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Sons Of Anarchy Creator Explains Finale, Teases Next Season

Kurt Sutter, the lord and master of all things Sons of Anarchy, is one of those show runners that doesn’t stay quiet when something huge happens on his series. When characters die, he explains why. When the boys of SAMCRO are thrown for a loop, Sutter swoops in and points out some of the paths this twist may lead. It’s refreshing, to say the least, particularly when many show runners — we’re looking at you, Darlton — remain frustratingly silent at times, some refusing to comment on their shows altogether.

Thankfully, Sutter’s lips are flapping about last night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy. The episode, titled “NS,” was a 90-minute affair that marked the end of the smash hit FX series’ third season. Not always the most critically adored of the show’s three years, this past season definitely had its rocky moments in addition to some truly standout episodes, like last night’s season finale.

Speaking with E! Online, Sutter covered a wide range of issues including his feelings on the Ireland storyline, why he decided to kill a certain main character, and what’s ahead in season four. Needless to say, major spoilers lurk ahead for those of you who didn’t see the finale yet.

On bringing SAMCRO to Ireland:

Going to Ireland this year was something I’ve always wanted to do since the conception of the show, I knew we were going to do an arc that would bring us to the roots of the club and gun-running and bring to the surface the dilemma of John Teller. We needed to get information out of Ireland that advanced the series, in the form of those letters [from John Teller to Maureen]. In the big arc of the series that we needed to play all that stuff out.

But I get it. I understand [the fan reaction]. People are really plugged into our guys and I think we spent a lot of time on new characters like Kellan (James Cosmo) and Jimmy O (Titus Welliver), and I was fascinated by all that stuff, and the thematic stuff of the IRA and outlaws—to me it was all fascinating stories to tell—but I think ultimately people just wanted to be in Charming with our guys, and get back to more of what we did the first two seasons. I always understand that. There’s always a risk when you go outside the box a little bit.

On killing Agent June Stahl, played brilliantly for three seasons by Ally Walker:

It’s interesting. I brought the character in after Agent Kohn (Jay Karnes) died, as a different kind of nemesis, and I really never envisioned the character expanding the way it has, and that’s really as a result of Ally Walker. She just brought the crazy eyes!

We had conversations early on that she has these very masculine qualities but that she’s also very overt about her sexuality, and she’s just a different kind of animal than you’ve seen before in terms of female law enforcement. Ally brought that on gangbusters. …

There were some comments about her becoming too much of a sociopath, but to me it’s always fascinating when you see that happen in law-enforcement agents, that they can ultimately become more evil than the evil they’re pursuing. And we set her up from the jump that she was a person that lived out of the box anyhow, and she would go to any lengths to get what she wanted.

Will Jax and his SAMCRO allies still be in prison when season four begins?

There will definitely be a gap in time. I haven’t decided if we’ll start with them in jail and getting out or if we’ll begin with them already out of jail, but we’re not going to spend half a season or a season in jail. Sons is not going to become Oz.

What will Charming look like in 14 months?

It’ll be a different Charming. There will be a new mayor and a new sheriff. The 21st century is going to land at SAMCRO’s doorstep. It’ll be interesting, because the 21st century will also bleed into their lives. The gun business will be exponentially bigger as a result of the Irish deal, so they themselves will be upgrading, but everything else around them will also be changing. Not that I’m thematically trying to make a big point in terms of all that, but Charming really has been Mayberry—it’s been an anachronism, and in my mind, we’ll start to see that shift, and how do they handle that shift. Do they try to throw the brakes on it? Do they embrace it? What happens to the big fish when the pond starts to get bigger?

Are Jax and Tara having a boy or a girl?

Uh…I haven’t decided on that, but I’ll say this: It is the Sons of Anarchy.

Sutter revealed other details, including the fact that former police chief Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) will be back on the show, though expect less face time from Happy (David LaBrava) and Kozik (Kenny Johnson).

So, what did you think of the season finale? I personally loved it, even if I wasn’t wild about the season as a whole, and even though I was sad to see Agent Stahl kick the bucket — yes, I know she was a monster, but what a monster indeed — it felt like her time had come, and I’m glad it was Opie (Ryan Hurst) who got to pull the trigger. Tell us what you thought of the finale in the comments section below!


  • Mexicalidane

    Amazing show. Loved the ending and I cant wait till next season. Im glad that Opie and Chips got to give the final payback that they both deserved to give.

  • Del Wolfe

    One of our favorite shows. I was surprised to see Sonny Barger ,the founder of the Hells Angels. He done a good job. Good things come to those who wait. I have to watch the finale again as I didn’t catch all of the letter that Jax was reding at the end. Keep up the good work it;s a great show.

  • Warren

    Hell yeah what a way to end this season. Jimmy ‘O and Agent Stahl getting what was coming to them. Its going to be a long wait for the start of the next season to see what the Sons are going to be up to in Charming!!!

  • Tripler

    When will Opie find out who killed his wife so he can have justice

  • Kris

    Opie found out in episode 12 of season 2.

  • Joecapps95

    how long tell season 4

  • Debbie Williams

    I’ m glad the blonde B !!!!!!! finally got what she deserved.

  • Ccookie140

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!! We are so hooked on Sons. Very excited to see season 4, Cara Modesto, Ca

  • Jmarnabal

    One question. When the club rode past the ATF agents after making the exchange for jimmy-o didn’t that give it away that they were in on the collusion between jax and stahl? how did they know they would be free to pass? seems like a hole i nthe story line unless i missed something

  • Tnjperez

    freakin’ awesome! my heart was pounding at the end, i was in tears when jax was outted as a rat. hope that mr. sutter can top these last two seasons.

  • Logan_teamx

    They all but lost me this season: I didn’t like season 2 but this was a mess: between Gemma’s issues and the whole Ireland thing just didn’t gel for me.

    Opie killing Stahl and Phillips’ icing of Jimmy were the highpoints of the entire season.

  • Captainron081104

    It was great. I would like to know when the next season starts. Thank you.

  • Laus

    I loved it!!!!!! and def can’t wait till season 4 – will Tara and Jax tie the knot????? they so should and then she would be his offical Old Lady!!

  • Get-at-me

    I think it was an amazing start for the 4th season… there are so many start off points floating around like the idea that jaxs finding out about his father, is he going to try and take his revenge or just let it go? Is the truce with the myans going to still stand and if so is it going to be stronger? who are they going to blame the killing of jimmy and stahl on and is it going to blow up in there face. and who are they going to bring in as new members of the club? There is so much going on that it could be spread out over 2 more seasons and still be better then the other ones. I have to admit the script in the last episode was probably the best one ive ever seen. I felt every emotion that jax did throughout the show and all of the characters did an amazing job. I know that if I can see more then 30 directions the new season could go then the writers will be able to come up with some awesome new plots to play with. I really would like to see opies part get bigger and it would be nice to see jax get alot more vicious at least for the time being because when he finished off salazar you could see that raw nature coming out of him and it made for great tv.

  • Sweetmelissax1

    When Stahl let the SOA ride through it was retrospect to the fact that Jax and SOA club were on the same page without Tara’s and Stahl’s knowledge. Realizing that Jax and his club were in cahoots all along…..The club responded like..Oh they want the Russians not US….remember the club knew all along how it would end..that is why Jax had those guys send the letters as soon as Stahl and Jimmy o were taken out.

  • Sweetmelissax1

    I love the SOA show..and the finale.Very well written,and I was truly shocked to realize that Jax and the club were in cahoots all along!! Freeeekkkiinnggggg Greattttttt! I can not wait until next season! I am happy Able is back,and that Tara and Jax are together again. I am hoping time goes by really fast while our fave biker gang is in the can! Bring on Season 4,and hurry,hurry,hurry! <3

  • Momsrush

    i thought it was just the greatest opie finelly got his revenge and jaxs didn’t turn his back as i knew he wouldn’t on his club i just look this show wish i was there with all these guys and gals keep up the good work can;t want for next season

  • larry

    when is the next season of sons?