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Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones Heading To ABC

Although Disney CEO Robert Iger revealed last month that three Marvel properties are being developed for live-action television, we’ve only known the names of two — until now.

Variety reports this morning that Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is writing and producing a series based on Jessica Jones, the superheroine turned private investigator, for a planned fall 2011 premiere on ABC.

AKA Jessica Jones joins the previously announced Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger in the television pipeline, but will likely be Marvel Television’s first project on the Disney-owned network.

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, Jessica Jones debuted in November 2001’s Alias — ABC can’t use that title because of the Jennifer Garner series — a Marvel MAX comic about an embittered former superheroine who, after a traumatic experience, gives up her costumed identity and opens a detective agency. But once she settles in, she discovers her services are sought by clients with superhero connections.

Rosenberg, who has been a producer and writer on Showtime’s Dexter, reportedly was drawn to Jones because the character is deeply flawed but with a biting sense of humor.

Bendis will serve as a consultant. Rosenberg, Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb, Marvel Entertainment’s Joe Quesada, Marvel Worldwide’s Alan Fine and 3 Arts Entertainment’s Howard Klein are executive producers.


  • Jrau18

    Well, she was head writer on Dexter… But she also wrote every Twilight movie… This could go either way. At least on Dexter she had amazing actors and directors to rely on, but not so much with Twilight. I will wait and see.

    Oh, and this could open up a ton of doors with her later connection to the Avengers. At the very least, her relationship with Luke Cage could start a Power Man or Heroes for Hire series.

  • Robert Lee

    The Twilight writer adapting Bendis?…… Potential disaster looming. This could possibly be twice as much sitting around and just talking about doing things as we see in your average Twilight film or a Bendis comic. Alias was a great comic, but it really needs a dose of adrenaline and momentum to translate well to the small screen. I hope Miss Rosenberg is up for it, and doesn’t write things like “Jessica Looks down at the grounds. She mumbles and plays with her hair. While off in the distance walks Luke Cage. He sparkles in the the sunlight.”

  • Jrau18

    …You get that Twilight is based on a book and that she didn’t control those bits, yeah? Also, Dexter wasn’t like that. It was the complete opposite of that. So we don’t really know what to expect…

  • Josh Brown

    sounds awesome

  • Firstbornhellion

    i love how dudes cull excerpts of the article and then post from their own augmented realities where that’s all there is to the story.

  • Bclewis6593

    No Ordinary Family was a flop on ABC what makes them think that this show will fare any better. Of course NOF was poorly written, acted, and just plain sucked. It couldn’t decide if was a comedy or drama or a sci-fi adventure. It failed at all three.

  • demoncat_4

    was going to say now the third marvel project has been revealed. and hope the series leads up to Jessica and Luke cage romance in a future season. and bendis as consultant . means Jessica will not get changed by networks execs too much.

  • Mhawes1973

    Are you serious , I had just said this a week ago on one of the forums, someone took my MARVEL Movie Money , lol. Personally I think they should Go with the Heroes for Hire approach and add in jessica Misty Knight and Colleen wing, maybe add in Shang Chi for kicks, pun intended, lol

  • Anonymous

    Easily more adaptable to television than Wonder Woman.

    So looking forward to this.

  • Aaron96

    In what world is NoF a flop? Is it just in your own head?

  • McGruber

    It’s actually doing well in the ratings, seeing as how a full season was ordered. And the quality is EXCELLENT!

  • Omni

    i agree that i have mixed feelings, dexter amazing! Twilight amazingly dumb, so i’ll wait an see im a big fan of the comic !

  • Brian from Canada

    People tend to forget Dexter comes out of a book just as Twilight. If the Jessica Jones television series stays true to its source material like both Twilight and Dexter do, then it would certainly keep the fans happy.

    The question is where ABC is going to fit this. Obviously, they need something to tag next to No Ordinary Family, which is a success in the superhero format at the moment, but how does it fit with the overall network? (Cloak & Dagger, I can see on ABC Family but not ABC proper.)

    Time will tell. And very interesting to see someone else thinking outside the usual box just like the announcement of Raven being developed is as well.

  • Sage

    They should have start with a Heroes for Hire series first.

  • Nick

    Can’t see the infamous anal sex scene playing too well on ABC.

  • Lando

    thats how the internet works. they are great experts in marketing too as most bash any press releases without any logical thoguth.

  • Khiaao


  • YanYanYan

    Well, it doesn’t have to fit in as a superhero-related story. Most of that wouldn’t translate well to TV anyway. Much easier to adjust it and remove the superhero elements — keep the strong female lead, her voice, etc.

    It works as a comic because it has to fit in a superhero world. But the TV show would probably, IMO, fare better if they excise the superhero elements and focus on the character.

  • Joseph

    Well the difference is Dexter has more or less gone off in its own direction, while the Twilight screenplays have to stay very close to the source material. So I would say her Dexter work is more of an indication of her writing skills than her Twilight adaptations.

  • 0bsessions

    “Jessica Jones Heading to Television”


    “”Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg ”

    Oh. Well, nevermind, then.

  • Kenneth Livitski

    This is awesome! When they said there was going to be a third television series, Jessica Jones was the first character to come to mind (second was Squadron Supreme). It’s a shame that they can’t use the Alias name but nevertheless, I can’t wait to see this and I hope it’s done right! Between this and Powers, Bendis is going to be pasted all over the boob tube!

  • Adam Kirby

    AWESOME. I thought Twilight sucked too, but those books sucked seven dicks with six mouths, so of course the movie would suck too. I’m stoked. Hopefully this actually comes out.

    I love Alias so much. This excites me.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care for Jessica as a character, so IDK I’ll see I guess.

  • Speakyomind

    they need to get jessica biel to play her. she would be perfect.