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Extremist Group Urges Boycott Of Thor Over Casting Of Idris Elba

Idris Elba, with helmet, on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross"

A white supremacist group has joined in a boycott of Thor because the Marvel Studios film cast a black actor as the Norse god Heimdall, the sentry of Asgard.

The Missouri-based Council of Conservative Citizens, labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, writes that Marvel has “[declared] war on Norse mythology” by giving the pantheon “an insulting multi-cultural make-over” in the form of Idris Elba, the English actor known for his roles in The Wire, The Losers and The Office.

“It’s not enough that Marvel attacks conservatives values,” the post states, “now mythological Gods must be re-invented with black skin.” It directs visitors to Boycott Thor, whose subhead reads, “Keep social engineering out of European mythology.” It’s unclear whether the Council of Conservative Citizens is actually involved with the site, or simply subscribes to the ideology.

“It well known that Marvel is a company that advocates for left-wing ideologies and causes,” the boycott site insists. “Marvel front man Stan ‘Lee’ Lieber boasts of being a major financier of left-wing political candidates. Marvel has viciously attacked the TEA Party movement, conservatives, and European heritage. Now they have taken it one further, casting a black man as a Norse deity in their new movie Thor. Marvel has now inserted social engineering into European mythology.”

In an apparent attempt to strengthen its case against Marvel, the site also points to the Black Panther, which it describes as “explicit pro-black and the comics are viciously anti-white.”

So far, 133 people have “liked” Boycott Thor on Facebook. The handful of comments on the site are pretty much what you’d expect, with one person calling Thor “whiteaphobic crap,” and another characterizing Elba’s casting as “Just another way to keep rapping the club over the heads of good white people, everywhere.”

Elba waved off early criticisms, telling TV Times back in April, “Hang about, Thor’s mythical, right? Thor has a hammer that flies to him when he clicks his fingers. That’s OK, but the color of my skin is wrong? I was cast in Thor and I’m cast as a Nordic god. If you know anything about the Nords, they don’t look like me but there you go. I think that’s a sign of the times for the future. I think we will see multi-level casting. I think we will see that, and I think that’s good.”

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  • Randy Watson

    Someone should make a movie about that one time Punisher becomes black.

    But seriously, I don’t like when they change any character so superficially, including Heimdall and Nick Fury. Whitewashing The Last Airbender and Prince of Persia was just as dumb, in my opinion.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    So they didn’t notice a Japanese dude playing Hogun?

    These people aren’t just hatemongers, they’re totally fucking retarded.

  •!/haversam [A]

    It will never ever end. Sadly.

  •!/haversam [A]

    11 people liked this article. Will they join the boycott?

  • Brentg

    Kingpin was black in Daredevil and I thought Michael Clark pulled it off nicely. Nick Fury in the movies is the Ultimate Comic’s version. Deal with it. Geez.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    A friend sent me this link earlier.

    Elba claims that “Thor” is mythical; I wonder, does he feel that way about Jesus, you know that Jewish God that most White people seem to have been conned into worshiping? I am an Asaturar (an Odinist or Heathen for the unenlightened), and I view this as an attack upon my faith and culture. There weren’t any non-Whites in Europe,yet any movie that is European based always seems to “have to have” non-Whites in them. I don’t expect to see a White man in a movie about zulu’s, nor do I expect to see a White man in a movie about Ninjas or the Samurai warlords, yet non-Whites expect to be included in anything that could be based upon something European. Admittedly, it is based on a comic book, BUT the main characters are based upon the ancient Norse religion of Asatru, so I feel that I not only must boycott this film based upon principle, I feel it is a slight against my heritage and culture to have a Norse god portrayed by some skraeling.

  • Batman_the_greater

    Well you can get over it. No ones attacking your faith, or your culture…it’s a movie. You feel slighted in any way you can not watch the movie. its a pretty simple solution to an obviously retarded problem.

  • Stephen Fong

    OK, how much overlap do you think there are between people who are upset at a black guy getting cast as a Norse God, and people who are upset that a black guy got elected president of the US? Note how they equate attacking the Tea Party with attacking the “European heritage” (though the idea that Marvel has done any of these things is laughable).

    “Keep social engineering out of European mythology” isn’t a real winner of a slogan. It’s about as compelling as “Keep Leprechauns out of Greek Mythology.” Maybe they’d have more luck with “Keep racist jerks off the internet.”

  • Turtletrekker

    “Maybe they’d have more luck with ‘Keep racist jerks off the internet.'”

    And we have a winner!

  • Cougartrace

    They are absolutely right. The last thing we need are more criminal thugs like this Iris Tobago character in movies. Long live Dc!

  • demoncat_4

    omg . a hate group is upset because Marvel decided just like what they did with kingpin and nick fury decided skin color does not matter if the actor proved right for the part. plus they think black panther is part of some anti white agenda. thor is fiction this group of racists need to get a brain and face fact for even in fiction skin color does not matter. and that includes mystical characters like thor.

  • kalorama

    The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse said: “I don’t expect to see a White man in a movie about zulu’s, nor do I expect to see a White man in a movie about Ninjas or the Samurai warlords”

    And yet, in fact, it’s fairly common for movies about Zulus, Ninjas, and Samurai to have white people in them. Not only to have white people in them, but to have the white people be the central characters.

    Funny how that works, huh?

  • Joe H

    The funniest thing about that guy’s post was “Elba claims that “Thor” is mythical; I wonder, does he feel that way about Jesus, you know that Jewish God that most White people seem to have been conned into worshiping?” I just about fell out of my seat laughing at that.

  • Avwilson25

    I mean it is a fair point. And while i don’t mind it too much they are taking the right route to voice their displeasure.

    But the most awesome part is that Heimdall is sometimes known as the white god or the whitest, lol

  • Palmer

    I wonder if they know that Heimdall was black in a recent issue of Thor: The Mighty Avenger where he also totally turned into Fing Fang Foom, which is awesome all on it’s own.

  • Panel2panel

    Somebody should miscast Jesus as a white guy.

    That would really mess them up.

  • Jake W

    I am shocked that no one has bothered to point out that Marvel’s Thor is nothing like the Thor in Norse mythology in the first place.

  • Manuel Moreira

    This is ridiculous. If I’m not mistaken, in northern mythology, Odin, Vili and Ve (Odin’s brothers) were the creators of the Earth and everything in it.

    That includes life. Life of plants, animals and… people!

    I believe that would include all the different kinds of people around world: white people, black people, yellow people, red people, green people (in some cases) and whatever-color-you-might-be people.

    I mean, as far as the believers of this mythology/religion were concerned, their gods were gods of everything and everyone.

    So, explain again, why couldn’t these gods have different skin colors?

  • Davidkevin

    Speaking as a non-Norse Neo-Pagan who’s been reading Marvel comics for half a century, nothing in that half-century has given the Norse Gods publicity, popularity, or possibly even religious revival like Marvel’s Thor comics. You’re biting the hand that feeds you, and taking offense at this movie is one of the more pretentious and stupid things you could do *against* your religion.

  • Davidkevin

    Idris Elba is in the Showtime series THE BIG C, and is excellent in it. He’ll be a great Heimdall, and who the Hel cares what white supremacists think anyway?

    What really annoys me personally is that I know who the head of the group is — he lives in St. Louis less than three miles from my house; I could walk from mine to his in an hour and a quarter. He isn’t even a fake Odinist, he claims to be a Christian. He doesn’t care about who plays a Norse God, he’s just a melanin-bigot.

  • Anonymous

    ‎*sigh* Its a movie, people. Based on a comic book. Its about as true to Norse Culture as Sailor Moon is to the star system. Stop trying to mask your obvious biases, it makes rational people get headaches

  • Jbcourtar

    Thor may be based on Norse mythology, but it’s not the same thing an exact recreation of said mythology. Furthermore these “Asgardians” are nothing more than people from another dimension whose technology surpasses ours, thus appearing to have magical properties.

  • Sartrus

    Last Airbender recasts characters to be white: Outrage! Disrespecting the source!
    Thor recasts characters to be black: Get over it racists!

  • Crash Fistfight

    “Keep social engineering out of European mythology.”
    how about letting europeans decide about that? there’s two europeans in that discussion: kenneth branagh and idris elba. the rest is just a bunch of inbred nazis.
    “But the most awesome part is that Heimdall is sometimes known as the white god or the whitest, lol ” – I guess that’s not about his skin tone, but him beaming with light or something like that.

    and once and for all: marvel movie continuity is NOT 616 continuity!

  • Dartfin

    Hahaha, I take it no one informed them that the ‘gods’ in the Marvel universe are just aliens that were worshipped AS gods and therefore took on the roles? Or that in Universe X it’s pretty much stated that they really only have power because they’ve believed themselves to be gods for so long and that they can change at will if it’s revealed to them (or they go crazy…)
    Or how about the fact that both Thor and Loki have been women at various points. Hell, Thor was even a frog.
    These characters aren’t the mythological beings from ancient stories but characters with wholly distinct origins and therefore are trademark and copyrightable. Sheesh, what a bunch of douches. People need to do their research before opening their ignorant mouths.
    And anyone who tries that ‘what if Black Panther were white’ crap are missing the point, as, given Thor’s MARVEL origins, he’s not a Norse God and therefore they don’t need to resemble the people who created them, BP’s origin and race are tied to each other as are most other minority characters. Peter Parker and Nick Fury can be other races, whereas historically Captain America can only be white given the time period; though it does make sense that the prototype Cap would be black since at the time they would never test a serum on a white man.

  • GeorgeM

    No one wants to mess with Sam Jackson.

  • GeorgeM

    Yeah… the irony isn’t lost to me. I wonder if the director thought the same thing as well.

  • Anonymous

    Correction: Thor recast A character to be black. Every other character in the movie is not, its not biased for a writer/director to tell a story in a way he or she thinks is interesting. Further its not biased because the principle actors with the exception of this one casting choice are all white. In the case of Air Bender, all the heroic leads in a movie about eastern culture were…not of eastern cultures. In Thor, a comic book movie about modified Norse mythology, one character is not white. Its not even comparable.

  • GeorgeM

    A blonde, light skinned white guy.

  • Dartfin

    The major difference here is that with Thor in both the movies and the comics, the characters aren’t truly gods, and thusly can be any shade. Indeed even in true mythology the gods themselves frequently shape-shift. Zeus raped a woman as a bull and a goose on separate occasions (how you get raped by a goose…I’ve no idea).

    In the case of Avatar it was a clear case of white-washing with official casting actively seeking people to show their cultural heritage as extras while leaving the principle protagonists as whites-I don’t know about you, but three white people among a group of Inuits is just jarring-and the principle villains as Middle Eastern Asians, our current go-to for terrorists and villains ala The Russians 20-30 years ago.
    Add to that the fact that the series is derived from and steeped HEAVILY in Asian mythology and culture and you can see why the outrage is justified. It’s taking a property, which has it’s cultural origins tied to it’s identity and flipping it. MARVEL’s Thor is not the Norse god of myth but an alien, and therefore allows the characters to appear in any manner they choose.

  • Khiaao


  • Matchesmalone

    I dont get it.. Why does it always have to boil to Racism? Why can’t it simply be the fact of being faithful to the comics? Keeping the characters the way they are in the book is NOT that big of a deal, Nick Fury is black in Ultimates so he’s black in the movie, perfect. Heimdall is white in the book and I dont see why he was cast as a black actor. I wonder if the people saying stuff like “he was just picked because he was the best for the part” would be saying the same thing if Luke Cage was being played by HHH or Black Panther by Ray Park. Not everything is racist and this hate group using this as an excuse to spew their disgusting agenda only makes it worse.

  • Kuczynskik7

    Using a word like “retarded” to describe racists makes you sound offensive as well. I know where you’re coming from but it would be best to reconsider your words.

  • Kuczynskik7

    How come no one complained Jarvis was recast as a computer? That’s something us humans should actually be worried about.

  • Eightiesologist

    Based on your rationale, the characters then shouldn’t just be from Europe….they should be specifically of Norwegian descent. And yet most of the actors in the movie are very clearly of modern English and America (and probably Australian) descent. It’s just a lot easier to hide racism under the guise of authenticity, i guess.

  • Mike Hall

    While on the surface it is an odd casting choice, everyone needs to remember that this is a fictional universe. Who’s to say how everything should be in the Marvel Universe except for the people at Marvel. Personally I find the concept intriguing and wonder if it will be commented on in the film itself or just left alone like it’s always been that way. Remember Marvel isn’t rewriting our world’s history just their own, so sit back and hopefully enjoy the movie.

  • Greggn1

    I’d just like to reiterate that a group of Americans think that they’re defending the White race by complaining that a British director has cast a British actor as an Asgardian (not a Norwegian) in a movie based on Comics created by two Jewish guys from New York.

    Oh white people…

  • Eightiesologist

    I don’t know what’s worse….this hate group, the people who like this hate group, or the people that will comment here and still complain that a black actor was cast. Drama has always taken liberties with casting out of race and gender (Peter Pan anyone?) and they picked an incredibly talented actor who’s done more critically acclaimed material than half of the white people in the cast.

    Regardless of that, anyone who wants to be truly authentic to the part would demand that all the actors be of Nordic descent. The cast hails almost entirely from Britain and America and very clearly looks and talks as such. Nobody criticizes that but then turns around and cuts everything down as black and white. If you want to make an argument that everything in this world boils down to either white people or black people, than you are incredibly ignorant. Each “color” derives from vastly different societies and cultures (Jamaicans, Cubans, Irish, Nordic, etc.) So if your complaint is authenticity, go the whole 9 yards….complain that an Englishman is playing Odin and an American is playing Sif. But don’t sit here and only complain about that an African-American is playing Heimdall.

  • mdk

    Geez these right-wing hillbillies will get their drawers in a bunch over anything, won’t they? Okay. Here’s the deal. Thor is the movie version of the Marvel Comics version of Norse mythology, not the movie version of the actual Norse religion. Let’s just say the Marvel Norse gods are extradimensional beings who the Norse once met and began to worship as gods or they’re extradimensional beings who once came to Earth in the guise of the Norse gods. Whatever. And by the way, in the comics, even way back in the Lee/Kirby days, Hogun ALWAYS looked like an Asian guy.

  • pluto

    And so far they don´t know that jew actress from Israel, Natalie Portman is playing Jane Foster, Thor s love interest!
    It will be Ragnarok on earth !

  • Ricardo

    You nailed it. Fury and the Kingpin didn’t bother me. Nothing in the characters say explicitly that they are white. So, whatever. A norse god on the other hand… Not that it will make me enjoy the movie any less. It’s just a little weird.

    Again, imagine the outrage if Rhodey was played by Kiefer Sutherland in Iron Man? The cries of “racism” would be heard all over the internet.

  • CaseyJustice

    To be fair, the Nick Fury in the movies is based on Ultimate Nick Fury, who is, indeed, black.

  • CaseyJustice

    Yup, and I thought all the ire thrown at Airbender was ridiculous, too. I mean, c’mon folks! There’s plenty of other things to be mad at that movie over than the casting!

  • Eanja123

    Oddly enough, very few white people get upset when Jesus and all the people connected with him are portrayed by pale-skinned, blue-eyed Europeans despite the fact that they were living in the middle east 2000 years and pretty absolutely would have had brown skin and black hair. Portraying religious figures in a way that matches the culture you are portraying them too is standard practice, and this is just the same thing. It seems bizarre to me that you apparently have no problem having your religious figures portrayed as comic book action movie characters, but are fussed about the skin color of the actor.
    That strongly suggests that your protests are a lot more racist than religiously based.

  • CaseyJustice

    Man, see, this is what I don’t get: So Odinism, or the Norse Gods, or whatever were WORSHIPED by Nordic folks… what in the world does that have to do with the ethnicity of the gods themselves? Are they implying that the god they worship were born in their province? If they’re gods, wouldn’t they have racial origins that we can’t even conceive of?

    Just spent a little too much time on the “Boycott Thor” facebook page and now I’m all mad. I’ma go watch Jon Stewart.



  • BRIchman

    they are gods… they can be any skin color they want <— thats the only response they should receive

  • Cornelius McGee

    Blood Diamond has Leonardo DiCaprio as the central character despite being pit in the middle of Africa. Everyone of African descent was a background character or made to be in a subservient role, with him ultimately being somewhat of a ‘savior’.

    The Last Samurai – Tom Cruise.

    The Mexican – Brad Pitt.

    Othello – Lawrence Olivier in blackface. I don’t think I need to go on. I clicked their website and their entire group disgusts me. And to think in this day and age that these people still exist on this earth.

  • Bizzare_ninjette

    I feel you are potraying the Asatru in a bad light, and making them out to be as closed minded as the above rascists. As my husband is a member of this religion and has no objections due to the fact the movie is not based off actual norse sources such as the Edda but on a fictionalized version. I have to wonder what your motivations truly are for the objection.

  • StevenW

    “There weren’t any non-Whites in Europe”
    Well, I guess no one told the Jews, the Romany, the Hungarians, the Spanish Moors, the Spanish Carthaginians, the Spanish Phonecians…

  • Synnerman

    Actually, it IS faithful to the comics. When JMS rebooted Thor, the gods had human hosts, Hemidal’s host was black and when he regained his godly form he kept some aspects of his host.

  • Spider checks his sources

    Hogun has been Asian forever in the comic, though…

  • Shwa

    I’m a California Liberal (and proud of it), and I love Idris Elba, but I have to say I never liked the casting choice either. You can play with the race of Nick Fury or The Kingpin, but the Norse Gods? It’s not about some attack on race, it just takes you out of the movie. The moment you see him, you’re thinking, “That’s the tannest Norwegian I’ve ever seen.” As a result, you can’t immerse yourself in the story.

    I do find it curious though that they’re outraged about a white character becoming black, but not a word about one becoming Asian.

  • Evil_s2003

    The movie looks horrible anyway.
    But I have to admit, I’ve been tired of this whole ‘change the race of a character to make it more politically correct’ crap for a while. I’m also tired of the ‘argument’ against that being ‘there is nothing that says he has to be white’ other than every appearance in the comics ever…

    I’m not happy with these changes and wish they would stop because there is no valid reason for it.
    Having said that, this little group here is coming at this from an entirely different, and very wrong, point of view. They obviously have never read comics and aren’t interested in them. They are focused on the racial change of a long running character in a very bad movie. That’s all. So, since they obviously have no dog in the fight, so to speak, they should be passed off as little boys carrying big sticks.

    I’m not going to see it, it looks like crap and I have no interest in it.

  • Ken

    Really Norse? So much of Thor in the comics bears little resembelence to the Mythology. Were you offended that Thor was portrayed as a bug eyed-alien in Stargate?

    You’re nothing but a bigot trying validate your xenophobia. I’m betting that you and your white sheet wearing buddies won’t be missed at the box office.

    Actually, because you are boycotting this, I’m going to go see it like 10 times just to piss you off. I’ll be glad to not have you and your hand-wrining ilk in the theater looking for traitors to the “Norse.”

  • Anonymous

    ssshhh don’t tell them the truth, it’ll break their little hearts

  • Bill Reed

    Then why does everyone draw him as a white guy?

  • Bill Reed

    To be fair, I think casting a black guy as Heimdall would surely be the least offensive thing in a movie based on a comic about sci-fi space gods who become superheroes.

  • Bill Reed

    Donald Glover for Spider-Man!

    …wait, what’s this article about again?

  • BradRzanka

    As mentioned above, the “Council of Conservative Citizens” has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Despite their mild, fairly mainstream name, they are a white nationalist/separatist (advocating segregation/apartheid) group about on par with the UK’s National Front.

    Just FYI, whether you agree with the casting or not, if you throw in your lot with the ‘Council’ and join their organzied boycott, you’re giving your support to, and associating your name with, a group that’s indistinguishable from the KKK and the Aryan Nations in their basic ideology.

  • SplintChesthair

    On the other hand, Heimdall isn’t a Norwegian because Asgard isn’t in Norway, so his skin color is pretty much up for grabs.

  • Nickoy

    As a black person who has collected comics avidly for most of my life, I have to say its sad that people like this ‘Council of Conservative Citizens’ are still allowed to have a voice in the modern world. These people are esentially Nazis. In respect to boycotting a film due to a black person being cast…there are no words to describe the stupidity of this. While based on norse mythology, Thor is essentially an american superhero. The asgardians are in a way a group of american superheroes. what do these superheroes do? They defend America. And black people are a part of that, whether or not this group of Ku Kluk Khan wannabe’s want to accept it or not.

    ( i just read the article again and saw the comment on Black Panther comics….all i have to say is that if the stories seem anti-white…and im not actually going to concede that…I think that is perfectly justified based on the multitude of atrocities inflicted on Africans by white ‘europeans’ in Africa. Anyone with a fuctioning brain can see that.)

  • Cougartrace

    Liberals eat babies.

    I’m CougarTrace, and I approve this message.

  • Roach

    Hell, Ultimate Nick Fury was pretty much based on Samuel L. Jackson, specifically.

  • Lucasburch93

    No it does not, they are being retarded over a change in character based on ethnicity. Get your head on straight.

  • Anon.

    Liberals *Phew* disgusting lot you are. Ad Hominem attacks are the total basis for your arguments. Want to discuss something? Why not discuss Alex Haley’s “Roots” and his plagiarism trial?


    Are you serious? These people are a prime example of what we need to PROGRESS from. This man is a human being no different than you or I, he bleeds, he loves, he cries….if any sort of god/gods actually exsisted they would be disgusted by the way these racist swines treat thier fellow man. DavidKevin I have no idea how you dont just walk over to this leader guys house and beat him within an inch of his life with your bare fists. These inbred trailor trash nixon lovers need to be taken care of as to stop polluting the minds of our next generation with ideas of hate and war.

  • its-2010-not-1015

    Fool….you realise that any/all religion are moral codes not truth..To view this an attack on OUR heritage is to agree with a “principle” that should have LONG been considerd void. My only advice for someone as oblivious to the “real” world as you are would be to view these fables as what they are…fables, tales for children, men and women of all ages/races and capabilities…not just “the Norse” not that ANYBODY within todays society could actually BE a true norsemen.

  • Ryan Felts

    Then you are an f-ing idiot.

  • Huskytass

    im Norwegian and for me this is a big insult!! and to tell you who wrote this, this is how you make racists!! i have friends of all countrys, culture and belives, and i dont meen just facebook. and all of them say the same: they wouldent dare mess with our culture or belives!! but since im white, automaticly im a raceist since i defend my culture and ancestors. i have been threaten in so many ways just because i speak up and say that this is NOT RIGHT!! as long as i know the truth, i couldent care less what other people think of me. i have thrown away every marvel and disney movie i had, i will not see this movie, and i will keep telling what they do to my culture. for the first time in my life, i feel hate. and i dont like that at all.

  • Mighty-yggdrasil

    If you want to get down to the nitty gritty you typing that message on your computer is “against” our heritage AND culture (especially culture) so you can quite covering up your obvious racism with BS.

  • Huskytass

    i saw him, and its wrong!

  • Sistahjustice

    the word retarded just means slow. in this case it fits.

  • Sane Comic Book Reader

    The Council of Conservative Citizens do realize that Marvel’s Thor is a MOVIE, based on a COMIC BOOK, operating in a FICTIONAL UNIVERSE, right?

    They do realize that this is NOT REAL, right? That Marvels’ Thor NEVER EXISTED on our planet or dimensions. That the adventures that Marvel’s Thor did in his comic book are made up stories by comic book writers and artist.

    They do know that opening up a comic book and reading the story is for pure entertainment and not meant to be take literally, right? That they are reading the Gospel According to Stan Lee or Jack Kirby.

    Anyone who believes that Marvel did wrong by casting a Black Heimdall need to go stand in the “crazy line” right next to the women who believe their soap opera stars are actually the characters they play on tv and not the actors hired to do a job.

    This boycott is really a joke; its not because of a Black Norse Deity; its because he is Black. I wish the Council of Conservative Citizens would be honest with themselves and just come out of the closet. You guys are racist, so just come out and admit it and be proud of the bigot you are.

    So lets recap: Marvel’s Thor is a Movie, based on a comic book of a fictional universe. It has nothing to do with the Norse mythology of our earth or dimension. People bent out of shape of a fictional universe’s deity skin color are either crazy delusional or racist bigots.

  • WBaby


    SO, well said. Nothing more sad than listening to a group of silly people attempt to be serious. All of the posts here saying, “I see their point” just remind me of the fools that are against Obama because of deficits but are nowhere to be found when Bush creates it or McConnell and Boehner attempt to slide through a $900B addition to our debt for taxes for the rich. Let’s not forget that this controversy didn’t exist for LOTR from black people nor from these same white people with Daredevil and ofcourse they most likely do not read comics at all.

    I’m sure though that Glen Beck, Fox and Rush will atleast mention this in their continuing attempts to drive a wedge through America while they get richer and their supporters (these fools who protest) get poorer.

    Oh white people indeed….

  • Wbaby

    Actually–let me set the record straight for those people who seem incapable of reality.

    Evil–you seem like a nice guy –but you do understand that Marvel (now DISNEY) are out to MAKE MONEY?

    Does everyone get this point?

    See–making money is why we are getting this silly movie in the 1st place. They think it just might. I agree with you–it looks like DOO DOO to me–it and Green Lantern are just embarrassing.

    That said, as we have learned from our economic crises (some of us that is…Tea Party not so much)–rich people, corporations–DO NOT CARE WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE A BUCK. They will cast a hot young woman in the roll of a grandma, Tom Cruise in the role of a giant and Jack Black in roles designed for people who are not annoying.

    OFCOURSE THEY WILL CAST A BLACK ACTOR IN A MOVIE FULL OF WHITE FOLKS! They want to get blacks in the theatre. They want to get asians into theatres–hence we get Hogun. They want to get guys who like flat chested girls–so they cast Natalie Portman–and they want to get Tea Party racists who are ignorant–so they cast a beefy Australian guy to play a norse god.

    See how it works people? They do not care about Norse fans, comicbook fans or race fans–they care about the green.

    Only a fool argues these points as if the movie industry cares.

  • Wbaby

    Trying real hard to get noticed aren’t you little Adolf?

  • Benjamin Bailey

    Comics have been doing this for years! I mean, Black Lightning? Lightning is white, not black! Nice try DC, you liberal hippies.

  • Ander

    Kinda mixed feelings about this one but it seems like there has been uproars in the past when actors portray ethnicities that aren’t their own (the black face thing and whatnot) but since this is a black player playing a white ethnicity, it is OK?
    *shrug* Like I said, mixed feelings but since comics are a visual medium perhaps more than a literary one it does come across as jarring when someone isn’t shown in the film as they were in the books. As long as the actor doesn’t mug it up and plays the role seriously it really only seems like a side issue though. Kinda a bit of a shame that everything has to be ‘multiculturalized’ even when it is from a specific (well, only European really) culture. You don’t really see this happen in cultures not European. Conversely though, you do see the remakes happen (The Grudge, the original Godzilla, etc) that do mess with that a bit. Objections are taken seriously (without accusations of racism, whatnot) when talking about those though.

  • darkmike333

    I think the movie looks great but I agree with you when you say

    “I’ve been tired of this whole ‘change the race of a character to make it more politically correct’ crap for a while. I’m also tired of the ‘argument’ against that being ‘there is nothing that says he has to be white’ other than every appearance in the comics ever”

    I am not familiar with the actor and have nothing against his skin color. I only have a problem with how I know he’s been drawn as a large , bearded white man in the comics for years. But then I see that JMS rebooted him as a God with a human host that was black and when he took back his Godhood , he kept some black qualities. If so , that’s fine , too. But if it’s a case of “Let’s cast hot actor Will Smith in The Wild , Wild West” then that is lame. And I love Will Smith.

  • Crash Fistfight

    since you hate liberals i guess you must be a conservative christian. in ancient rome (or not so ancient in the timeline of the roman empire) christians were said to be eating babies. hence you are a bigot

  • Richard

    I see that these white supremacists are also attacking the Black Panther:

    “The Black Panther character is explicit pro-black and the comics are viciously anti-white.”

    Not very surprisingly, these people are birthers too.

  • Y_the_lastman

    Being racist basically is a mental retardation, as it completly illogical and fucked up in the head.

  • Y_the_lastman

    A. this a based off the Thor Comic, written by 2 JEWISH men in New YORK, AMERICA. Based on the Nordic MYTH of Asgardian Gods. Also by that example, you would want everyone in this movie to be white.

  • Rushxmrsharky

    And yet your punk ass had no problem with asians and middle-easterners whining about racebending in Prince of Persia and The Last Airbender. Why didn’t you call them retarded and fucked in the head? Let me guess… because it wasn’t politically correct to do so.

  • Rushxmrsharky

    And yet your punk ass had no problem with asians and middle-easterners whining about racebending in Prince of Persia and The Last Airbender. Why didn’t you call them retarded and fucked in the head? Let me guess… because it wasn’t politically correct to do so.

  • Rushxmrsharky

    Then why did asian groups whine about a white actor being cast in The Last Airbender?

  • rushxmrsharky

    And yet, you and your ilk whined heavily about those movies and the white actors being cast in the lead roles.

  • rushxmrsharky

    Your fellow politically correct morons whined VERY heavily about Tom Cruise’s role in The Last Samurai. You probably did as well.

  • Salad

    I’m not an expert on the portrayals of Jesus in modern cinema as I’ve only seen The Passion of the Christ. Can someone tell me where Jesus has ever been depicted as a blonde, light skinned white guy? I keep reading this claim but I’ve yet to see the evidence.

    Not blond. Any others?

  • rushxmrsharky

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-white hate group. They let Fat Al Sharpton and other racist blacks get away with blatantly prejudiced black-supremacist lobby groups like the NAACP, but they deem any group which wishes to defend white people and their political interests as a “hate group.”

  • J.R. LeMar

    I’m offended that they cast a blond man to play Thor. The REAL Thor is a redhead!

  • demoncat_4

    because the last air breeder characters are of asian decent and the studio did not figure they could find an asian actor for the role .

  • reabeizzof

    In old Norse mythology, Heimdall was said to have fathered a child named “Thrall”. If you research the origins of the word “Thrall” in Scandinavian culture it is synonymous with “slave”. There is an old viking poem about Thrall called “The Lay of Rig”. In it, “Thrall” was described as being “a swarthy boy”… meaning of dark skin.

    While it was never mentioned that Heimdall possessed dark skin, having a dark-skinned offspring isn’t necessarily that big of a leap. Just some food for thought.

  • Kev Tomes

    They did. It’s called “Man on Fire.” check it out.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    of whether or not there are people of other ethnic groups in the movie, it is specifically the fact that they gave the part of Heimdall who is specifically called “the White God” in the Edda’s and gave it to a non-White actor.

    Someone mentioned Whites in movies about Zulu’s; so, you don’t think Black people would be offended if a WHite actor was cast as Shaka Zulu? – I have no problem with people of other heritages being in this movie, that isn’t the issue at all.

    How about Rutger Hauer playing Martin Luther King? Do you think that Black people would be happy about that? Why not?
    Most people don’t even recognize that the “Jesus” that has been sold to them by the Catholic Church is the image of Odin; the Catholic Church had to use Odin’s image to attract the European pagans into their church system.
    Jesus wasn’t a European, he was from the Middle East. so I would not expect him to look like a European.
    Jews did indeed eventually move among the Europeans, but that was not until much later.
    And all of the Northern Europeans worshiped the same Gods under different titles (As an example, Odin was known under the names “Odin/Oden/Woden/Wotan”)
    As I said this isn’t about people of other heritages being in the movie, it is specifically about the roles that they are taking as Norse Gods.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    Is your husband a Traditionalist, or a Universalist?
    It sounds to me like he is a Universalist.
    Those of us who are Traditionalists tend to believe that we are literally descended from the Norse Gods, just as some of the Japanese beliefs are based on the idea that they are descended from their Gods. Universalists tend to view the Norse gods, not as real entities, but as Archetypes. So, if your husband does not believe that Odin is a real entity, then his faith is as far from mine as Christianity is.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    Of course I wouldn’t be offended – Jesus is not one of my Gods! They can portray him as being blue with four arms, a unicycle instead of legs, and a chrome stalk of celery growing out of his head as far as I am concerned.

    Actually, I do have some issues with my religious figures being portrayed as comic book characters, but I feel that at least then can portray them in a manner that represents who they are ethnically. You see, my faith is based on the belief that the European Folk (or family, if you will) is literally descended from our Gods.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    t wasn’t just the Norwegian implies the Country Norway, while all of the Northern Europeans are called “Norse” – Norse means “North”. Most European Americans are of a Germanic or “Norse” descent in some form. Angles, Saxons (i.e., those of an English heritage, which would cover most people of Australian descent), etc are all various Norse or Germanic tribes.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    You seem to think that these people were openly embraced. There is a term for them, “Skraelings”, and it means essentially the same thing as a foreigner.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    Yes, I was offended that the Norse Gods were portrayed as “Grays” in the Stargate series, but I did not learn about that until much later – as neither I, nor any of my peers, watched the series. I don’t watch syndicated television, but I do watch DVD’s.

    That’s okay , if you wish to see it, go see it, it obviously doesn’t offend you.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    You consider it a MYTH, while I do not.

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    No, it does not include people of other races. They were created by their own Gods.
    One of the things that most people do unot understand is this; the Western world began worshiping an Abrahamic faith(i.e., Jewish based). The Jews of antiquity were henotheistic, meaning they believed in numerous Gods, but worshiped one – YHVH. Their faith is based on the idea that only the Jews descend from Adam and Eve, all non-Jews were created by “other Gods” outside of the Garden. These people that existed outside of the Garden are the people that Cain was afraid would find and kill him.
    Christianity fully embraced the monothestic idea that all men were created by one God. Heathens reject that idea, we are polytheistic. Why would somebody wish to worship a deity outside of their own culture, where they would have no ties to that faith?

  • The_Norse_are_for_The_Norse

    That very well may be true; I on the other hand am most definitely a real “Odinist” – I left Christianity 8 years ago. I saw nothing but hypocrisy in it, while in Odinism, I saw a faith of Strength & Honor where people really did attempt to live by their word.

  • Ken

    I didn’t call anyone “retarded” or “fucked in the head.” Why didn’t I call anyone out on those movies? Because both of those movies looked like crap and I never heard of the controversy. Personally, as long as the actor is good, I don’t care about who is cast in a role. If that means I’m PC, so be it. Idris Elba is a fantastic actor. This isn’t a hostorical piece, it’s an action film with fantasy and sci-fi elements. And thankfully, two great Jews from New York made Thor popular enough to make it to the big screen in the first place.

    Now Rush, how did you know my ass was punk? Have you been peeking?

  • Jrau18

    I actually liked that. I thought it was a neat twist and would explain how Tony was able to operate the advanced functions of the suit. And later to explain why he doesn’t die when the mansion is destroyed.

  • Jrau18

    You kinda missed the point. He wasn’t talking about your beliefs, but Norse Mythology. No one is talking about the Hebrew religion(s).

  • Jrau18

    Because they were different nationalities for a reason. It was to show how the Avatar united the different nations.

  • Ulrike

    it’s a Nordic/Norse faith. They are Nordic gods. I don’t know where you get the idea to toss in Spanish Moors who came from North Africa,the jews who migrated from the Middle East ( and had a different Religion) – for “good measure”? Just to throw in something?
    Read a little. Nobody is attacking anyone here. it’s about authenticity, and teahcing children ( of all ages,lol!) about ancient ways. There is no need to add anything that wasn’t part of history. There doesn’t HAVE to be a black fellow in everything.It’s OK not to. Relax.

  • Ulrike

    It’s just another way to dumb up ( or down,lol) the masses.Why did they choose a black actor to portray Thor? That’s idiotic. IF everyone KNEW the Norse history, the myths, the gods, the stories and legends, and everyone KNEW that it is an incorrect portrayal, it wouldn’t matter. But, to misinform and give a false sense of knowledge to people is what bothers me ( maybe not YOU,but that’s OK). That’s like the misspelling of names like “Madea” , “Madusa” etc… people have so little knowledge already, why make it worse by familiarizing them with incorrect information,I don’t get it.Why not tell stories as they were, spell the names like they were originally spelled – for accurate information’s sake. How can you trace things back to their origin if you misspell them to the point where it’s not decipherable as to have been Greek or Latin or Teutonic etc… ” the b be silent”…ack…No wonder people can’t find Paris on a map. Yeah, and, of course, this was all a racist rant.

  • Ken

    Wow, you must have some really thin skin about your personal faith. That’s a shame. No Pagans I know would never get upset by something like this.

  • Odin’s Beard

    Kouncil of Koncervative Kitizens?
    They must be happy that 1940s Cap will be anti-Hydra and not Anti-Nazi (can’t have that!).
    The Marvel Asgardians, who are not exactly the Aesir of Legend nor Sci-fi aliens, as others state here, do not condone nor practice human sacrifice, the “blood eagle” rib torture/desecration, etc., etc. Besides, didn’t Snorri Sturlson make a case for the Norse gods having analogs in the Trojan War, you know, in Asia Minor?
    I like the fact that a man of color oversees the “Rainbow bridge.”
    Get over yourselves and climb out of your caves.

    As for the Black Panther, go back to Jungle Action and you’ll see T’challa’s greatest threats fro the most part came from other Africans.

  • blondie

    holy cow, really? Jeffrey Hunter, King of Kings, for one. About a gazillion Western European paintings and drawings.

  • Odin’s beard

    oh, andthe reason you don’t see it in “modern cinema” is that people “saw the light.”

  • Odin’s beard

    In a related note, the roles of Huginn and Muninn were turned down by Heckle and Jeckle, citing age related health issues.

  • IJustGottaSay

    WBaby is on the money (literally and figuratively).
    This is the only comment that makes any sense on this board. It is about money, dinero, moneda, pounds, euros, dinars, etc etc. Marvel is scrambling after a so-so response at Comicon to get butts in seats for Thor next summer. They want another Iron Man. They want as many people as possible coming to this flick and will do ANYTHING to get them to pay out that dough. Numerically there are more blacks than right wingers or racists or norse-for-norsers. Black boys in the coveted 16-25 yrs old group flock to these comicbooky films. Marvel wants to make sure that they are getting that ticket purchased, not some other flick. Idris is a hail mary to that target market that more than likely has no interest in an over-blown effects heavy popcorn flick with a bunch of blondies running around throwing boomerang hammers. Why get so wrapped up in what is an obvious marketing ploy?

  • Darth_jarrod

    white people regularly portray egyptians as white/middle eastern. very funny, considering egypt was ruled for 10 dynasties from nubia, and full of dark skinned africans. so if ONE nordic god is portrayed as black, get the fuck over it. no amount of complaining has made white people change their perceptions of how egyptians looked like. ironically, these same white people have made a black god where there are no black people. strange indeed

  • rushxmrsharky

    DNA testing has revealed that many pharoas were white. With red hair, even.

  • Kolabear

    I am not a comic book aficionado but when I saw Idris Elba in the “Thor” coming attraction I thought “Great!”. Who is Chris Helmsworth? Mr. Elba can act. Watch the series “Luther” on BBC America.

  • Scott Smith

    OH NOs! People of more than one color living and working together, what ever will we do?
    We should build an Island for black people, and island for white people, shoot the Asians in to space on a rocket, make the Jews live in a system of tunnels and put all the Mexicans on airplanes that are never allowed to land. That way, all our races and cultures can stay separate, the way the CCC and god intended. Who wants a ‘melting pot’ anyway.

  • Bizzare_ninjette

    I do apologize for the condescending nature of my previous comment. Actually he is a traditionalist, but for my above reasoning decided not to take offense. I do understand that when any facet of your religion is portrayed in pop culture it is hard to draw a line about where to be offended, and where to let it go on the basis of being “fictionalized”.

  • Drfunkphd

    Did you miss the “Persia” part of that title? Seriously. It’s right in the damn name. That’s why it’s a big deal. You don’t cast a white guy for a part that doesn’t exist unless it’s Persian.
    These are gods. They’re not human. They can be whatever they feel like. And why is no one getting pissed about Hogun? Hell, he doesn’t even exist in legit Norse myth, if people want to talk about “social engineering” (whatever that is. Is that an actual thing?) then Hogun should be included in their hate. As is, they’re betraying their own biases by targetting the black character specifically.
    And since when do psychotic neo-cons care about any religion other than Christianity anyways? Don’t they have some book burnings to attend?

  • Drfunkphd

    I hate to say this, but they probably didn’t touch Clark because it was a villain. Turning an organized crime lord from white to black is probably an improvement to these people.

  • Odin’s beard

    Check your sources- as is perhaps not so well known as one would hope, most latter Egyptian Pharaohs were Greek (Ptolemaic) post 331 BCE (after Alexander the Great’s conquest) and that might account for those traits. Doubtful that early Dynastic Pharaohs were white. But, even so, red hair is a recessive gene and appears all over the human genome.

  • Odin’s beard

    So cynical. Lord of the Rings made a sh*tload of money and nary a black or brown face to be seen, except for the Uruk-hai (problematic enough) and the pseudo Arabian Mahud.
    All in league with the devil, Sauron. “Oh Jesus, save me!”

  • Mike-EL

    I’m so ashamed to be white. I feel very sorry for Idris Elba. He must be going through hell.

    Hey, does the Council of Conservative Citizens,that the “left-wing” Stan Lee (and Jack Kirby) are JEWISH. *shudder*

  • Gregg

    Or it could be the british director casting a british actor that he’s wanted to work with for a while? I doubt that Marvel dictated many of the casting choices aside from the main roles.

  • Ivan Kopcewich

    And yet, it’s still based off the COMIC, and therefore not the actual Norse culture.

    This is all a situation of “You guys are being WAY too semantical about something that doesn’t need to be.”

    Guys, listen.
    Guys, I have this ide
    Guys, I have this idea.

    I want you to chill-
    Guys, chill.
    I want you to chill, and enjoy the goddamn movie.

  • Ivan Kopcewich

    Jesus dude, there’s this thing called “artistic licensing”, they use it whenever they take the concept of something and alter it for another means of distribution.

    You see it used in movies all the time. Ever read this thing called a book and go to watch the movie and a BUNCH of different things are changed? That’s what this is.

    Now, take a spin on it and take the Norse mythology, which yes, you see it as a belief, I however do not and I shall refer to it as such, I don’t mean in a rude manner, but as an Agnostic, I’ll hold a neutrality to all religious reactions on this.

    You take the Norse mythology, and alter it. HEY GUESS WHAT. That’s what Stan Lee and Marvel did. Of bloody course they’re going to alter it in the movie, Christ it’s even altered in the comic book. I also absolutely just LOVE that there’s a bunch of controversy over this, and yet, I can swing my happy ass over to “Too Human” (a game on the Xbox 360 for the non-gamers out there), and they’ll take a friggin’ meat cleaver to the entire mythos, yet so HELP me, there’s not a damn complaint on the internet. But as soon as they want to make a movie on an ARTISTICALLY, DRAMATICALLY, AND EVEN HISTORICALLY IF YOU WANT, LICENSED PRODUCT and change one of the characters to a black man, you immediately have to jump all over it. Christ you’re worse than the people who freaked out at Capcom for having the zombies in Resident Evil 5 be black even though they were in fuckmothering Africa.

  • Ivan Kopcewich

    Also, to cover my own ass on this?

    Movie looks like it’ll be a fair “meh” at best either way. I’m just getting a migraine over all this.

    A great man once said, “It’s all bullshit folks. It’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for ya.”

  • backhand

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an all anti-hate group you moron. It catalogues actual racist groups. Huge difference between being allowed the same benefits as other people and advocating the oppression of other people.


  • backhand

    Not only that but they often represented the higher members of that society as opposed to the how man million of regular folk

  • Brandon

    Thor is an extradimensional Alien, not a mythological god. Asgardians aren’t nordic, their Asgardian.

  • Brandon McKinnis

    Whoever told you you were smart or clever was clearly lying to you.

  • SanePerson

    I liked the part where people argued about something that doesn’t apply to this cause it’s based off a comic book series and not actual Norse mythology.

  • Takaris7

    Yes, Why yes it was a racist rant. Hollywood has been doing this for decades. Its no different then when white people put on black face or played an asian fellow in movies. It’s no different than when white people played native americans because no damn “indian” could be in a movie. Do yall forget so easily?

  • Felipe

    >I am an Asaturar (an Odinist or Heathen for the unenlightened), and I view this as an attack upon my faith and culture.

    Then this whole movie version of Asgard and the Norse Gods should be an attack, regardless of race, since the movie presents them as alien space gods

    Its like making a movie where Jesus and the apostles are alien space gods from Uranus and complaining that Peter looks black

  • Gwenny

    I don’t personally see the problem. It’s a movie… based on a comic book series, it’s not supposed to be historically accurate. This seriously sounds like a lot of “WAH!”.

    What, do you think he’s going to go around with an over size chicken leg instead of a hammer and going “fo shizzle my nizzle”? I don’t think so! Now if by some perverse twist of fate that does happen then you can complain, but until that happens quit your whining!


    Yes, that one line was very sterotypical. Just using it to prove a point.

  • NordicGal

    Skrælingi doesnt mean foreigner, it’s meaning is more like “people of colour” and for people using the word Skrælingi it often carried with it an insinuation that those people were worse-educated, poorer and even slaves.

    You are really putting a bad face on the Norse and Ásatrú. Please just stop trolling.

    These are fictionalized representations of the old religion – for me, it is more amusing than anything else to see how they are bended and twisted in various fictions (the dungeons & dragons deities is such a fun book to read if you do so with humor)

  • Dread Mighty

    Considering that the races in Airbender were ambiguous (Japanese-like Firebenders aside) and that there were many “races” within tribes (Southern Water Tribe being East Indian or American, northern being European?!?) especially in the large Earth Kingdom Continent with Blacks, Euros & Asian-looking characters all using Kung-Fu-style “bending”. My point? THE SHIT IS ALL FUCKING FAKE.

  • purple


  • Super

    Glenn Beck piece of crap, lawl.

  • Super

    Face it : Obama won the damn election !

  • Hhesfef256dfdgf

    “. I don’t expect to see a White man in a movie about zulu’s, nor do I expect to see a White man in a movie about Ninjas or the Samurai warlords,”

    Yeah, all the characters in Western movies about Zulus, Ninjas or Samurais are always of the correct ethnic group, in fact the main character in that movie called “The Last Samurai” was Japanese.


  • Rushxmrsharkyisretarded

    And yet your punk ass has no problems with the fact that the Norse gods in the Marvel comics are goddam space aliens fer crissakes, yet you’re complaining because they cast one black guy!

    Yeaaaah, you’re totally not racist…

  • Hhesfef256dfdgf

    Actually, most historians believe Jesus existed, but that his life was probably mythologized after his death.

  • John D

    There is one huge difference: the Zulus, Shaka Zulu and Martin Luther King are real people, who live or have lived on this earth, while the Norse gods are made up mythological figures.

    Also, this movie is not based upon Norse mythology, but upon a sci-fi comic book in which Norse gods are space aliens!

    So your complaining is really ridiculous.

  • Hhesfef256dfdgf

    Actually, the Southern Poverty Law Center lists black racist groups too, you numbskull.

  • 5dfsfds36fdsf

    You say you are not a racist, but are you aware that this movie is not based upon Norse mythology, but upon a comic book series, and that in this comic book series, the Aesir are space aliens with advanced technology, and not actual gods?

    The casting of a black actor disturbs you, while you’re totally fine with depiction of Norse gods as space aliens, yet you claim you’re not a racist?


  • But

    If people complaining were really concerned about faithfulness to Norse mythology and not motivated by their racism, they’d also be offended that a blond man was cast to play red-headed Thor.

  • 5dfsfds36fdsf

    Nice try you moron, the black actor (Idris Elba) is playing Heimdall, NOT Thor. Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth, a blond man, and since you’re soooo knowledgeable about Norse Mythology, you are bothered by the fact that a blond man is playing a readheaded god, right? Do your research before you go on your soapbox.

  • 5dfsfds36fdsf

    Or might it just be the fact that the director is more open minded than many people, and actually *GASP*, sees beyond color, and looks at talent foremost?
    Plus it’s silly to complain about the casting considering the fact that the movie is based on a comic book in which the Norse gods are actually space aliens…

  • Soiset

    I think that Christians should be horribly offended every time their Jesus is played by a man over 5′ 2″. Height is just about as important as race, biologically and sociologically.

  • ThatOtherOtherGuy

    Y’know, this really isn’t a case to be throwing around the word racism in. Are these people probably racist? Sure, but that’s true of most people in some sense or another. I doubt they have meeting to discuss how to get away with violating non-white peoples’ civil rights and bring back Jim Crow. They have a interest, just like a large majority of the human population, in advancing their particular group’s goals and well-being among human society.

    To me, this isn’t really a case of racism. This is just a case of grown adults being childish and taking things a little bit too seriously. That’s all it is. It’s that one kid playing tag and throwing a fit because no one else wants to follow their rules. To anybody who’s browsed TVTropes before, these are the classic “Stop Having Fun Guys.”

  • Alexanonymous18

    Um, for the record, the Norse creation theory states that Ymir’s body became the earth. Not Scandinavia, the entire earth. So you’re kinda wrong. Also, no non-Norse gods are mentioned in either of the Eddas, so chill out bro. They’re gods. They can kinda look how they want.

  • Anonymous

    I think your name is hilarious… “The Norse are for the Norse”… Go ahead and keep lying to yourself, but you’re not a Norseman, nor are you a Scandinavian.

  • Anonymous

    And yet these white Americans who are protesting are not Scandinavian…. How ironic.

  • Anonymous

    Which is hilarious unto itself. Modern day Scandinavia is EXTREMELY left-wing, and Scandinavians overwhelmingly wouldn’t have a problem with this.

    White supremacists don’t really have any mythology or symbols of their own creation; all they do is take preexisting mythology and symbols and twist and distort them to their own hate-filled purposes. White American supremacists do not own SCANDINAVIAN mythology because they are NOT Scandinavian. If someone like Stan Lee wants to take it and adapt it into a comic book series, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because there is nothing foul intended. But when it comes to Nazis and other white supremacists… it just looks fucking ridiculous.

    I am Scandinavian. I know plenty of people in Norway who were adopted as babies from Korea and raised with no other culture than Norwegian culture. I also know plenty of people who came from other places around the world to settle in Scandinavia, from places like Pakistan and Africa. Vikiing mythology will always be more culturally relevent to them than it could ever be to non-Scandinavian white racists. (and racists in Scandinavia, for the record, are considered freaks by their own ethnically Scandinavian people).

  • Nope

    Ben Kingsley was fantastic as Ghandi. Didn’t you get the memo? Race is a farce. We’re all members of the human race.

    If your religious beliefs include “my ethnic heritage is better than your ethnic heritage” then fuck your religion. It’s wrong.

  • Jesus

    Blond isn’t very common, but wavy light brown hair and pale complexion is extremely common in European depictions of Jesus since the Renaissance era, if not earlier.

    Willem Dafoe as Jesus in Scorsese’s Last Temptation had a sort of dirty blond thing going on.

  • Cliffjxn1

    Ben Kingsley is Indian.

  • Anonymous

    Racists like Quisling were Norwegian too. But that doesn’t mean that Norwegian culture as a whole would be offended by a black man portraying a Viking god. Not by any long shot. I bet you’re a Fremskritpartiet-voting freak.

  • Sugargl1der

    Equating racism with mental retardation is a terrible insult to the truly mentally retarded.

  • Niyiimmanuel

    what could be wrong with idris as a nordic god? i smell a rat

  • Colonelslime

    The mythological Thor had RED hair. How dare they cast a blond in the role. THEY ARE TRAMPLING ALL OVER OUR PRECIOUS MYTHOLOGY!

  • Cesarin

    hence why it frigging rocks!

  • Liberatrixmoneo

    Aight, Cleopatra was actually of Grecian decent if I recall correctly, so her looking a bit European isn’t a cultural slight any more than the Greeks ruling Egypt was( which it was, but at least it’s historically accurate) It would be nice if they stuck to the actual cultures (I.E Prince of Persia being given to an Iranian actor, Stories about African deities being played by Africans, etc.). That being said, why flip out now about Heimdall being African, when Thor is clearly stated in Nordic myth to be a red head? The whole comic portrays him as a blond, which is a slight to the Nords already right, seeing as how if they are being so Hel bent on getting it culturally accurate?



  • Kitano_Ken

    I thought he made heimdall look badass, actually prefer him as black now, It just works so well

  • Marvel_Stylist

    I’ll just say this, I understand were they are coming from in regards to portraying their Norse God as a black man but what about when we watch movies based on Egyptian times (i.e. Ten Commandments, Prince of Egypt, etc) white men/women portray Egpytians instead of blacks who are of the skin tone. Egyptians are Africans not Europeans. Let’s stop making things a race issue and move into a future thats rid of this derogatory and blinding matter. I’m still going to see THOR period!!