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The Curious, Uncertain Fate of Lie To Me

Tim Roth’s Fox drama Lie To Me won’t be getting a full season order this year but, as everyone involved is going to great lengths to point out, this doesn’t mean that it’s been cancelled.

News broke yesterday that the series wouldn’t be getting a “back nine” order this year (meaning nine more episodes to the initial thirteen episodes already ordered), but Fox are officially saying that any decision about cancellation or renewal won’t be made until next spring. The official reason given for the shorter season is that the show will be surrendering its timeslot to new drama The Chicago Code in February, and didn’t need a full 22 episodes this year – but that still doesn’t seem like a good sign to me.


  • demoncat_4

    usally if a network does not order a full season of a series it means its canceled though given that lie to me came back earlier then originaly sceduled due to lone stars death. can see why fox figures it does not need a full season espicaly since it will be on hiatus for a bit. lie to me fate is in the hands of fox.

  • Barabarabara

    f;uck u I was watching that. Atleast release the episodes on itunes

  • Jjbeauchamp

    stupid bass-tards seriously not again fox. FU on one level and one level only. We LIKED that show…We LOVED that show. BOYCOTT FOX TILL THEY GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!!!! LIE TO ME LIE TO ME LIE TO ME GIVE US LIE TO ME

  • Chucktron23

    That is crap, it is one of the best shows on TV!

  • Kappaca

    they can not cancel this show! i love it too much