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What TV Show Needs To Get The Holiday Spirit?

With holiday episodes of Eureka, Warehouse 13, Glee and Community amongst many others airing this week, here’s a very simple question: What television show would you want to see have a seasonal special?

I admit, as far as holiday specials of regular television shows go, I’d almost always point to Doctor Who as a show that does it right, taking time out of its regular season to offer up plots that are sentimental, ridiculous and just plain fun to watch (It looks like Syfy’s Tuesday night double bill of Warehouse and Eureka follows this formula, with both happening outside of the regular seasons in seemingly stand-alone, continuity-light episodes), and maybe that shapes my taste in shows I’d want to see spread festive cheer: Leverage (which has a holiday episode next week, I think?), White Collar, Fringe… I’d suggest The Venture Bros, but they’ve already done one way back in the first season. But what about you, dear readers? What shows would be on your wishlist to TV Santa? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and maybe, if you’ve been good this year, your wish may come true in 2011…


  • TheLoneCreature

    The Walking Dead, anyone?

  • Four Non Blonde

    C.S.I.: North Pole!

  • Personamanx

    I’d like to see Fringe try out a Holiday special. It can be another one of those episodes that’s just a story that Walter tells to Olivia’s niece.

  • DoubleWide


  • Marlowegarp

    I have to admit, every year shows I like go down this road and I wonder ‘who asks for this?’. Is there not enough holiday penetration from November 1st on? Does it really need to enter the realm of fantasy as well? If I want this stuff, I’ll watch A Christmas Story. It’s not hard to find. They play it on TNT ALL DAY LONG. Not looking to rant, but every time they try to bend ‘A Christmas Carol’ around another mythos, it’s just painful.

  • Jasonmelendez1

    I personally would love to see a Fringe holiday special.

  • Khiaao

    Doctor who

  • Mr. M


  • Four Non Blonde

    A very special Christmas episode of Sons Of Anarchy!

  • kalorama

    I’d watch that one.

  • David

    I know it’s not on during December, but an Archer holiday episode would be terrific!

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Smallville. I know Christmas episodes have been done on this show… sort of, but I’d like to see a Smallville episode that begins Superman’s tradition of reading his undelivered mail on Christmas Eve.

  • Red

    Definitely with a zombie learning the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Brian G.

    Breaking bad. Walt and Jessie can make red and green meth. People will believe in christmas magic….

  • Huy2814

    Christmas: The Series!

  • ATK

    Wouldn’t mind seeing xmas episodes from Human Target, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Running Wilde, or Stargate Universe (a franchise which has yet to do an xmas episode) but these are just the shows I don’t expect to see these episdoes from. I would love for South Park to do a Bonus xmas or some holiday episode each year as they always make Holiday classics but rarely run parallell to the season.
    I am really looking forward to Community and a new Family Guy xmas episode. I will admit that I really look forward to American Dad’s xmas episode, each year they do something outrageous and awesome. Waiting to see how the Eureka and Warehouse 13 specials go but glad to see extra eps none the less.
    Also wouldnt mind if the networks maybe ran a block of old holiday classics other than just Frosty the snowman and Charlie Brown. I’d like to see FOX maybe do a night of That 70’s Show’s xmas specials or maybe Married with Children. After all if younger generations havent seen them they might as well be new. I always pop in my copy of Frasier’s “High Holiday” each year to help enjoy the festivities and fun.

  • Ryan

    Wipeout. With Big Baubles and a Christmas tree sweeper.

  • Doc_tsunami

    Star Wars and Christmas has been done. Poorly. It would take something truly epic for the Clone Wars to wash away the stink of “The Star Wars Holiday Special”, like Santa and Bea Arthur showing us the true meaning of “Life Day” by vivisecting Jar-Jar Binks with lightsabers.

  • Peter_whitney

    Two and a Half Men… Where it’s the final episode.

  • Sijo

    The problem is, Live Action shows are SO damn dark these days -Dexter, Supernatural, the CSIs- that a Holiday episode just feels awkward in them. The only one I watch is No Ordinary Family, and it isn’t terribly good anyway. And the animated series are dropping any pretense of Christmas Spirit, it’s always saving Santa so they can get their presents! Bah!

    What I would REALLY like to see is someone, ANYONE, doing an honest-to-God Holiday Cheer story. Something touching instead of sarcastic. It can be Christmas, Hanuka or whatever- just show me people realizing that yeah, there IS good in this world, even if people only celebrate it once a year.

  • David Riches

    While I did not realize that Warehouse 13, and Eureka were having Christmas themed episodes I would say I would not mind seeing Fringe have such a special. While some series seem to slip in their “Special” as a variance of the old O’Henry’s Gift Of The Magi or Dicken’s Christmas Carol it’s the “specials” that take an effort to break the mold and go one direction or another from those standards that stick to my mind. Few people recall the Bloom County X-Mas special called A Wish For Wings That Work which had that psych out moment as a commercial bumper; Does anyone recall Johnny Hart’s B.C. Christmas? What about A Rugrats Chanukah? Oh course Rugrats went all the way and made four specials to cover Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and Eid but I digress here. There was a time when a holiday episode of a series would entwine the holiday, explaining it to the people, while giving some soft sentimentality, a few memorable laughs, and something that could be watched independently from the whole of the series. Getting that into a genre TV show is especially tougher to do. Supernatural got it right last year. Big Bang Theory got it great a few years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something like that on True Blood Christmas, or Burn Notice Chanukah, or possibly a StarGate Universe Kwanza? While it’s too soon to mention The Walking Dead which did have a Christmas comicbook issue it is something to look down the road for in the series. Is it too soon to think of Sanctuary or Shatner My Dad Says? BTW the CSI’s, the NCIS’s, the Law&Orders (Two & A Half Men has had two X-Mas episodes) have all had Christmas episodes just Christmas is just another time of year for business as usual. Always fun to see them enter the scene and the victim is decorated in lights like a tree. The real question is will we see any of these compiled into a DVD set thirty years from now like other vintage holiday classics.

  • fromMarkHall

    House; not they haven’t done one already–I just haven’t watched it in five years. Still, who wouldn’t like to see Dr. Cranky Pants save Santa from some bizarre reindeer feces borne disease, just in time to help the big man deliver anti-biotics to all of Alaska’s sickly Palin children. Throw in a sub-plot about some preggie tween donating her off spring to the hospital and three wise professionals vying for the right to adopt, and you’ve got enough Christmas grist for the cheer mill to last, oh, at least thru New Year.

  • David Riches

    House had a Christmas episode where he didn’t go to the Christmas party and the gal he was flirting with in the Clinic about Donkey Shows turns out to be playing Mary in the Church Christmas pageant at the end of the episode.

  • Drhiphop85

    Why are people always whining about CHristmas episodes? LOL i mean I wouldn’t mind a good one but dark shows have good Christmas episodes that aren’t sarcastic or tongue in cheek. Get over yourselves and the holiday LOL…

  • Skapunkboi19

    I’d love if Supernatural did another christmas episode.