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Syfy Cancels Stargate Universe

Ending weeks of speculation, Syfy announced today it won’t renew Stargate Universe for a third season. The final 10 episodes of Season 2 will air in the spring.

The third series in MGM’s Stargate franchise — following Stargate SG-1 and Stargate AtlantisSGU premiered in October 2009, and centered on an exploration team unable to return to Earth after an evacuation to the spaceship Destiny. It starred Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips, David Blue and Ming-Na.

Syfy also recently canceled the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica.


  • kalorama

    Disappointed but not surprised. The show was on a real uptick this season, esp. the last few episodes. I hope they tie it up and get them home in the end.

  • Jbelkinsii

    Syfy cancels another great show…that I could never catch on a regular basis because I was avoiding crap like WWE (how is that sci-fi or fantasy… ok maybe fantasy), Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, or any one of the “reality” programs that I don’t watch.

    What’s sad is that the “broadcast” networks have more sci-fi/fantasy than Syfy. Doctor Who is now on BBC (along with STNG), Buffy is on Chiller, Fox has Fringe, CW has Supernatural, Smallville and The Vampire Diaries, NBC had Heroes and now The Cape, ABC has (had) No Ordinary Family, CBS has… well they have something that’s not NCIS or CSI… what does Syfy have? Eureka great show…when are the new episodes on? When are the re-runs?

    What happened to SyFy’s great library of shows? Land of the Giants, Firefly, Lost in Space, old Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek, Lexx, Hercules, Xena…the list goes on. I won’t even go into the great original programming that used to populate the lineup.

  • guest

    it won’t unfortunately…its gonna end on a cliffhanger…

  • Loren in CA

    The Network Formerly Known As Sci-Fi is becoming increasingly like Monty Python’s cheese shop.

    I’ve stopped watching them, though I may watch when Eureka comes back from hiatus. Assuming, of course, they don’t cancel that too.

  • Lion_okitkat

    The show just never went anywhere, so I stopped watching. I used to watch Eureka and Warehouse 13 but both seem to rinse and repeat story beats.

  • Audiocomics

    Also remember who owns Syfy: NBC Universal. NBC, during the reign of Jeff Zucker, and even post-Zucker, was about maximizing profits by spending as little as possible. When a show becomes too expensive to produce, they get rid of it. Look what they did to Bravo. Bravo was once a great arts channel. Now it’s a reality-show dumping ground, one with ridiculously high ratings. Whether they call their programs “sci-fi” or not, it’s only matter of time before Syfy becomes all reality as well. NBC isn’t here to make fans of science fiction happy, they’re here to make their shareholders happy.

  • Gregg

    so basically you’re saying “I didn’t watch this show that nobody watched because I was trying to avoid a show that people do watch”. Say what you will about Pro Wrestling, it has a built-in, rabid, dedicated fanbase that would follow it to hell.

    Maybe Syfy would put more money into original scifi/fantasy programming and less reality/wrestling stuff if people ACTUALLY WATCHED THOSE SHOWS?

  • Geistbuster

    With this off the air, I have only one show left I watch on SyFy (STUPID NAME, BTW!) & knowing them, Eureka will be canceled soon too. Of course, I could watch those “great” movies they keep cranking out (much like one cranks out $#!† after a trip to Taco Bell…).

  • Equinox999equinox

    The show was horrible. I am glad SyFy wised up and cancelled it. Hopefully this will result in a return to ST:A and ST:SG movies.

  • Khiaao

    No one should be surprised

  • Balesirion

    Please learn how business actually works. The Stargate franchise is now dead. They don’t make movies for a franchise after all hope of it continuing is gone. The cancellation of all the TV series combined with the lack of market for additional direct-to-DVD movies means we’re not seeing any new Stargate, probably for good now.

  • nick price

    Hopefully, another network will pick up the series for the franchise’s sake. And maybe, just maybe, the fans will be able to contribute/donate to keep it in production.

  • Zen Strive

    SG-1 has O’Neill, Teal’c, Dan Jackson, and Carter.
    SG Atlantis have that army dude and that hot leader chick
    SG-U has all of that emo.
    Can we do things like SG-1? Open portals, new world, problems, solving, everyone happy :) ?

  • jedi chick

    SyFy is a stupid name and all their shows are TERRIBLE now. I’m still mad that Atlantis was canceled.

    PS – Netflix FTW

  • Ssssss

    Why cancel this series and not SG Atlantis? SGU was far more dynamic and interesting to watch. I’m very disappointed.

  • GearJunky

    I swear I thought I was watching an episode of battlestar galactica (BG) when I first tuned in to one of the SGU shows, and I hated BG. As it turned out, I like BG better than SGU. The whole on stage look and stop camera junk and playhouse feel about it drove me away from the start. I always expected to see a sea of ships stuffed with people looking for earth. It is like they went back in time to the old ways of the original BG. I did enjoy the SG-1 to SGA stuff.

  • Glossyslip13

    well i am surprised. WHY? I thought it was going to get crazier…. doesn’t seem like they are gonna let it…

  • Glossyslip13

    Real bummer…

  • Sfoster_au

    Ok.. Will someone please start a real SciFi channel that is will to back shows with a decent audience. SyFy is a waste of time. Once Universe is complete I will no longer watch them out of disgust for there poor management.