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Today’s Superman Rumor: Could Matthew Goode Be Man Of Steel?

Mere days after a report emerged that Warner Bros. has begun its search for a new Superman, the online rumor mill has churned out the first new, and perhaps lead, contender for the role: British actor Matthew Goode, who played Ozymandias in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen.

Citing unnamed “sources,” Movienewz reports that Snyder has his eye on the 32-year-old Goode who, at 6-foot-2, meets age and height requirements for the part (the website suggests height may be the most important qualification, which seems like nonsense). However, the Essex-born has more than just the right look going for him: He has acting chops, having appeared Brideshead Revisited, A Single Man and Cemetery Junction.

Cinematical briefly wonders, though, whether “an English actor [could] play a beloved American icon” like Superman, apparently forgetting that Batman franchise star Christian Bale is Welsh, and newly cast Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is American-British.

Last week’s report indicated that Warner Bros. is willing to cast an unknown, a label that applies to Goode in the United States. So all in all, this report doesn’t seem far-fetched. We can add his name to a growing list of rumored contenders that so far has included Armie Hammer, Joe Manganiello, Ian Somerhalder and Jon Hamm.

The Superman reboot, thought to be called Man of Steel, is written by David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan. Filming is expected to begin in June for a holiday 2012 release.


  • cfosmoooooov

    Goode could do a great job. He can act, and could give the quality of a man who is not one of us…an alien outsider who just wants to help. All he has to do is hit the gym for a while.

  • Jack Derunk

    Too fey. And I don’t like the idea of a Brit playing a guy from Kansas.

  • Chris Wallis

    No offense to Mr. Goode (who i enjoyed immensely in Watchmen & The Lookout), but he doesnt seem SUPER.

    Superman is supposed to be the epitome of amazing. He’s supposed to be surreal. From his attitude to his look, its all supposed to be be superior. I simply dont see it here. Even with a muscle suit, he simply doesnt have the appearance of being more than a common man. He could possibly be a villain though – Metallo or Braniac perhaps? Anything other than Luthor or Zod im praying.

    Even though i despise True Blood, i think the only real contender as far as the look is Joe Manganiello.

    As far as Ian, he will be more likely for Jimmy, not Supes. Someone’s doing some terrible reporting somewhere to say he’s a contender. lol, who in their right mind would think Nolan & Snyder would pick him? Come on now.

  • Red

    I always thought he was from Krypton.

  • Grant

    I thought he was weakest link in Watchmen. But that could be how Snyder ask him to play the character. I’m fine with a Brit playing Superman though.

  • Anonymous

    You just got zinged by Red, man…

  • Fangfun

    No… just it…

  • Anonymous

    I think Matthew Goode is an incredibly talented actor, but I just can’t see him as Superman.

    While I don’t think his nationality is an issue, many “patriots” might disagree with me.

    But most importantly, he doesn’t have the right frame. I didn’t like him as Ozymandias because he wasn’t built like a Greek, and I wouldn’t like him as Superman.

    He’s too skinny.

  • Bgbill

    Too Skinny? does anyone remember the audition of Chris Reeves. He was a bit light also and he bulked up. Nationality doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is whether he can carry the persona like Mr Reeves did so admirably.

  • Anonymous

    Given how much his Ozymandias came across as “tall, skinny underwear model,” I have to wonder how he could carry the Superman role.

  • Jack Derunk

    He was raised in Kansas. Therefore he is from Kansas.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    No kidding. Actors bulk up or lose weight for different roles all the time. They also learn to “lose” thier accents for roles that require it. Example: “House” is played by a Brit.

  • stealthwise

    Doesn’t matter if he can do the job or not, the entire production is a rush-job headed up by the king of hacks in Snyder. I’m amazed anyone thinks that anything good will come out of this film at this point.

  • Oldgoatgoeson

    has anyone noticed Tom Welling,it would be a great jump off from the series

  • Dsjdsjkd

    You didn’t say raised. You said “from.” Therefore, you’re both right.

  • 2012hopeilivethatlong

    Oh really? If this is true, there might just be hope for this movie yet!

  • N Maraneli