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Keep Trucking: Megatron’s New Look For Transformers 3

Ruthless Decepticon leader Megatron has undergone various incarnations over the years as a handgun, a jet, a tank, even a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a gigantic floating head. For his next transformation, he’s turning into something that hits rather close to home for rival Optimus Prime: a truck.

JoBlo has stumbled upon some photos of a new Megatron action figure from the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy line, revealing that the transforming tyrant is set to become a truck for Michael Bay’s third movie. For all the things that the Transformers movies have gotten wrong, this one might actually be a cool idea, at least on paper; the potential for an awesome truck battle between Prime and Megs is certainly there if nothing else. But the minute you realize that the tarp spread out over the truck tanker transforms along with Megatron to form a cape and cowl, well, that’s when you know you’re watching Michael Bay’s Transformers.

You can see the movie version of Mega-truck above. Check out the action figure pictures below.


  • ryan


  • Shaun Manning

    Autobots are a cowardly and superstitious lot… I will become… a truck! With a blanket!

  • pDUB


  • rob

    he’s clearly shit at throwing pancakes

  • Americanhoosirtrans

    since when does a tanker need a tarp

  • Henrist

    wow how do you know thats probably fake

  • mikey

    Leave it to Michael Bay to take something ridiculous and asinine and make it even more ridiculous and asinine.

    Megatron now looks like Orko from He-Man.

  • guest

    Megatron gets a hood and shoulder cape….cool

  • Sandrock Custom

    Capes have been showing up on quite a few Japanese robots at least since the 90’s. This one is from the 1997 movie “Endless Waltz”:

  • Meall


  • Jus Dat Dude1

    if this is megatron this some bs. turn him into galvatron. this right here gots to be someone else or fake

  • Thad

    Hrm. Shades of the Beast Machines finale where Megatron stole Optimus’s robot form from Beast Wars.

  • Dspyank

    Make Michael Bay stop. Hes the biggest Idiot!

    WORSE than Paula Abdul!

  • Sreejithnair94

    Come on, Megatron. First, you turn into an alien jet. Then you’re a flying alien tank, and now YOUR A TRUCK! Just pick a vehicle and go with it. Why can’t you be more like Optimus?

  • Philip Loth

    The tarp will be used to cover up his damages from Optimus Prime in ROTF.

  • Chris

    Judging from some of the comments I’ve read,some of you probably weren’t even born when the original cartoon version of the transformers series came out.Megatron,in his transformed state resembles what he looked like in the cartoon.Two legs with a big gun on one arm.I’m glad to see that Michael Bay went with Megatrons original look(minus the flying gun look from the cartoon).I don’t understand the cape,though.Their robots.You mean to tell me they couldn’t find any metal to fix back Megatrons face?Maybe it was to give the appearance of being more menacing.Overall,I like the rustic truck look.Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Dlife04444

    Is it me or does megs get weaker by every movie, the 1st movie he was too strong no 1 could handle him not even prime. Then in the 2nd movie he need starscream and grindor just to kill prime. I guess in this 3rd and probably last movie he’ll be facing bumble bee since he isn’t even the main villian. (Omg how is mega not the main villian.)