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Teen Wolf Looks As Much Like Twilight As Lawyers Will Allow

Judging from the first trailer, MTV’s reimagined Teen Wolf owes a far greater debt to author Stephenie Meyer and Summit’s blockbuster film franchise than to the 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy on which it’s supposedly based. But, hey, if you’re going to make a grab for those sweet, sweet Twilight dollars, there’s no reason to be coy about it.

Granted a series order back in May, the new Teen Wolf swaps straight-up humor for teen angst (with a dose of buddy comedy), and basketball for … lacrosse. It stars the Lautner-esque Tyler Posey (Lincoln Heights) as newly bitten werewolf Scott McCall, Dylan O’Brien (Sweety High) as his skeptical best friend Stiles, Crystal Reed (Skyline) as the mysterious new girl in town Allison, and Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven) as the older and potentially dangerous werewolf Derek. For an added twist, Allison’s father is apparently a werewolf-hunter.

(via Slashfilm)


  • Mike

    Say all you want about the total 80s cheesy-ness of the movie, but this looks so bad. Granted, I know nothing about Twilight other than it has something to do with Vampires, so maybe the kids today will love this.
    If Jerry Levine makes a cameo, I might think about watching.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Where’s Boof?

  • Imitorar

    How is this a reimagining of Teen Wolf and not just another movie with the same idea of a werewolf going to high school?

  • Summer

    I was excited for this…

    Until now.

  • Lion_okitkat

    I want to say something but its not nice.

  • branman

    its not a movie its a tv show. i hust came from the shoot

  • Nick

    k someone tell me when this will be on mtv, and what day and time…? :D ;)

  • Joecooler2u

    Not another teen movie…….TV show or anything. God this will be a whole nother level of sucking. How dare they abuse the good name of Teen Wolf! It’s bad enough we had that sucky sequel, don’t you think???

  • Kchris222000

    Wow. They designed the hell out of the werewolf form. Fangs, yellow contacts, claws, dubbed animal noises? Shoot, all out. He must wax or something though, because he’s definitely the most hairless werewolf I’ve ever seen. And werewolves are hairy, so that’s gotta hurt. Like a whole lot. This guy is tough!

  • Alex

    So, this isn’t a reality show? It’s on MTV…!