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Gulliver’s Travels Postponed Three Days

Those waiting to see Jack Black rock out with a miniature Kiss and tell Star Wars jokes to tiny people will have to wait a little longer – Gulliver’s Travels will now set sail three days later than originally planned.

The move of the movie’s release date to December 25th seems like a strange one by 20th Century Fox. Does it mean that they’re convinced that the movie is so good that it’ll do boffo business on Christmas Day? Or that, as the only family movie opening on Christmas Day, Fox expects it to do better business? Or, even, that opening three days later distances it a full eight days from the release of Tron: Legacy, which might otherwise have hurt it at the box office? I suspect a combination of the latter two – and wonder whether even three days will be enough change to give it a chance against Tron



    It looks absolutely terrible. The Ted Danson television miniseries adaptation from a few years ago was brilliant.

  • Brandi

    I am OUTRAGED! My son’s birthday is December 23rd and we have been planning a Pirate Party at the cinema to watch this movie! It is so hard to have a party around Christmas time, but absolutely impossible on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!???? They have had this movie scheduled for the 22nd release since this summer and now this….we will see YOGI BEAR instead! My son is only five but a huge Jack Black fan…NOT AFTER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!