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The Event Relaunches In January

What is The Event? Aside from the fact that it’s a high concept science fiction thriller that’s been struggling in the ratings lately, we don’t really have an answer to that question. But the show’s declining viewership isn’t a problem that’s gone unnoticed by executives at NBC and folks like Evan Katz who are directly involved with steering The Event forward, and to that end, they’ve come up with a possible solution: a relaunch in January.

Over the weekend, the cast of The Event gathered together for a press conference to reveal that the series would return in January after a short break following the airing of the first season’s 13th episode. Actor Bill Smitrovich assessed of the situation: “We will finish up with our first 13 and then there [will] be a break, and then we’ll come back with a one-hour compilation clip show of the first 13 so everybody can catch up with [the] story.”

“Ratings are one of the variables that we don’t have control over,” added Blair Underwood, who stars on the show as U.S. President Elias Martinez. “There is the crossfire competition from Dancing With the Stars, football, and the No. 1 comedy Two and A Half Men. Then, this is the type of genre show like 24 and Lost where viewership always picks up in the second season because people go back and watch during the summer or get the DVD. That builds an audience. And this show was sold in 200 international markets before it premiered here so there is incentive to keep the show going. We are in a good place.”

But even if the planned January reboot doesn’t work out in The Event’s favor, leading man Jason Ritter says that producers have a contingency plan waiting in the wings: according to the actor, there are “short cuts” that can be used to wrap up the show’s storyline by the end of the first season, if necessary.

“We probably would have seen them start to come to a close,” said Ritter, arguing that these short cuts haven’t materialized just yet. “They would need the time to start doing those short cuts. But so far, so good. Ratings have not been the most ideal, but a lot of people are watching the show on their DVRs.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly


  • Jack Derunk

    I quit after three or four episodes. There were no answers, they said we’d pretty much what was going on in the first episode. We found out nothing.

    At least with Lost we had interesting characters to focus on, the larger mystery mattered less to me than the characters did. This show had too may Stock characters and not enough people. Jason Ritter is good, but I can’t watch a show where he’s in maybe 10 minutes of each episode and I hate EVERYONE ELSE IN THE SHOW.

    Would have been more interesting to focus on Ritter’s character’s POV, screw the rest of it, the heart of it is this guy trying to save his girl in this bizarre situation. I would’ve stuck around if each hour was ONLY about him.

  • Khiaao


  • Rollo Tomassi

    I agree with Jack. I don’t know how they would fill a “recap” episode with a full hour. You could recap the entire first 13 episodes in about two minutes. And those 2 minutes would STILL put you to sleep.

  • Squashua

    I am Jack’s agreement.

  • HIM

    I’m in total agreement here. At the very least they should have cut the president storyline. It added nothing and took up space the one interesting character could have been using to do stuff we cared about.

  • DF

    I’m still watching the show and liking it a lot. It gets better with each episode imo. Though, I think they should go ahead and plan for a series finale. I doubt it’ll get a season 2. Ratings are king on TV. Nobody is willing to take risks on television anymore.

  • Jay Gerding

    Agreed. A major dismantlement after the Summer long hype. Not a bad show, but certainly no LOST or FRINGE. I gotta say, though, that NBC will probably screw up The Cape just because they really have no clue about this type of show.

  • Jay Gerding

    HAHA Stupid spell-check. I meant DISAPPOINTMENT. GEEZ.

  • Jack Derunk

    Pffft. Network TV takes no chances. Check Showtime, HBO, FX and AMC for some truly awesome TV shows.