hope of this being as good as it could’ve been. I’ll be waiting on the general opinion of the film wants its released because the trailer just didn’t look good. Look at the promos to Tron–they had no problem showing you how good the film was going to look.

    If all that time ago, they had said they were going to reach in their pockets and get Matt Damon to play Hal–I’d been so excited. But now, I’m just going to wait, because nothing about this film seems inspired yet.

  • kalorama

    It’s a movie. No more, no less. If it’s good or bad, if we love it or hate it, that’s all it is, ever was, or will be.

    So dial back the melodrama, why don’t you?

  • Wes

    I’m going to be as PC as I can; this looks retarded.

  • Jon

    Kilogwog looks good. Oa looks very good. This overall looks like a great trailer! However, the “goofy” nerd, Tom Kalmaku, kind of lets me down a little. I know we still have over 6 months and the film will probably be re-edited a few times after public screenings and such, but I reallly hope we don’t have a bumbling sidekick character. To me thoses are usually what kills great stories. I guess it goes back to Ned Beatty’s Otis in Superman the Movie, but we should be well past that by now.

    I still have high hopes for this movie!

  • Uniqueorn23

    Loved the trailer and was sure that Reynolds was supposed to be Kyle Rainer.
    Him being Hal Jordan, not as impressed….

  • newcommer

    Hal Jordan has always seemed a serious guy in comics. But Ryan seems to play as another character of the various university comedy he’s done, the little I’ve seen.

  • Booster Green

    The Green Lantern parts look amazing. Personally, I think the costume looks perfect. I was a little concerned with the photos that were released a few months back, but this was awesome. Hal Jordan is my favorite character and Ryan Reynolds actually looks like him. I’ll make sure to watch ET on Tuesday to see everything else they have. Also, Kilowog looks fantastic. I love the ring special effects as they are more of what I think of for a movie rather than a cartoon or video game. It looks great for the constructs and the aura. Spectacular.

  • gnort

    I’ve read on some comments over this on other sites that the complaints on the mask at the end are due to it looking painted on. BUT the things I feel they aren’t considering are…

    1. The movie just finished principal photography in August and is still in the middle of post-production…including cgi. Over on Newsarama’s thread on this footage (the first vid put out on YouTube that is lower quality than this one up top) comic artist Kyle Baker chimed in on how he’s seen early test footage and how the big moneyshot stuff probably won’t be in this first trailer in that those things can take awhile to do yet, even up to a week or two before the film’s release. Another thing about Baker’s comment that amused me was that some of the fanboys are ranting on one another in disagreements over details in this first footage, yet none so far seem to have chimed in on Mr. Baker’s comment over there. ;)

    2. The mask, like the suit, are cgi due to the idea that the suit and mask are light constructs from the power ring. Some have complained the mask looks painted on or even misshapen in that final shot. But look at the earlier moments in the footage. The mask looks a little more like the traditional Hal Jordan mask in those. The reason it looks off is the expression on Hal’s face. He’s excited and wide-eyed. So the cgi mask is following his expressions. Much the same as when he’s flying with his ring lit as he pumps his fist forward and when he saves the kid earlier on in the footage. The mask follows his facial expressions. That possibly wouldn’t work the same way if they had just put a latex mask on Reynolds. It, like the suit is made from the ring’s light so it will be cgi like the rest of the suit.

    3. The reason I think some believe the suit is too shiny, especially in that scene where he shows his friend what’s up with the ring, is due to not only is the suit glowing, but the shot is also set in broad daylight. ;)

    P.S. I’m anxiously awaiting this flick….Heck! Look at my online handle! ;D

    Still I’m awaiting seeing the actual trailer online and in the theater on the big screen. Just seeing it on Entertainment Tonight won’t do. They have a tendency to pick and choose certain shots (like the joke lines in this footage causing many too freak out saying it’s just Reynolds’ usual schtick and they’re going for comedy….no they’re not…those are just a few funny moments from the film). E.T. also seems to talk over the trailers they show a lot too. So I’m awaiting the full un-E.T. trailer. ;)

  • somedude

    Its so much more then that. Its the first Green Lantern live action movie. I know I’m expecting a lot just based on the fact of how good the Green Lantern books have been and still are. This movie has a lot to live up to.

  • Bclewis6593

    The suit is ultimately not what makes or breaks this movie. It’s the star underneath like with RDJ in Ironman. And RR is no RDJ and never will be. From what little this snippet shows I’m just not feeling RR in the role.

  • multispaz

    Hey, I just glad you guys ignored my embarrassing double post.

    I still think these clips are incredible.

  • multispaz

    Excellent points somedude. Before I start, I’m going to tone down the “melodrama”.

    This stuff takes a lot of money to conceive, cast and promote. Despite the extreme lack of super hero content in movie houses I think a lot of fans still think this effort is routine.

    Finally uses the technology to make Hal feasible visually and you guys cry that it’s still not good enough.

    On the Marvel end we’ve seen some powerful heavy hitters like Galactus, Silver Surfer and Phoenix yet no one near as unique as the construct building Green Lantern.

    I’m sorry maybe I just don’t get it but I think were getting a huge prize.

  • gnort

    Did you notice in the moment when Hal bolts from the bed that there’s a chick in her undies laying there next to him? Slow the vid and pause it, she’s there. Like in the current comics, it seems Hal “Highball” Jordan is a playa’! LOL!
    P.S. This movie is partially based upon the Geoff Johns Secret Origin storyline from the current comic series run as well as other stories, with Johns’ input. Maybe I’m just too much of a Geoff Johns fanboy, but I’m still very optimistic for this movie.

  • Mwedmer

    for all of you people who -think- you know Green Lantern, Hal Jordan was presented as a womanizer who took nothing seriously and took risks that kept him not only in the spotlight but also in trouble.
    the closest comparison to the actual character of Hal Jordan would be Tom Cruise as Maverick in TOP GUN.
    When compared to that, Ryan Reynolds is perfect.

    For those of you that reeally only know the character as he is portrayed in comics currently, should consider context. He is a Hal Jordan who became evil, Died, continued as the Spectre punishing people in cruil ways and then was reincarnated. so he IS more serious now.

    But in the beginning he was not as serious.

    the trailer looks pretty good overall. Ryan is super ripped looking in costume and actually looks like a comic book hero.
    The trailer has a very Last Starfighter feel to it, and that is a major plus in my book.

  •!/haversam [A]

    ..and no one will ever read your comment

  •!/haversam [A]

    We know it’ll be beautifully shot, that’s for sure.

  • ColossusGirl

    I read it and like what he had to say

  • kalorama

    It doesn’t matter how “extreme” the “lack of super hero content in movie houses” is or whether the effort required to make the movie is “routine” or not. When we step up to that box office window and plunk down our cash, the only thing that matters is results. Period. Audiences aren’t required to give movies extra points for effort or good intentions. If the movie is crap, the fact that they tried hard doesn’t make it any less crap. (If anything, it makes it even crappier, because all that effort failed was wasted.)

    The whole point of releasing a trailer is to generate reaction and opinion among the potential audience. And the funny thing about opinions is that everyone has one and they’re rarely all the same. If you think the footage looks great, then that’s your opinion and no one can deny you that, nor should they try. So how about giving similar consideration to those whose opinions are different than yours?

  • Liokaiser_bf

    Only thing I’m iffy on is the look of Kilowag. Maybe too much of him in the books to go with this look I guess. If the voice fits the character then will be okay.

  • Yobofofas

    I’ll be as polite as possible, but Matt Damon as Hal Jordan is retarded….

  • somedude

    Well none of that changes the fact that toward the end the mask looked like crap.

  • BB

    Opps! I didn’t care much for this trailer piece. Makes the Hornet look better all the time ( did I write that ). The costume won’t be the problem, it’s what kind of character Hal Jordan will be. Right now it’s no. Still the movie to wait for.

  • multispaz


    As much as I would like to agree with you “about results mattering and all” you are entirely false that Hollywood wants to make imaginative movies.

    I don’t know how long you’ve been watching but it’s taken a hell of a long time to get this movie to this stage. And Hollywood would prefer not to take the risk.

    You keep complaining and we’ll see how many actors and directors want to take on this subject matter. I don’t mind if anyone expresses their opinion, you are right the studio asked for it. On the other hand if the studios feel they can’t please comic fans the effort to try may diminish.

    I’m just thrilled they tried.

  • Rational Rose

    Then don’t go see it. If you don’t like what you see, make your own movie. I am sure you think you have more than enough skill and talent to do so. So, quit your bitchin’ and go do it.

  • kalorama

    “As much as I would like to agree with you “about results mattering and all” you are entirely false that Hollywood wants to make imaginative movies.”

    How can I be “false” about something I never said? Are you at all familiar with the concept of a “straw man”? I’m guessing not. You should look it up though, because everything you say in response to dissenting opinions very neatly fits the definition.

    I’m done with you.

  • lead sharp

    As any released footage from teasers, tv spots and trailers is supposed to make you interested and go ‘Oooh’ and all that I’m saying this purely from that angle, my reaction to what I’ve seen so far.

    I like it. Reynolds is the spit of Gil Kanes gl in a contemporary version of the costume that (now I’ve seen it properly) looks quite good. In a lot of up close shots in the original comics you can see Hal’s eyes. I agree the double footed kick is a clumsy bit to put in a ‘teaser’ but everything still worked. Early Hal would have been cocky and he’s always been quick witted so bear in mind this is an origin.

    And to those that say ‘cgi’ ‘cgi’! sod off, what exactly is a ‘Green energy construct’ supposed to look like?

    Comparing this to the Thor footage? (because these are going toe to toe) I’d go with this. It looks like GL where as Thor just doesn’t look like Thor somehow. It’s like there’s too many little things and it’s scale seems tiny.

    I’m still going to watch them both lol

  • Drfunkphd

    Yikes. Did I insult your mother or something?
    A) I probably won’t go see it. Unless future information changes my mind.
    B) No, I will not be making my own movie due to 1: Monetary constraints 2: Lack of Motivation 3:Pointlessness 4: Lack of know-how
    C) I do not–nor did I claim to– have any movie making skill whatsoever. What could even prompt you to say that?
    D) Bitching? I think I had one of the more civilized posts on here. Noticed how I didn’t damn the movie as a failure, nor did I say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I stated a fact about the CGI, stated my opinion on the casting and footage, and my opinion on the concept as a whole. I hardly think that qualifies as bitching.
    E) You’re kind of a douche bag.

  • Daiyongo

    He looks less like Green Lantern in a movie and more like looking at someone’s photoshop art on SuperHeroHype’s message board.

  • Nilla

    He seems to fit Hal’s personality in his younger days. He’s much more serious nowadays than he was when he first started as portrayed in Secret Origin. No common sense when it came to not attacking people who could wipe the floor with him, wrecking planes just cause that’s what he did… Nah. I think Reynolds is the perfect person to play that. Plus. Geoff freak’n Johns!

  • Kevinjt4

    I read it as well.

  • Mrevansrm

    Have you ever read the Showcase issues or Hard Travelling Heroes? Hal was never a joker, period.