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Spider-Man Reboot Snags Second Villain, Peter Parker’s Parents

Irrfan Khan

Royal Pains star Campbell Scott has signed on to play Peter Parker’s father in Columbia’s Spider-Man reboot, Heat Vision reports, while Irrfan Khan, Julianne Nicholson and Annie Parisse are negotiating to join the production.

Nicholson (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is in talks to play Peter’s mother in what’s likely to be a flashback scene explaining how the boy came into the care of Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

More interesting, though, is that Khan, best known for Slumdog Millionaire and In Treatment, is set to join Rhys Ifans as one of the movie’s villains, Van Atter.  It’s possible that this is Nels Van Adder, an employee who’s used as a test subject by Norman Osborn and transformed into the red, demon-like being known as Proto-Goblin. Parisse, who most recently appeared in AMC’s Rubicon, will be Van Atter’s wife.

Directed by Marc Webb, Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. It’s set to begin production this month for a planned July 3, 2012, release.


  • Lando

    well and here I thought New-Goblin was a horrible name, then come back and surprise me with an even worse one.

  • Arlingtonwalker


  • Tim Bucktooth

    probably an original character.

  • Lt Pigeon

    Why does TV think they can do comics better than comics ,,, then change everything we bought the comics for in the first place?

  • JMC

    This might surprise you but the movie producers couldn’t give a rat’s arse what a comic fan thinks about their Spidey film. They’re aiming at young teens to mid-twenties, most of whom have only a basic knowledge of Spider-Man from cartoons and film. They don’t read comics.

  • JMC

    That’s what I was thinking – he has the right “menacing stare” as well, but I’d miss the Russian heritage aspect of the character. My bet is that Kraven and Lizard may be the two antagonists in the new film

  • Big Evil Robot

    Proto-goblin, really was an awful character from the very forgettable 90s. I really hope they don’t go this way, it’s a bad setup.