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Superman Lives Through Newly Released Costume Test Footage

Tim Burton was never able to finish his work on Superman Lives, the planned 1990s comic book adaptation that would have starred Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel. Many of us would agree that that’s a good thing — Burton and Cage on Superman is a bizarre combination, to say the least — and recently released photos of the movie’s alleged costume only helped to solidify that feeling.

But a previously unreleased video showing test footage of the Superman Lives costume might change some opinions, especially when considering the fact that this suit wasn’t developed as the film’s primary outfit. A reader at /Film informs us that the suit is “a [Kryptonian] life support suit with onboard AI and weapons. Basically turning the mortally injured Superman into Iron Man until he recovered from his fight with Doomsday.” In other words, the traditional Superman suit would have most likely made an appearance in Superman Lives — this is just an ancillary suit that would have reenergized Kal-El in his time of need, not to mention its obvious usefulness for toy manufacturers.

Given that context, what do you think of the Superman Lives suit? Cool piece of technology, or did we dodge a bullet?


  • Joseph

    I don’t care what he is wearing or not wearing. Burton and Cage? Definitely dodged a bullet.

  • Amanda

    Bullet dodged, without a doubt. The suit was quite cheesy, and the combination of Burton and Cage on Superman is disturbing to even consider.

  • Dan Monroe

    Dodged a bullet for sure. Burton may be a Superman fan, and I like his (Burtons) movies, however I do not think he could give Superman the proper treatment. I am waiting for a GOOD Superman movie (That las one was a joke).

  • Johnny Activia

    Are you crazy? We are like Neo dodging bullets! Look at this: and tell me if you would have liked that?! Super would never recover after that movie.

  • Kcorstel99

    Bullet dodged. This would have been crap.

  • Khiaao


  • Jokawildx26

    what are u talkin about superman would never have recovered from this ?? if BATMAN could recover from batman and robin, played by gorge cloony and having nipples on his suit could recover, im sure supes would have too,, and im sure this movie of superman would have been better then Returns

  • O.

    While Cage & Burton would’ve been horrible, I actually liked this suit from the moment we saw it. I didn’t think it’d be the actual suit. That said, as life support, it’s even cooler. Weapons though? Eh, I could pass on that part of the story.

  • gnort

    I like this a lot……if it were for a movie where Superman goes to Studio 54!!! ;)

  • Alex

    Superman should be treated with respect. This video totally ruins Superman. Also, I don’t like the idea that in the next Superman movie (the man of steel), Clark Kent will be human sized, but when he changes into Superman he becomes huge….like the Incredible Hulk…but without the green-ness! Rubbish. Superman is a man…when he travels beyond the boundaries of Earth’s yellow sun he loses his powers. This synopsis should remain.

  • Paine14

    Why is this news?

  • Red Robin

    …the hell?