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Clash Of The Teaser Titans: Green Lantern Vs. Cowboys & Aliens

Summer 2011 has already started, with this week’s release of teaser trailers for both Green Lantern and Cowboys and Aliens. But did either of them make you wish you could jump in a time machine and get in line for the theater already?

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  • Wildstorm

    I would love to see GL in theaters. The only problem I have is the whole 3D thing. Why is it that ealost every movie that comes out is in 3D?

  • JamesHal BondJordan

    Neither, I was looking forward to GL until I found out about Ryan Reynolds being cast in the title role. He’s hot, but he’s too much of clown with a clown face to portray Hal Jordan. Moreover, this trailer doesn’t help and that Gossip Girl can’t act.

    I’d never heard of Cowboys and Aliens. And from this trailer, I have no intention to. I find Daniel Craig repulsive. I first saw him in Lara Croft and thought the director exploited him for his body and his body is gross. He’s so wrong as James Bond. He’s better off playing a bad guy, esp. a Nazi or something.

    So, I will rush to the theatres for neither, not even to a $1 dvd rental box.

  • Galactus

    Er… slow news weekend? Really feeble attempt at starting a thread.

  • The Commander

    Based solely on those trailers, Cowboys & Aliens looks infinitely better.

  • Happy Sunshine

    I hate everything and everyone, so I hate both. I hate you for reading this. My opinion matters.

  • Marko

    Green Lantern by far. OA and all the alien shots have me excited. Reynolds is well suited for this role as well. I like the serious and lighthearted tone to the trailer.

  • lead sharp

    I’m a lapsed GL fan a HUGE Thor fan (throwing that in for a sense of scale here) and if I’m being honest, Cowboys and Aliens looks so much more fun than either of the other two.

  • Liersonmorais

    Olivia Wilde > Blake Lively.

    No contest.

  • nate

    Green Lantern for me. When I saw the two trailers in the theater yesterday, the audience reacted rather positively for Green Lantern (not overwhelmingly though). As for Cowboys and Aliens, everyone was confused. The lady behind me was like “what is this supposed to be?” and when the title of the movie showed up, the audience started laughing hysterically…not too sure that is a good sign…Favreau has some work to do if people are gonna take it seriously.

  • Todoroff

    which do I select to indicate “this is a stupid poll”?

  • Lordess Val

    The trailers look incredibly underwhelming. I’d rather save my money for Deathly Hallows Pt.2, Thor and Cap. Amer.

  • gnort

    Most likely G.L. first, then Cowboys And Aliens.

  • Jikorijo

    I voted for both, but I’m gonna see Green Lantern first since I love the comic!

  • Gary_webber

    Are you serious?? That Thor footage from Comicon looked EPIC!!

  • Jason Grasso

    That’s because it’s a teaser trailer that’s come out long before most common people even knew about the movie. (Beyond the geeks who’ve been following the production of it.) That trailer is meant to shock people by bringing aliens into a western. Once they start reading more about the movie next Spring and Summer, interviews, etc and see the first real trailer, they won’t be laughing or confused because they’ll have a better sense of the story.

    Favreau has a lot less work cut out for him than Martin Campbell does. The direction of C&A looks INFINITELY better than GL. Campbell has some work to do with his actors and effects crew if people are going to take GL seriously.

  • Shaun

    Neither… Both trailers look terrible. I hope I’m wrong about GL, I really do, but it looks awful. The casting (aside from Mark Strong), the acting, the writing, and the SFX. At least Sinestro and Kilowog look good.

  • Redhawk

    I’m a huge Green Lantern fan…and will be there opening weekend regardless, but the CGI looked terrible, especially the costume. I’m worried it will stink. I have no idea what Cowboys & Aliens is, but that was some powerfully bad actin’ pardner.

  • Evil_s2003

    COWBOYS & ALIENS!! Heck yeah! That looks like a fun movie and I WILL be seeing it in theaters.
    GL looks like crap I knew it would. The only thing that makes this look worse is seeing this trailer on the big screen like I had to when I saw HP7.1 last week.

  • Evil_s2003

    Epically bad. I was hopeful that Thor would be good then I saw the casting…then pics then that footage. Not even remotely good.

  • Anonymous

    Green Lantern looks like a corny, kids movie piece of shit. Not to mention apart from the space stuff, Green Lantern is just another cliche stereotypical superhero.

    Cowboys and Aliens looks unique and interesting.

  • Paul

    Agree 100%

  • Sandor

    Dude, thats…ridiculous. Green Lantern is Star Wars meets the Right Stuff. The character has been around 50+ years, and is extremey popular at the moment.

    Not that the teaser is GOOD, mind you. It’s pretty mediocre. Hopefully the film is better than this indicates…