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Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks Would Love To Be Wonder Woman

Add another name to the growing list of actresses who’d like to be considered for Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman revival: Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of the Rachael Ray Show, the Emmy-nominated actress was asked about “Internet scuttlebutt” that she might play the Amazonian Princess.

“I just heard that rumor, too,” Hendricks replied. “I don’t know where it got started, but I love it.  […] I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life. I had Underoos — I had Wonder Woman Underoos.” Asked whether she’d play the character, the 35-year-old actress said, “Oh, I’d love to. That would be so much fun.”

The Wonder Woman “scuttlebutt” may have started in July with this New York Post interview in which Hendricks expressed a desire to land a role that required her to learn kung-fu. That sparked posts on Moveline and Moviefone calling for the actress to don the trademark tiara and bracelets.

Of course, any push to cast Hendricks — or anybody else, for that matter — is premature, considering that writer-producer David E. Kelley revealed two weeks ago that he hasn’t “necessarily committed” to developing Wonder Woman.

Hendricks, who plays office manager Joan Holloway on AMC’s Mad Men,  is no stranger to comic-book roles: She provides the voice of Lois Lane in Warner Bros.’ animated adaptation of All-Star Superman, which will be released in the spring. She also appeared as the con artist Saffron in two episodes of Firefly, alongside Morena Baccarin and Gina Torres, two actresses who’ve been linked to the role of Wonder Woman over the years.

You can watch Hendricks’ appearance on the Rachael Ray Show here.

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  • Anonymous

    she was hot in Firefly…

  • Squashua

    I think I could manage seeing her in WW underoos.

  • Zagreus

    She’s need to lose weight.

  • Wes

    She’s so hot!

  • demoncat_4

    she would have to diye her hair for wonder woman be it the movie or if the tv show does happen though could see her as Artimis and then maybe playing Artmis when she was wonder woman.

  • Tomfitz1

    Lord have mercy!!!! I’d KILL to see Christina as WW.

    Tho’ I don’t remember seeing her in Firefly.

  • scruffy

    she’s got the bod to fill it…go for it.

  • Kcorstel

    Zagreus, she most certainly does NOT need to lose weight. She has one of the best bodies in Hollywood — curvy and full and, dare I say it, almost NORMAL looking! The fact that she’s not a stick is a very good thing, and it’s a shame that you don’t recognize that. I would love to see her in a Wonder Woman flick.

  • LoveFist

    There is no question that she is hot and juggalicious, but any actress in consideration for the role need to have a mediteranian look.

  • nailsin

    Too bad they’re not making a Power Girl show because she’d win that hands down.

  • Justin

    I have a recurring dream about Christina Hendricks slipping into a Wonder Woman costume… and anyone who thinks she needs to lose weight is a mental midget. There is absolutely nothing sexy about skinny women.

  • Khiaao

    Tricia Helfer would make a good Wonder Woman, and Demi Moore can play her mother the Queen

  • Coryjameson

    And we’d love for her to be Wonder Woman too

    It’s like she’s read our minds.

    She’s so Hot that even though I’m gay, I’d do her.

  • Jenerators

    I want to see Cher playing Hippolyta, personally. Think about how she looked when George Perez recreated WW back in the 80s!

  • Jack

    *Drools at thought of her in WW costume…

    Actually, on another thought, she would be perfect for Mera in an Aquaman movie…

  • stealthwise

    Tom, she was Saffron (appeared in two episodes).

  • Lex Combs

    She’s so damn hot!

  • JTRobin

    While not necessarily needing to lose weight, should would need to tone up and get some color. However, at 35 she is simply too old to build a franchise around, considering 2-3 years between movies, if WB pursues a franchise with WW.

  • Benjamonibordenproject

    She looks more like PowerGirl though

  • Giovanni

    man, if necessary I myself put that money to contract for the role!

  • Motyrreb

    Yep, She’ll do.