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In Defense Of The New Buffy

This week’s announcement of a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie without Joss Whedon may have set the internet aflame in upset, but… Is it wrong that I think it might be a good idea? Please don’t kill me.

I should start, I guess, by owning up to my own Whedon fandom: I liked the original Buffy movie, and was a massive fan of the TV series. Angel kind of passed me by until the third season – I tuned in occasionally, but it didn’t really gel for me – and pretty much missed Firefly until reruns, at which point I fell in love with it (Serenity, too). Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was pretty great, but I tend to think of Dollhouse as a misstep that may have been interesting, but certainly wasn’t good. Does that mean that I am a hater? I can’t quite tell, to be honest, because I’m certainly cautious about the idea of a Whedon Avengers movie and find myself hoping for the best for this Whedon-less Buffy.

Here’s the thing: This new Buffy feels like, at the very worst, an easily-ignorable addition to the franchise. It doesn’t mean that Joss has been robbed of doing more Buffy; unless I’ve missed something somewhere, he’ll still be involved with the Dark Horse comics – being relaunched and expanded next year – and it’s not like there was another Buffy movie or television series he was involved in that has been killed as a result of this news. It just means that someone will be doing a different Buffy that really, honestly, can be ignored if you’re not into it.

(I know, I know; this is the counter-argument to my feeling that Caprica somehow lessens Battlestar Galactica in retrospect. I am a fickle, contradictory beast, what can I say?)

And is it really that wrong to be curious about what someone else can do with the ideas behind Buffy? The notion that monsters and demons and horror ideas can be used as stand-ins for the teenage experience is surely potent enough to stand up to multiple explorations by multiple people, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t interested in seeing someone who’s actually been a teenage girl can bring to the whole “metaphor for teenage girldom” thing (Not to say that Joss couldn’t write teenage girls well, because – obviously, he could – but still). Am I sad that it’s going to be done as a reboot of something that ended less than ten years ago, and still exists in spin-offs and the hearts of fandom everywhere…? Well, yeah, to be honest – I’d much rather see a new idea than a rehash of an old one. But, to be cynical, any new idea would’ve just been branded a Buffy rip-off anyway, so at least this addresses the elephant in the room by… co-opting said elephant.

The oddest part of the whole thing – The part that, I think, catches a lot of folk off-guard – is that Whit Anderson, writer of the new movie, is a completely unknown quantity. No-one seems to know anything about her work, her style, her anything other than what appeared in her LA Times interview, and that brings with it all kinds of feelings for many people: What makes her the person to reboot this beloved franchise? Why is she so special? (A favorite comment from a disgruntled fan commented on the fact that the LA Times piece had such a large photo of her, as if the fact that she was attractive was enough to get her the job. Sadly, that’s not really the way Hollywood works, something I found out after years of expensive and ultimately useless plastic surgery). Admittedly, the fact that you can’t look at previous work and pull an opinion from that makes it so much easier to assume the worst, but I’m choosing to do the opposite: I’m going to hope that the only way an unknown writer gets a major studio to back such a potential nerdbomb as a Buffy reboot is by having an astonishingly good pitch that makes it worth all the hassle and ill will from fans who’d rather see the franchise dead than done without Joss.

I could be wrong. The end result might be a terrible, terrible thing that I’ll wish I could trade in for that amount of time and money back to use in similarly unproductive ways. But if that’s the case, then, screw it. I’ll just go to Netflix Streaming and watch “The Body” again, and think of happier times. Until then, though, I’m keeping fingers crossed and hoping that this reboot will mean more Buffy, and an introduction for all the people who never saw the show or read the comics or even knew she existed before. Once more, with feeling, you could say.


  • Jay


  • Ian Explosivo

    I’m with you on this one. Season 8 (the comics) was a complete disaster, so anyone who wants to put Joss Whedon up on a pedestal can go right ahead I suppose. I’d be interested to see what Whit Anderson can do though!

  • xoxomar

    Ah, come one! Dollhouse was amazing! It was ahead of its time and misunderstood, but it posed a lot of interesting ideas and the acting was superb IMHO…

  • Jay

    Okay, I can’t really be that snarky, but I’ve got something to say because I can’t find anyone else really saying it.

    Nothing you say is unconscionable. In fact, it’s pretty reasonable. But since WHEN is anything about Buffy reasonable? We skirt this fact in posts and commentary all over the web–the fact that in saying nothing could ever amount to Joss & Co. on Buffy what we’re really saying is

    WE WANT JOSS & CO!! Is it so hard to admit that we fans take it personally that we LOVED something so hard, and all we want is to see them one more time. A very good graphic representation of Nicky Brendon and Sarah Michelle Gellar is NOT Nicky Brendon and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    I love parts of season 8–it’s a novel idea that has made me smile at times. When the art and the dialogue beautifully evoke the spirit of the characters it’s awesome, but we all know deep down that it’s not what we want. What we want if for the Kuzuis to wake up one morning and in a uncharacteristic, nigh mystical fit of altruism GIVE US BACK OUR GIRL.

    And it’s probably not going to happen. Ever. And now we have to deal with Whit, talented as she may be.

    And Dollhouse rocked–beautiful disaster of the first kind.

  • tom

    Doing it against the explicit wishes of the character’s creator, virtually everyone involved with the show, and pretty much the entire fanbase (or at least the vocal element of it) – combined Hollywood’s current ugly fashion of rehashing, revamping and rebooting everything in lieu of developing new ideas – I can’t see any good coming of this.

  • Mike

    The thing is: WHY make a reboot at all? I think what people want to see is maybe a continuation of the original TV-series in a series of films. That’s probably never going to happen except for in comic book pages. But if it does happen I think Whedon should do it. It’s his baby.
    If this new reboot turns out to be a turkey, this probably will be the end of the whole concept.

  • Jay

    That’s my point. It might be FANTASTIC. I mean like out-of-nowhere great. But it’s not what we want.

    Fandom is a selfish thing, but on this point we are not fickle. We’ve had to put up with 7 years of hedging and rejection. Want Buffy back? Have a comic book. Want a Spike spin-off? Sike, not gonna happen. Why oh why is filmic continuation of this franchise in it’s truest form so damn hard to align when it’s the only thing so many of us want? At the end of the day it’s just the cold and hard will of a few over the many.

  • CocoaCritic

    Joss Whedon created Buffy. To make a reboot without him is disrespectful. No one should be supporting this. It’s underhanded move.

  • werehawk

    “Ah, come one! Dollhouse was amazing! It was ahead of its time and misunderstood,”
    Maybe so
    “but it posed a lot of interesting ideas”
    “and the acting was superb”
    No, no, and no. Dushku was incredibly unbelievable as different ‘people’. She (like many an actor/actress) is limited to one role

  • werehawk

    I agree that I would like to see a Whedon-Buffy movie, but writers/creators change all the time (be it comics or tv shows or movies). Why should Buffy be any different? Calling it disrespectful is ignorant and unrealistic. It’s not like the ratings support a bid for a movie as is (despite a hardcore fan base). Probably we should give it a chance (though I suspect it is going to be awful).

    Now Buffy versus Twilight – that is an idea!

  • Doctoraquaman

    I’m pretty sure this is going to fail horribly. It just seems like a decision not made for creative reasons but because some idiot producer thinks he or she can make a quick buck off of an old idea.
    Still, I have often said that if anyone wanted to throw a ton of money at me to make a reboot of anything, not only would I do it, I would try to make it the greatest reboot anyone has ever seen. I can believe this writer wants to make a good product, but it doesn’t mean it will happen.
    In the end, I will treat this like I did the Kolchack the Night Stalker reboot that was made before, that it is an alternate reality/Ultimate universe story. If it is bad, it will quickly vanish, but, if it succeeds, it could be like Abram’s Star Trek which help revitalize the franchise without having to erase all the continuity from the original universe.

  • TheLoneCreature

    But isn’t that like saying: ‘Stan Lee created Spider-man. He should be making the films and/or writing the comics now-a-days?

  • Westside_goth

    I don’t think that characters from the show or comic can be in the movie because the rights to those characters are tied up with Whedons production company and Fox’s and they are not involved with this, just the producers who own the rights to the original Buffy movie. Basically Buffy was one of my least fav characters in the series. So why would I care about a film without the supporting cast?

  • Bow

    What a load of rubbish, this buffy reboot is gonna fail! Buffy without Whedon, Gellar and the rest of the Scooby Gang aint Buffy!

  • Bailjumper

    Stan Lee stills writes for the Spider-man comic strip, does the occasional back-up stories and cameos in the movies. Plus he’s given his blessing to current storylines, even the One More Day arc.

    Joss hasn’t given his blessing to this and looks to be kept away completely from this.

    It’ll be a bigger failure than the Last Airbender movie. At least people will know it’ll be barely reconizable from the original.

  • Tals

    Personally, I think that the biggest issue ISN’T who is and isn’t working on this film, but the context in which it’s being worked on. This film is being made in a time when Twilight is a major cash cow that others are trying to emulate. And ultimately, if you take out the ensemble/”Scoobies” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which the studio has said they will do), Buffy can EASILY look like a Twilight wannabe if written and produced by the wrong people. And this isn’t to say that Whit Anderson is the wrong person– we just don’t know, and that’s scary as all hell.

    So ultimately, the fear isn’t simply that Joss Whedon isn’t working on it, but the franchise which “properly” portrayed vampires will betray the people who have stood by it against the hoard of Twilight fangirls and try to be what we all dislike.

    Now, does that constitute anger from fans? No… not at all (or at least not yet), given that this is all pure speculation. But I am certainly beyond afraid and not looking forward to its production.

  • Alan Alexander

    The whole thing reminds me of “Scarlet” the book (and later, tv miniseries) written as a sequel to “Gone With the Wind” that was published in 1991 despite Margaret Mitchell’s own stated belief that there should never be a sequel to GWTW. I imagine Buffy Redux will go about as well.

  • Michael Sacal

    You’re going to burn in fanboy hell.

    Just kidding… I don’t see anything wrong with the reboot either.

  • Jrau18

    Stan Lee stepped down from writing Spider-Man. He personally handed it over to someone new. Whedon is still doing Buffy right now. So it’s not the same. It would be like someone rebooting Avatar.

  • mark coale

    I was stubbornly against the new BSG “on principle” and was finally worn down by friends and/or critics who raved about the series.

    It’s possible this new Buffy could fall into the same category.

    As someone who has grown weary of the “official fan fiction” that is Season 8, I would not mind seeing a new interpretation.

  • Siege81

    Angel a fresh start on you tube is real fan love not this crap

  • ATK

    Look, I’m not opposed to a new Buffy, well I am, but I am willing to give it a shot. If you get the right people and the right story it could be good. I think the overall point of the fan community is that Joss expanded this unverse and included so many memorable situations and fantastic characters that it would be impossible to replicate. The new Buffy would throw all that out and go back to the movie which was c+ at best.
    Again I can be wrong, I enjoyed the Italian Job with Marky Mark even though it had absolutly nothing to do with the original other than they referenced it as a movie and kept the minis. It was enjoyable and made me get over the fact that the original and remake are two seperate properties. However the polar opposite of that is “Posieden” the original was fantastic and had a wonderful element of god vs man vs survival that was completely destroyed by the remake. This is what we are afraid of, if they remake it and make it good then more power to them, but if they simply line up the elements and water it down, it would set new hights for horribleness.

  • Margot Le Faye

    So, you missed the part where they said this Buffy would not be in high school? Here’s a partial quote from Charles Roven, one of the producers, taken from the official press release:
    “…while this is not your high school Buffy, she’ll be just as witty, tough, and sexy as we all remember her to be.”

    Let me repeat: not your high school Buffy. Ergo, everything you argue about the potency of monsters as metaphor for the high school experience, your interest in seeing how someone who actually was a teenage girl can write the experience of a teenage girl is moot. Are you still interested in seeing what they’re going to do?

    It’s my understanding that the reboot is of the original movie, only, with none of the characters from the TV series, because those are owned by Fox rather than Warner Brothers. And, really, what was that? Cute, air-head cheerleader learns she’s destined to continue an eons-long battle against vampires and finally defeats one that’s been killing her fellow Slayers for centuries?

    The Buffy that inspired a hardcore fandom is so very much more than that simplistic premise. Is it surprising that most of us want to give this a pass?

  • BuffySeriesMegaFan !!

    The First movie of buffy the vampire slayer was crap, But The Tv Series Staring Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Head, James Marsters Well i was massive fan if they an love the series comic etc but if they carried on where the series left off an had the orginial cast reprise there roles it would be amazing And i would love to watch a buffy movie an have Joss whedon have some take an say on which direction the movie goes etc

  • TheDemon

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t give Cameron any ideas.

  • ZB

    Joss Whedon has been employed many, many, times to rewrite other writers scripts and with other writers characters. Speed, Toy Story, Waterworld, Alien Reserrection for example.
    And on Buffy as head writer he rewrote many of the scripts written for the show by other writers.
    Why can he re writer others writers work but no one should be able to write Buffy?
    I’m a huge Whedon fan and suspect this movie, if it ever gets made, will suck. But Whit Anderson has done nothing wrong and I’d do the same if I were in her position.

  • DanAR

    Eh, both series involve a teenage girl pining for and eventually having relations with something that is essentially a corpse.

    Yeah, Buffy had better writing, characterization, and tone. But, the lead character is still a necrophiliac no matter how one tries to rationalize it.

  • Tryst

    It’s hard enough to get people to understand why BtVS the series was so great when they only have knowledge of the movie. This is just going to make it more difficult. It also highlights the problem with intellectual property rights in Hollywood. Joss created Buffy.

    Someone else, especially a noob like Whit Anderson, shouldn’t be contaminating it with their vision. Seriously? This noob thinks she can write as well as Joss? Pretty arrogant of everyone involved.

  • Zen Strive

    Joss Whedon is the reason hollywood goes so emo and angsty. Can’t wait for Avengers: The Earth’s Mightiest Whiners.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the deal:
    BUFFY hasn’t even been off the TV for 10 years. A TRUE reboot would wait at least 20-30 years. Let the ORIGINAL show have it’s time, THEN come back and do what needs to be done. As well, a TRUE reboot would have the blessing of the creator at the very minimum.

    This “project” will never be accepted by fans of Whedon’s work. Why? Because HE doesn’t accept it, or give it permission to exist. There’s no way those of us dedicated to the man that brought stuff like Buffy will ever accept this garbage from a kid that has NO true respect for the show whatsoever. If she did, she would listen to what was said and stop work on it.

  • Bear

    I bet Buffy would slay a Devil’s advocate.

  • Cforshaw67220

    You completely missed the point. ‘Buffy’ was created by Joss Whedon, and neither he nor any of the cast have shown the slightest support for this movie. Even worse, the only people involved with it are the mercinary Kuzui’s who ruined the original movie by sucking any of the obvious talent that we quickly saw from the TV series out of the film. Even, even worse, this has none of the supporting cast that made the TV series work, and therefore would suggest that it would make more sense to rename the main character, and allow people to come into it fresh and able to appreciate anything original they can bring to the concept. Instead, what they are doing is trading on the Buffy name in the worst type of cynicism towards the fans, assuming that they will flock to see something that has no connection in the slightest towards the television series.

  • Michael Sacal

    Since it’s a reboot they can always introduce characters that are evokative of the ones from the TV show, or even better than they are.

    They are not limited to using the characters from the original movie, they can create new ones too.

  • Cforshaw67220

    No. Everything about the concept is unreasonable. They have essentially spat in the face of Joss Whedon by not even discussing this with him, and in the face of the fans they seek to exploit by proposing a film that won’t include anything that has anything to do with the original series. It may bear the same name, but, really, if you buy a computer game you’ve waited to play for months, and when you get home you find another equally good game in the box instead, most people would still take it back because it isn’t what you asked for.

  • Jem

    ok, calm down, everyone. trust me when i say i am a HUGE buffy fan, and that joss is one of my artistic idols, so keep that in mind when i say: this at best GREAT news, and worst… not news at all. please, don’t get angry about this. of COURSE it’s nothing more than… studios cynically and shallowly cashing in on the vampire craze, and yes, it is a reminder of hollywood’s shameful lack of new ideas. but see past that.

    worst case scenario: another crap movie in a sea of crap movies. your old buffy dvds are not ruined, neither are your memories of the show.

    best case scenario: new life is breathed into a universe untouched by the mainstream for seven years. new fans are attracted, the movie makes millions and proves that there’s a whole lot of commercial and artistic value in the franchise. joss gets richer. and buffy’s place is further cemented in the hall of iconic heroes.

    joss always wanted buffy to be an iconic hero like batman or superman, and part of their nature is to be constantly rewritten by new people — sometimes well, sometimes not. (and if there is to be a “reboot” of buffy, i’m GLAD joss is not involved, as much as i adore and worship him and his work, because this can be something new.) i sympathise with joss, because this has to sting, but he’s created this iconic hero — she doesn’t belong to him, anymore. that’s the thing about art (especially in this world where intellectual property belongs to cynical, capitalistic studios, for better of worse) — once you’ve made it, you’ll always get the credit, but you no longer own it. the world owns it. as for buffy… she belongs to us, now. and anderson is one of us.

    again: i sympathise with joss, and this was a low, shitty move on behalf of the studios. but we have to be careful not to completely idolise one man (remember too that buffy was the cumulative work of many, many people) and say that since someone else is writing it it can’t be good, or say that since he doesn’t approve of it, neither should we.

    furthermore, this writer, this whit anderson person, is, again, ONE of us! railing against this will hurt the franchise, and hurt a person who ostensibly is a true and sincere buffy fan (anderson). it’s also worth pointing out that the movie’s being written by a woman who was herself empowered by watching buffy in her youth. i can think of little more inspiring…!

  • Jem

    also keep in mind that this isn’t a sequel but a reboot. it’s its own continuity. don’t like it? ignore it, just like you’d ignore the eric bana hulk or a crappy comic book run.

  • Cforshaw67220

    You cannot say “Season Eight was a complete disaster” – your comment is misleading as it offers opinion as fact. Also, do you know Whit Anderson? Cos everyone else seems to have no idea who she is… Seems to me that if that is the case you’ll be interested on my fat, white guy take on ‘Buffy’.

  • Cforshaw67220

    No. Joss Whedon was the last guy to work on ‘Buffy’ in any format, and he made the entire concept as popular as it was, and he is still available and working – in fact, working on concepts far more popular and well-known than ‘Buffy’ with ‘The Avengers’. But the fact is that no-one seems to have even given him a call or mentioned it in passing. Meanwhile, Stan Lee was still involved with Marvel and Spider-Man long, long after he left the comic, and was involved with the films, even if it was just a cameo and meeting the people making them.

  • Cforshaw67220

    Good point.

    Never mind that he was uncredited on ‘Speed’ because the previous writer demanded a sole writing credit, which hurt Whedon, so he has always made sure other people get the credits and respect they deserve from the work they have done for him.

    Oh, and Whit Anderson has done something wrong – if she had any respect for the character or the work she is doing, surely she would have tried to get in touch with Joss and made sure he was okay with it, or made a statement to that effect by now. Instead, all she has said is how happy she is. So I guess so long as she is happy, that is all that matters…

  • Cforshaw67220

    I’m pretty sure they call the person a ‘vampire’ rather than a ‘corpse’ because they are a ‘vampire’ and not a ‘corpse’. Therefore, Buffy and Bella are paraphiliacs – paraphilia being an attraction to vampires. Necrophilia is completely different.

  • Cforshaw67220

    The new ‘Battlestar Galactica’ was launched about 20 years after the series had reached its conclusion, and, with all due respect, it was a shoddy Star Wars knock-off originally. The examples don’t compare.

  • Mark T

    The thing that comes to mind is Star Wars. It was iconic. An enormous part of a huge number of people’s lives. Buffy may not be quite as big but in terms of effect it’s not unreasonable to mention them in the same sentence. “At worst an easily ignorable addition”… The Star Wars prequels killed an institution for a lot of people. The death of a Titan in the name of profit. Whit Anderson may in fact be the spiritual successor to Kubrick, but there’s a fairly large chance she won’t be and if the movie tanks, for whatever reason, then it’ll be another reason for perenially risk-averse Hollyweird not to trust unknowns and up-and-comers. Another reason to retreat into the realm of generic teen movies with busty starlets. BTW If looks and fame don’t make Hollywood tick then how do you explain Paris Hilton?

  • Cforshaw67220

    It isn’t even 20 years since the movie. Plus, are they even going to get as good a cast? The original had Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland… Is it likely they’re going to get anyone interested in this? Especially as Whedon has the ear of indie actors like Mark Ruffalo, and currently bankable stars like Sam Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr.? Actors do talk to other actors, and you are probably going to see a lot of people not interested in getting involved with what has to be seen as a toxic project.

  • BennyBebop

    It wasn’t just Joss who made Buffy what it was. All the talent that made Buffy are loyal to Joss, except for the cashing in Kuzui freak shows. AND, they have no talent. I can pick up the snap of Espenson, the gravitas of Fury and the sauciness of Noxon in Buffy. WHAT DID THE KUZUI’S actually do? Part of the original and namesakes on the series. Nothing on the DVD extra’s, nothing in print, nothing anecdotally. They have no grasp of the Buffy universe. If Noxon or Fury asked Joss if they could do it and he said “sure, go ahead” I would love to see it. This is a kick in the knickers and it will not be appreciated by anyone with a brain.

  • no ad hominem

    This noob thinks she can write as well as Joss? Pretty arrogant of everyone involved.
    The arrogance is hardly one sided, it would appear. The problem is not with Anderson–it’s the studio system that demands a constant supply of marketable product. believe it or not, Joss started out as a writer on other people’s babies as well. Everyone starts out a noob, and there’s nothing wrong with her wanting to get a shot at something bigger. If it sucks, as it might, then that’s a shame. But she has the right to try.

    You may return to your unreasonable statements now.

  • Spiderbarbarian

    I disagree STRONGLY abt Season Eight. Season six was a disatser. Season eight was very well written and had quality writers.

  • mdk

    Public Enemy still said it best: “Burn, Hollywood, Burn!”

  • DanAR

    It doesn’t matter what they call the revenant. It still meets the definition of corpse. Animated or not.

  • Kate

    In 2008, Joss and the series cast (or at least, the majority of them) discussed the possibility of a Buffy film. Everyone on that stage said that if Joss wrote the script, they would play their roles.

    It’s 2010 now, and while Joss has been busy with his other projects, I see no reason why he couldn’t have asked some of the show writers to work on a few scenes for the film. After all, that’s how they wrote the series, so why mess with a good system?

    There’s no Whedon-written script because Joss didn’t write one, plain and simple. There is no reason why he can’t write one now, either. Look at Capote and Infamous – two movies about the same person that were released around the same time. This could still happen… if Joss wants it to.

  • Kate

    I agree with this. I did like the series, but I preferred Sierra and Victor to Echo. Week after week, it was like, “Faith’s an FBI agent! Faith’s going to a party! Faith’s running through the desert!”

  • Kate

    This isn’t really news, though. A year ago, the Kuzuis said that they were going to make this movie without Joss. If I had known that they didn’t have a script, I would have been writing something and trying to get them to accept it. That’s all that Whit Anderson did. She, as a fan, wanted to make sure that the character was written well.

    Whether we agree with her view or not remains to be seen, but people are going to have to actually see the movie in order to make that decision.

  • Kate

    Because Kristy Swanson playing her originally means nothing at all, whatsoever?

  • Tushicous

    I kind of agree, I mean, I’m at least willing to wait and see before I judge the re-boot. I’d prefer if Joss was involved, but it can be it’s own stand-alone thing. Worse case scenario, it can’t be as bad as the Star Wars prequels.

  • Foxe92

    And I don’t think he DOES want it to, or else he would. Honestly, how hard would it really be?

    I love Joss. Well, I used to. But he has been getting on my nerves more and more over the past couple of years. I loved Dr. Horrible, and thought he was the most amazing man ever, but a few months later he sells his soul (back) to Fox to create Dollhouse–a show that could have been truly phenomenal if he hadn’t decided to make bedfellows with his enemies (OUR enemies).

    Season 8 for me has been all-around horrible. Every once and again I’ll come to a part, and I’ll really be able to hear, see and feel the characters through the comic–but it’s been almost four years and that has only happened a handful of times. The overall storyline is completely ludicrous (in my opinion, at least), and I wouldn’t even give it the honor of calling it fanfic because most of it isn’t even that good (for an AWESOME season eight fanfic, see Informant’s Buffy Season 8. It reads just as well as the original series).

    But Season 8 hasn’t ruined the television series for me. Even though it’s written and overseen by Joss, and “officially” canonical, I don’t like it, so I don’t consider it to be, and it hasn’t ruined what the television series was for me. Furthermore, the original movie didn’t ruin the show for me either, so why should another (non-canon) movie ruin it for me or anyone else. The worst that can happen is we see a re-envisioning of Buffy that we don’t care for, and there’s not a whole lot wrong with that. That’s why I continue reading the comics, even though I don’t like them. Because, in any scenario, it’s pretty hard for me to consider new Buffy to be all that bad.

    The Kuzui’s are evil. They always have been, and we already know that. But there is NO reason to bag on Whit Anderson.Joss Whedon did not write and direct every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In fact, he didn’t write MOST of them. And some of the ones that he DID are among my least favorite. I’ve read plenty of decent Buffy fanfic and I really enjoyed some of the novels by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder. The writers/creators of Veronica Mars (just to mention one show…I happen to be watching it again :P) were able to capture a lot of what made Buffy special in their characters. I see no reason not to give Whit a chance. And like the poster said, if they’re giving the writing to a newbie, she’s probably got a pretty spectacular idea.

    To me Joss or no Joss is like, a fraction of the issue. If I’m going to see BUFFY (as in, the character) return to the screen, then it has to be Gellar. SHE, IMO is Buffy, not Joss. Plenty of people went in to making Buffy awesome of paper, but only Gellar was able to bring Buffy truly to life (as witnessed by Joss also writing the Buffy movie, and Swanson not being able to pull it off)(not that Sawnson was horrible, and I think she gets a lot of hard knocks, but she didn’t have the talent to play Buffy like Gellar does).

    If “JoJo” (*cringe*) wants to write a Buffy movie (or any other live-action Buffy-related reboot/sequel/remake/whatever) I’m all for it. If it’s with someone other than Gellar playing Buffy, I probably wont love it, but it will probably still be pretty great. (I’d rather just leave the characters out than recast them, honestly). But he’s not doing that, so, for now, this is the best we’ve got.

    There’s a 99.99% chance that Gellar won’t play Buffy in this movie. But she doesn’t play Buffy in the comic (because it’s a comic) and plenty of people (apparently) like that. Honestly, a reboot is preferable to me over Joss’ Season 8, because with a reboot it’s SUPPOSED to be new and different. A continuation isn’t (but the comics are–even if just by being comics).

    Also, yeah, yeah, Hollywood is evil, etc, etc, but there have been–granted, among the heaping masses of horrible reboots–a fair share of really incredible, series-defining reboots in the past couple of years (by Warner Bros, even) so why don’t we take a chill pill before we go and torch the WB Studios.


  • Theolddude

    Won’t go to see this – & this no slight against Whit Anderson. I don’t know her & she may do an outstanding job. But Buffy is Joss’ baby & for him to have no input at all is disgusting & typical of Hollywood. Had they discussed it with Whedon or he’d given his blessing – maybe. BUT no-one knows Buffy & her universe better than Joss. This will be a straight-to-dvd failure. If Hollywood has any sense, at least get Whedon involved at some level. No-one will see this without him.

  • Mysticalchick
  • Mysticalchick
  • Khiaao


  • Summer

    I just don’t understand why there’s a need for her to reboot Buffy. Yeah, she loves it, and that’s great and all, because so many of us do, but she could just as easily have told her story with a character inspired by Buffy, the way that Buffy was inspired by Kitty Pryde.

  • ZB

    The Speed credit was down to the WGA. In any dispute they decide credits, no matter what the original writer wants. A writer cannot “demand” a sole writer credit, unless they get the studio to agree not to hire any other writer, which is a big ask.
    The WGA also, for some insane reason, view dialogue as “not significant”, so the fact that Joss did about 95% of the dialogue didn’t matter. No credit for him.
    As for expecting Whit to call Joss and ask for his blessing, did Joss do that on Speed? AR? Waterworld? I suspect not. As a script doctor you are always bought in to change the previous writers work, and I can’t imagine many writers saying “Yeah, my script is a bit crap. It does need work. Go right ahead”
    Again, in her position I wouldn’t. You’d be putting him in an awkward position. Force him to say “Okay” which you could make public and claim he’s given his blessing to the whole thing or he says “Not cool” and have you give up a well paying job, one that could make your career, only for the studio to hire someone else. What could Joss say?

  • Abby Lee K


  • Abby Lee K

    Not exactly. Corpse as a non living, previously animated being? Yes. But if you’re looking at the definition of corpse within the world of the paranormal, including zombies, vampires and the like, it doesn’t work at all. Corpse in such a context means “Dead. Just dead. Not coming back to life anytime soon.”

  • GuessWhat

    With all the hateful comments about not getting a Whedon version of the BUFFY movie… you all forget one major thing… he didn’t WANT to do one. He had the chance to make a movie of it after the TV series was cancelled. He passed on it because he wanted to do something new. So we got DOLLHOUSE and other things he wanted to work on instead (WONDER WOMAN for example, which again didn’t work). So you can’t really blame another person that worked on the original version of BUFFY (remember, Whit Anderson worked WITH Whedon on the BUFFY movie). He took what the they BOTH worked on, changed something that was a pop culture hit and made it his own. So… why couldn’t someone else do the same that worked on that same pop culture hit?

    I liked the original movie and the TV series and ANGEL spin-off. I will check out the new movie as well because I’ve enjoyed the character from day one. Just like the reboot of BATMAN into BATMAN BEGINS, I will judge each of them on their own.

  • Eh

    EXACTLY. This new writer, whomever she is, could written an ORIGINAL story based on a beloved character, and THAT would have me excited. This? No.

  • GuessWhat

    You amy want Joss & Co… but they don’t want you. Meaning that they all passed on making a movie after the TV series was over.

  • GuessWhat

    Joss didn’t bother contacting or discussing it with Anderson (who helped make Buffy into a popculture hit) when he took the idea and made it into a TV series… so, essentially he spat in her face as you say… so why should she do it with him?

  • GuessWhat

    You do realize, what you are complaining about, is exactly what Joss Whedon did to Anderson. He rehashed/revamped/rebooted the BUFFY movie that he worked on WITH Anderson.

  • JMC

    Most of the fans complaining here aren’t the target audience anymore. This reboot is clearly aimed at young teenagers, likely 10 – 15 yr old girls. The fact that a number of middle-aged fans (yes, you’re ALL OLD NOW!!) who were teens when they started watching Buffy are getting all pissy and whiney won’t concern the producers at all. You’re not their target audience anymore.

    Just enjoy the TV series on DVD and move on. Joss needs to move on and act with some dignity as well – I felt embarrassed for him with his comments. Assuming ownership over someone else’s property is childish.

  • Mike H.

    Your big argument for a Buffy reboot movie is that you want to see what “someone who was actually a teenage girl” could do with the franchise? Hey, genius, check the credits of the 7 seasons of Buffy. Plenty of women wrote for the series. There were female executive producers and female network execs who also got a say in shaping the show. Joss was — and is — the GUIDING creative force, not the ONLY creative force. And one of the main reasons the show was such a success is because Joss was smart enough to listen to the people around him.

  • In defence of Echo

    The point of the character Echo was that she retained some of herself even with imprints. She was Echo in every incarnation. So, yeah Dushku did not seem to be different people because she wasn’t.

  • S_H

    “It might be FANTASTIC. I mean like out-of-nowhere great. But it’s not what we want.”-Jay

    I know that I’m using the following citation out of context, but I’ll throw it in anyways:

    “In terms of not giving people what they want, I think it’s a mandate: Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need.” -Joss Wedon

  • Nick Pes

    They already said that this “won’t be your highschool Buffy” so then there goes the whole teenage / monster metaphor. Yes, it can be ignored but I still feel like someone is stealing my childhood.

  • Elmariachi

    Epic fail. Buffy without joss and the tv series cast would be crap. I hope…..I mean I know this will be worse then the original movie. Epic fail

  • Masqurade_memory

    I agree with Mike I think that is what the fan truly want, but in order to have that you have to have the original characters and as AWESOME as that would be, the actors/actress are trying to pull away from being associated with these characters now and move on to different venues I mean I loved Angel and I still do, but now I know him as Booth and he does an amazing job as Booth on the new TV series Bones..and Willow went from being know as Willow to the band girl, and Buffy did a series of different movies they all moved on with their lives and as hard as it is so do the fans. Don’t get me wrong I would love a final farewell movie with the ENTIRE original tv series cast, but simple fact is that was ten years ago. These people have moved on from these characters, Hell even spike moved on from spike and last I knew James was working in his band Mad Brilliant so, it comes to a choice. Either see the new movie and hate it and go on with we told you cause that is probably going to be my take on the new movie, or simple don’t go if you think it’s going to ruining the pure idea of Buffy… we can protest all we want, in the end the people with the money are going to come out on top not the protesters not for a movie……But I still agree with Mike the only way I’d like a new movie is if it was a final farewell type deal with the original people ….

  • Jsmith

    Because Buffy wasn’t her idea…it was Joss’s. He originally tried to work with his idea on the first movie, but it was hijacked from him to the point where he disowned movie.
    He then did what any artist would do: complete his vision.
    In his case, it was a tv series that was a tremendous hit without the help of any of those people.

    For them to hijack his idea again, without his consent, in the feeble hope of riding the coat tails of his hard work towards some profit is disrespectful, purely business driven, and douchy.

  • Sept_28_2003

    Joss or no Joss. The bottom line is that Buffy blew chunks from day one. You can’t shine sh*t.

  • Anonymous

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  • Yarp

    What are you talking about? Where does it say Anderson worked with Whedon on Buffy? Isn’t Anderson 29 yrs. old? So she was helping when she was 11? She didn’t do anything but watch the show growing up like the rest of us.

  • Kate

    Whit Anderson worked with Joss on the original movie? That’s interesting – because she would’ve only been a preteen at the time. She’s 29.

  • Kate

    My issue with this is – there have been so many Shakespeare and Austen remakes in the last couple of decades. Essentially, you’re saying that it’s okay to modify someone’s creation as long as that person is dead and can’t raise any objections.

    As for nobody knowing the Buffyverse better than Joss? Warren was murdered in season six. The First appeared as him in season seven. But somehow, skinless Warren was alive in season eight.
    What did Joss say when fans confronted him about the error? “I forgot, okay.”

    Fans remembered. Joss forgot.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Whit Anderson, a fan of Buffy, will do with the movie.

  • Brian from Canada

    So many haters, so little knowledge…. :-/

    Joss Whedon wrote A SCRIPT. Fox bought it and made it into a movie. Whedon hated the movie because it turned his “serious art” into a comedy, so he asked to do it his own way. Fox, not seeing any future profit in the movie, said yes, and Whedon LUCKED out to have both two producers willing to put money up AND a new network desperate for content to put it on. He didn’t write all the scripts, he supervised the production of the show; many ideas came from other people too.

    Eight years later, he moved on to other things, like Firefly. And when sales of the Firefly DVD were high enough to warrant revisiting that universe, he returned with Serenity.

    But Joss didn’t return to Buffy. And when vampires became hot again, a studio TRIED to get it going again on their own. They even got Gellar to co-star in a film that would FOLLOW the television series, but it all collapsed when the other co-star backed out for fears of just being seen to follow a trend (and being compared to Kristen Stewart, et al.). Gellar used that opportunity to back out, and now the project has stagnated.

    So they’re doing it again, only this time as a relaunch. I agree with the original author (which is a rarity for me, since I rarely do): we haven’t seen anything about the project yet beyond the initial announcement, and it can surprise you.

    Especially if Buffy becomes as Joss wants, an icon that can be continuously reinterpreted like Batman and Superman. (The fact that Whedon’s own take on superheroes The X-Men has always been weak at best has nothing to do with it.)

    Joss could have taken the high road about this and said simply that he was not contacted about it. He could have said the new writer could pass her ideas by him to see if it was really Buffy-worth. Instead, he issued a statement that is easily read as berating not only the studios that planned this but the studio he’s presently getting his paycheque from.

    I say give the reboot a chance. Sometimes, an idea can surprise you. And sometimes even the best ideas can be awful in execution despite the planning.

  • Dandelion

    Are you delusional or something? Joss never worked with Anderson! Buffy is Whedon’s creation, not Anderson’s! No one knows who that Anderson girl is!
    But then again, you probably are Whit Anderson desperately trying to fool everyone into thinking you created the Slayer mythos…

  • Ralph


    Whether you are a Buffy fan or not it is not rocket science to recognize that the replacement of Joss Whedon for their reboot of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was an insult to the writer and director. Maybe this is revenge because he chose to take such a high profile position in Marvel/Disney’s Avengers project. He put in a screenplay for Wonder Woman and Warner rejected it; so he did try for WB. I guess we may never know what really happened or what influenced this affront to screen writer/Director Joss Whedon.

    Yet the FAR GREATER INSULT is the Warner Bros’ GENDER WAR for women fans. It does not matter whether you are Twilight fan or not, hiring an actress to write the screenplay for Buffy (just to give the project a female writer) is an insult to female audience members. Why not hire a female screenwriter, because the company wants to hire the woman THEY WANT not accidentally end up validating women as screenwriters. To be clearer Meyer was the book series writer, Melissa Rosenberg was the screenwriter for the films. Obviously we need to wait to see who the female director is that Warner Bros will hire to simulate Director Catherine Hardwick. Some may be amazed how petty creativity can be pertaining to Hollywood decision-making.

    So what happens if this scheme to steal Twilight’s female fans does not work? Suppose the same thing that happened before happens again, suppose men predominantly show an appreciation for Buffy and women do not show the same appreciation. Will women writing and film contributors still suck, proving men are the best film developers because this scheme by male studio heads did not work? As cowardly as it is, the studio heads have set up a win-win situation to benefit their bruised egos while still insulting women.

    As fans of women’s participation in film, none of us should be so foolish as to ignore this assault on women’s creativity and none should so willingly agree to trivialize their participation.

    For more information:

  • Bea

    As a fan of Joss he began to get on my nerves by blaming all of his show’s failures on other people/groups.

    He blamed Dollhouse’s failure on Fox when Fox gave that failing show a second season when it’s ratings proved it didn’t need one. He continues to cast bland actresses in his shows. Summer Glau and Eliza Duskhu. I am sorry; but an actress such as Eliza who has no depth playing a character who is forced to play OTHER characters was a bad idea. It could have worked if the actress was different. But I found myself not carrying about her character AT all. Nor the stalker Paul Ballard. The reason I continued to watch was EVERYONE else but those two.

    I remember when the idea came around about the reboot; I remember Joss not carrying much about it. BUT now that it’s gotten greenlighted he acts butthurt about it. HE who tried to reboot Wonder Woman and IS rebooting The Avengers you can’t reboot shows/movies and cry like a baby when the same happens to your show/movie/idea/creation.

    Buffy to me is now seen as a ‘Franchise character’ like Batman, Superman, James Bond, THE AVENGERS, etc.

    Though I don’t think the reboot needs to happen; not for Joss’s sake but for the sake of the character because it was already rebooted; and I think the only reason they’re bringing her into play is because ‘vampires are in'; and it’s just for money.

    I will see it. It could be good; I wasn’t sure I’d like Buffy the show; but I gave it a shot and liked it. So I will see it and watch it for myself and make a reaction based on that.

    Am I a fan of Joss…sometimes. But I think as a person he’s a huge douche who can’t take responsibility for his mistakes.

  • Jsmith

    So much misinformation here, bri bri.

    Joss Whedon created Buffy.
    He worked his butt off to make Buffy a hit for eight years.
    OF COURSE, he had help, you can’t make a show by yourself.
    But to try and minimize his involvement in the character is downright crazy.

    Just check out the reaction to this news by the cast.
    They all say the same thing: No Joss, No Way.

    This movie is nothing but a cheap ploy by the studios to get some profits.
    They don’t care about the character, the creator, or anything else.

  • Ericgorr

    Well, this one is easy for me. No Joss. No money or support from me.

  • Brian from Canada

    Whedon wouldn’t have been able to make Buffy the TV series had Fox not made the original film — a film that despite Whedon’s dislike of it, was actually a good reworking of the vampire genre for its time and who’s presence in the marketplace helped sell his TV series.

    Yes, he created the character and put his energy into building it. I’m not minimizing that; what I am minimizing is the attitude that it’s Joss’ alone or that it was as huge a success as people make it out to be. It wasn’t a huge hit by anyone’s standards except The WB (where it was a perpetual second in ratings for them) and Angel ended up being cancelled.

    As for the cast, “no Joss, no way” doesn’t mean much when all of them reject it even WITH Joss. Gellar spent a decade saying she would never go back, and was the only one to actually say she’s go back to the continuation film. Head, Hannigan and Boreanaz have successful television series, while Brendon’s had a recurring guest role on Criminal Minds and is still trying to get a series of his own.

    The movie may be a “cheap ploy” but remember: they TRIED the Joss route. Then Vanessa Hudgens, the new younger star set for the film, backed out. No star, no financing, no backing from the studio — because Gellar has not been able to turn a film into a major hit. Nor, incidentally, have any of the others really except Hannigan, and it was an ensemble piece.

    Vampires are hot now — now is the time to get a film out there.

    And you never know about them “caring about the character.” They picked a writer who seems reverential to the original concept and series and wants to do good by it — just as a new comic writer does when they get a series.

    Or it could go the other way. WB doesn’t give a shit about Batman but lots of people loved Tim Burton’s version and the poor representation of the character in The Dark Knight.

  • dean winchester

    Live Free or Twi-hard.

  • Anonymous

    So, they passed on the movie. That means they don’t WANT it !!
    The fact remains that this idiot is going ahead with this AGAINST the creator’s request. That says a lot about it right there.

  • Stay_sea71

    Buffy was finished….done complete at peace…COOKIES. Leave her be. Reviving her would be like riping her out of heaven once again. Don’t do it. It is sacrilegious. I don’t like it one bit.

    If you are going to do a reboot….make another slayer….another city….another time…(old west, or mid-evil slayer would ROCK). Then I am on board.

  • Mad_mandonna

    I love Buffy, firefly, serenity, dr horrible and dollhouse. Hated Wheadons script for Alien Ressurection. Isn’t this Whit Anderson doing the same as Joss in that instance?

    Don’t think it’s gonna be great they’d have to make a damn good interpretation of it.

    And apparently he had the option to be apart of it and turned it down. If its amazing (which I doubt) it’ll be quite funny to see what people blog then.

  • Luci

    i love buffy the vampire slayer:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3