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Tangled Takes Record-Breaking Second Place

Harry Potter may have continued to dominate the Thanksgiving weekend box office, but Disney shouldn’t feel too disappointed about the performance of Tangled – It may not have taken the top spot, but it did have the second biggest Thanksgiving opening of all time.

While Potter won the weekend with a haul of $78.8 million, Tangled‘s $69 million won it second place not only for the weekend, but for the record books. The only more successful Thanksgiving opening was another Disney movie, Pixar’s Toy Story 2 in 1999; that made $80.1 million on its first weekend. Disney can also take some measure of comfort in the fact that the other movies that debuted in theaters this weekend all failed to meet their predicted tallies, and took in less than $20 million each.


  • Nemoidian

    So ‘Tangled’ took a “Record-Breaking Second Place” that did NOT, in fact, break any records whatsoever. You gotta love it when hyperbole trumps journalistic integrity!

  • Mac

    i love the last comment – all movies took in less than expected tallies – this despite the fact that the movie theaters just jacked up prices AGAIN to $15 a head! not suprising i love my netflix and red box !