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It Looks Like Gwen Stacy May Survive The Spider-Man Reboot

If you were expecting director Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man movie to be a retelling of the classic comic story “The Night Gwen Stacy Died,” you may be disappointed.

The two-part arc, from 1973’s The Amazing Spider-Man #121-122, was a defining moment for Spider-Man, who blamed himself for Gwen’s death after she was hurled by Green Goblin from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Although the Green Goblin doesn’t appear to be part of Columbia’s reboot, the inclusion of Gwen and her father George Stacy led some to believe we might see her death at the hands of the Lizard or the Proto-Goblin.

However, Emma Stone, who was cast opposite star Andrew Garfield in October, suggests Gwen Stacy could be with the movie franchise for a while.

During an appearance last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Golden Globe-nominated actress was asked whether she’ll maintain her natural blond hair (she usually dyes it red). Stone replied, “There’s a few Spider-Men, so I may have to keep it for a couple of years.”

That, of course, implies a multi-picture deal, which isn’t uncommon. But it also means that, barring flashbacks, Gwen won’t be snapping her neck until at least the next movie.

The new Spider-Man began its 90-day shoot two weeks ago in Los Angeles. The LA Times’ Company Town blog reports that while production will include two weeks in New York City, where the story is set, the bulk of filming will take place on the Sony lot and in locations around LA. The movie, which is being produced for less than half Spider-Man 3‘s $250-million budget, opens on July 3, 2012.

You can watch Stone’s Tonight Show appearance below.

(via Comic Book Movie)


  • Stathamciaran

    Good. We shouldn’t be lobbying for the character to die. It’d be nice to see her last a few films, since Stone is a great actress, so I’m keen to see what she brings to the part. Also, I’m crossing my fingers she doesn’t get trapped in Dunst’s problem of being the distress-damsel come every film’s end.

  • Kevin Melrose

    In the video, she talks about training with the same fitness instructor that Andrew Garfield is using, which suggests her role is going to be at least somewhat physical.

  • Stathamciaran

    Yeah, but that doesn’t necessarily mean doing naff-all save getting kidnapped in every film.

  • Oliver Sava

    I absolutely love Emma Stone so I would be very happy to see her with Spider-Man for a while. There’s no reason to kill her off in a film, especially one that doesn’t have Osborn.

  • tom

    auuugh why do people want Gwen Stacy to die? It’s hardly as though that was how the character was conceived. If you go back and read the original Ditko run, or the Lee/Romita stuff that followed on from it, she is categorically NOT “the dead girlfriend”.

    Killing her was one of the three most misguided editorial choices in Spider-Man’s history (the other two being the wedding and graduating Peter from high school too quickly).

  • Sijo

    Gwen’s popularity with the fans (from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon) might account for this. Besides if a reigning plot like the marriage can be tossed away after 20 years, why cannot Gwen’s death?

  • Anonymous

    This whole movie is a mistake… Maybe not for fanboys, but for normal people, the original Spider-man movie is still fresh on everyone’s minds.

  • Maddie Bishop