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The Assassination Of Yogi Bear By The Coward Boo Boo Bear

If, like me, you’ve seen the commercials for Warner Bros.’ live-action/CGI Yogi Bear movie and thought there’s no way things can get any more disturbing … then, well, we’re both wrong.

Courtesy of YouTube comes a video labeled as the “Yogi Bear Alternate Ending: Booboo Kills Yogi” that’s either the ballsiest and most unexpected piece of viral marketing to come out of a movie studio, or a masterfully executed bit of haunting parody (purportedly created by the movie’s animators). Whatever the case, it’s a chilling, note-perfect recreation of the key scene from 2007’s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, with Yogi cast as Jesse James and — well, just watch it. It may not remain on YouTube for long.

Update: It turns out the video is a masterfully executed bit of haunting parody, created by Edmund Earle, a 25-year-old animator who has no connection to the movie. Here’s an interview with Earle posted this afternoon on The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog. (Thanks to commenter Mea for the tip!)

Yogi Bear opens on Friday.


  • Mea

    Very telling about the production overall if you ask me.

  • Joe H

    What makes it even more disturbing is it ends with Yogi as a bear-skin rug and then the credits roll with a dance-y pop song as if to say, “Yeah, he’s dead, but let’s dance!”

  • Anonymous

    Dare we hope there are more of these to come? Like the end of The Thing, or Butch Cassidy?

  • Mea

    The creator of the animation speaks.