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Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Sounds Off On Movie Problems

It only makes sense that the creator of the Merc with a Mouth has a fairly large one himself. Comic book illustrator Rob Liefeld has been using Twitter to lash out against Fox for not prioritizing the Deadpool movie, and now, he’s given a full-fledged interview to clarify some of his criticisms.

“That script is brilliant,” he told MTV Splash Page of the Deadpool film. “It doesn’t need any adjusting, it doesn’t need any vetting, it’s just brilliant. It’s like nothing else that’s out there. Anyone who’s read it knows that this is the comics film we’ve been waiting for. It has all the action, the violence, and the unexpected original set pieces that you haven’t seen but want to see. It has character, it has heart, and it’s laugh-out-loud funny. So you can’t help asking, what’s the holdup here? Is Deadpool not on the priority list? I really do not think they understand what they have here.”

Liefeld had much more to say, including:

It’s not like I don’t live in southern California and have management and agents in this town. It’s not like I don’t hear things around town. If it’s an issue of Fox being cheap, what’s that about? Open up the pocketbooks. Between a smaller budget and a bigger budget, they might want to go bigger budget — history will tell you that. They should spend what they need to get a director and lock down the star. They have Ryan Reynolds and Reese and Wernick, who if you haven’t noticed, are tearing up the town. There’s a reason everybody wants them. Fox has the script that everybody thinks is their best piece of work.

In essence, the man is frustrated that Deadpool isn’t moving along quickly, and it’s not like many of us don’t share that same frustration. But one has to wonder if Liefeld being so vocal against Fox is a good thing, at least for his own sake, and it’s something that Liefeld himself has considered.

It’s like this: If you have a voice and you do nothing with it, then you only have yourself to blame. I go to these conventions and my signature on a “Deadpool” book makes it go up an obscene amount of value, so I’m partially saddled with this situation, too. “Hey Liefeld, when’s ‘Deadpool’ coming out?!” You know how often I’m asked that? But I don’t have a green light on this…

Check out the full interview for much more from Liefeld.


  • demoncat_4

    at least Rob is proving to be loyal and passinate about his creation making the leap to the big screen. but given what fox did with x3. odds are fox is not going to do dead pool the way it should be they if they do do deadpool fox will do it the way they want. though if fox does nothing with deadpool before too long they will see the rights back at Dis marvel and then maybe dead pool will be given the movie love he deserves.

  • Weezyj35

    Hilarious! When in the world did Liefeld become a player that would recognize a good script?? Has anyone read his original Youngblood? His fallout with Image (I know since restored as friends but certainly not as a respected luminary) due to poor book quality/ missed deadlines and questionable habits.

    All I see in this is the desperate whining and marketing attention grab (done just as tastelessly although will probably be far less successful than schlockmeister Mark Millar) of another Hollywood wannabee.

    Demoncat–there is no loyalty there or he’d be putting his OWN money towards producing the flick–if he has any left. It seems to be he’s more interested in making sure he can sign a Deadpool comic and get some extra cash from heading to conventions (god knows it won’t be for comics he’s doing currently).

  • Raskal67

    I know that if I were Liefeld, I’d want to get the rights out of Fox’s hands as soon as possible. Typically that means waiting for the copyright holder to not do anything with it, and Fox probably will make another stink bomb just to keep their rights on the character, but still.

    As completely clueless as they seem on the publishing front, Marvel Studios does know how to make good movies. I’ll take the studio that made Iron Man 1&2 and the Incredible Hulk any day over the people who gave us X3, and the movies for Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    Call me crazy but I’ll go with a chain of successes over a chain of stinkers any day of the week.

  • Cid Phoenix

    Hell, I’d love to see that movie underway as well… If someone ain’t signed off  on it yet, then it could be casting problems. But yeah unless you’re not using Ryan – There ain’t gonna be a Deadpool. N’uff Said – Ryan was BORN to play this role.. And at current I really don’t see anyone capturing the spirit of Deadpool quite like him,..