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Del Toro And Eick Teaming To Create Incredible Hulk TV Series

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick are finalizing a deal to create the new Incredible Hulk TV series for Marvel and ABC Studios, Deadline reports. The drama will likely debut on ABC in fall 2012, following the summer release of Marvel’s Avengers movie.

Although the monster was a pure CGI creation in the two Hulk movies, in the series it will be a blend of prosthetics, puppetry and computer animation. Del Toro will oversee its design. He and Eick will create the story for the pilot, with Eick writing the pilot and a very busy del Toro attached to direct — if he’s available.

Revealed in October, the Hulk revival is one of three projects being developed by Marvel’s fledgling television division, headed by Jeph Loeb. Fan favorite Cloak & Dagger, destined for ABC Family reportedly is also a priority; it’s unknown what the third series is.

According to Deadline, details of the Hulk‘s premise are sketchy, however, it appears as if it will follow the Green Goliath’s origin, with physicist Bruce Banner in his mid-twenties, “less reactive and more energized as the world is still his oyster.”

This will mark Marvel’s first series for ABC and ABC Television since its purchase by Disney, as well as the return of the Hulk to live-action television. The Incredible Hulk famously aired from 1977 to 1982 on CBS, with Bill Bixby starring as Dr. David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Green Goliath.


  • Josh Wigler

    All signs point to awesome.

  • demoncat_4

    with Del Torro over seeing things the hulk series is going to be really cool an interesting. though always though if Del torro would go play in the Marvel universe like movies or even tv. series it would be Doctor strange.

  • Davechisholm

    del toro will be part of the production for a few months, realize he has too many projects going on at once, and then drop out. and then the show will suck.

  • Castlebanner

    I wasnt to happy to hear about a new hulk tv series. I was just watching hellboy 2 the other day and was thinking why del torro should have brought the hulk to the theaters and now we get this news. please let it happen.

  • Sobrien302

    Those two could create an interesting tone for the series – BSG meets Hellboy.

  • Mwedmer

    I think the two of them could make for a solid show. Del toro could bring his fantastical and horror related knowledge to the table and eick could add the compelling drama to the overall tone of the show.
    I am actually excited.

  • Thom Vane

    This is awesome.


    I don’t care who works on this as long as it uses ANG LEE’S HULK as a check for things not to do!! DAMN TV shows are kicking ass now!
    Human Target, The Walking Dead, now batman and Hulk..freaking awesome!


    wiping drool as we speak!

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I want them to cast Edward Norton into series, because hes a good actor with experience. and he better bruce banner than the both of them from the big screen like Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I wish Del Toro get Edward Norton to the cast right way for the new hulk tv show coming in the fall 2012 and he looks like hes in mid twenties no body can’t play Bruce Banner like Edward Norton could and he looks like Bill Bixby alot more than any other actor too.

  • GilbertoEdwards

    KEVIN MELROSE email me my name is

  • Cid Phoenix

    Please make it good enough and epic with the Hulk rampaging and planty of heroes guest starring like Smallville, and you’ve got a hit…

  • Michael McDonnell

    No Jack McGee have General Ross hunt the Hulk in the new series sending
    out army forces, Hulkbusters, gamma powered super soldiers to defeat the

    New series will probably be treated in a realistic way like Smallville or Chris Nolan’s Batman film’s.