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The Final Fate of Caprica Revealed

If Syfy’s sudden cancellation of Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica left you hanging, here’s some good news: The channel has scheduled the five final episodes for broadcast. Here’s the bad news: It’s in a one-off marathon just after New Year.

Caprica‘s own final five will make their bow on Tuesday, January 4th 2011 between 6 and 11pm as the network burns off the remaining episodes of the ill-fated show’s first season. Will the episodes bring some level of closure, or end in cliffhanger? It’s unclear, but some of the episodes have already aired in Canada, so we already know to expect more than a few changes and turnarounds.


  • Meep

    good riddance. what a disappointing show.

  • Khiaao

    bye bye

  • DF

    I’m going to the miss the show a lot. Stargate Universe and Caprica have been my two favorite Syfy channel shows and two of the best shows on TV right now imo. Its sad that Syfy is doing this, but not unexpected. Well, at least I’ll get to see the episodes. I am glad of that. Hope it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, but I bet it does. Here’s hoping that Blood & Chrome, if it goes to series, will give us some hints as to what would have happened in Caprica.

  • Ama

    this is terrible the show is amazing , sheame on Syfy!!!!

  • Cforshaw67220

    Let us all say a prayer for ‘Caprica’, a show exploring the mythology that was fully explained on its parent show, and had absolutely nothing to offer most casual viewers like myself.

    Now, let us look forward to another prequel/sequel/reimagining/reboot/retrofit/adaptation/whatever of something none of us cared about until it was mentioned just now, and then we can feint outrage until it airs, fall in love with it, and then claim that the inevitable spin-offs weren’t the original show, so they must be poor.

    Will it be: ‘Dale Cooper: Teen Doppleganger Hunter’?
    ‘Home Invasion with the Klan!’
    ‘Buck Rogers In Yo’ Face’ (starring Martin Lawrence)?
    ‘Cagney and Kevin Spacey’
    ‘Help! BJ and the Bear Are Eating Me’?
    ‘Battlestar Paprika’ (a cooking show, where Cylons are invading)?

    Also, in other news, SyFy comissions a billion-and-one new TV movies with “vs.” in the middle. They include: ‘Shark vs. Chaucer’, ‘Oprah vs. Ayman al-Zawarihi: Nunchuck Showdown’, ‘Corey vs. Dead Corey’ and ‘Baby’s Bottom vs. Cloud – Softness Showdown!’.

    Blah, blah, dribble, etc.

    Don’t make the crows in my brain throw up tiny pixel words! SQUAWK!

    P.S. I am so bored about hearing about how shows that were made to milk a franchise dry are being cancelled. Big whup. If any of the makers of these TV shows had an perspective, they would have planned a single season which could expand into further seasons… Why is it no-one can just tell a story and then shut up and leave it alone. And don’t give me excuses that mention money because people only watch shows that are creatively interesting, not because someone threw a gazillion, trillion, mega-bajillion dollars and a boat of coke and hookers at it. I need sleep. Brain die now.

  • Rvator23

    While a prequel, the show was very different and was about to stand on its own. In a era where poor quality crap shows like V, The Event, Heroes, etc seem to get a decent run, shows like Caprica don’t. Remember BSG almost took the axe as well but a small loyal fan base kept it alive long enough for it to gain traction. Caprica was simply poorly scheduled so a larger fan base could never develop. They should have waited until a critical mass of episodes were produced and aired consistently like SG-U. Blame Syfy for bad execution not the show. Caprica was a quality show and will be missed.

  • Pete Moss

    Stargate Universe and Caprica are the only two television shows I watched. I used to watch all the Stargate shows, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Lexx

    Nothing else on the SyFy channel is watchable.

  • kalorama

    I’ll missCaprica. I found it much more entertaining than the last season and a half of BSG.



  • Cyberv

    At this point, I only watch Syfy for the occasional “The Sentinel” marathons…

  • R R

    First half of this was absolutely brilliant, second half absolutely sh1te (almost as bad as 75% of the final season of BSG). No surprise it’s been cancelled, and this way I don’t feel I need to sit through an hour of dross once a week waiting for something interesting to happen.

  • Lacroix

    Stargate Universe blows, Scy-Fy should’ve cancelled that garbage instead of Caprica.

    Too bad most people can’t follow a well written storyline and would rather watch Tits and A ss and things exploding on Universe.

    That’s all Stargate fans are capable of absorbing in.

  • Whatever

    Oh yes what a quality show…let’s offer up some very young girls scantily dressed for the chester the molesters to drool over….good riddance…turn the channel and watch something that at least pretends to have some moral objectivity…

  • pdonjr

    I personally enjoyed the show, gonna be sad when aired here in Canada next week, i think it’s had one of the best story lines written out there and well followed….

    Well Caprica, i hope they bring you back like a few other shows, i’ll be waiting in anticipation

  • Myobfool

    Well since I’ve seen 4 of the 5 having downloaded them (thanks Space channel) SyFy should learn in a worldwide Internet there is no “banning” or hindering people from watching the show or waiting till January.

  • Ivor_Williams

    Caprica should continue for another 2 series yet. HTey shouldn’t hang it out like Stargate, which got repetative.
    Caprica has a great story line. I looked forward to every episode. Please don’t scrap it.
    For those who don’t like it, turn the channel.

  • Athena

    It’s a real shame :(. I loved the show, especially the music was truly beautiful. I don’t understand why they always have to cancel the best series.

  • Herbert Etal

    Caprica clearly needed some work, but overall it did offer some novel techological innovations that are probably not far off from today’s capabilities… the storyline itself was fairly decent and its hard to imagine that the director/screenwriters couldn’t find some way to beef it all up without relying on sfx alone. Oh well, there is always this constant, that the actors of Syfy Network simply walk through a revolving door to be resurrected from Jericho to Caprica and beyond… and THAT buzz was for a very light year!

  • Lukebusby

    I only just discovered this awful news. The show just started to become the legendary show it was destained to be. I HOPE that after word gets around of how good it got, they bring it back. It’s truely awful news – Gutted!

  • Frankjj2

    The first 9 episodes were good but the last 4 or 5 kind of stunk. Where are the robots? I just wanted to see the robot raising its’ army but all we got was Tauron mafia, Daniel and Grace marital troubles and other such non-robot nonsense.

  • Nichelle

    it is sad to know that they are canceling the show. I thought it was great. At least i will get to see the ending.

  • Mingconquers

    Syfy, u mean the network that was running a James Bond marathon over the holidays, and shows wrestling? Why would they show a Sci-Fi series? By the way, whatever happened to Boxy after the mini series?

  • Suibne

    first firefly and now caprica….NBC……they screw up the weather, the news and now, the uviverse…thanks.

  • Homer

    Can you say Firefly?

  • Nevyn

    I think this show has suffered some seriously bad marketing.

    Rather than marketing it as a BSG prequel, it stands in its own right. It’s not really BSG material. It’s something different. Something much more human.

    The idea of Cylons originating from petulant teenagers was great. The folly of extremes in religion brilliantly done. The killing off of William Adama – classy. Making it a human story rather than all based in space ships and being all about robots – BRILLIANT. WTF people? Great show. Lousy audience based.