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USA Continues To Dominate American Cable

For the fifth year running, the USA Network was the most watched cable channel in America – and there was just as much change in the rest of the top 5, with this year’s most watched channels matching last year’s. Are we stuck in our ways?

Deadline reports that the five most watched cable channels in America during 2010 were USA, Disney, ESPN, TNT and Fox News, with that line-up changing to a top list of USA, ESPN, TBS, TNT and surprisingly, History (replacing A&E on last year’s list), for the 18-49 demographic. History and MTV were seen as the channels having made the largest gain in viewers compared with 2009, while CNN and Hallmark had lost the most viewers in the same period.

All data runs from Jan 1st through December 19th.


  • browntown

    I can’t name one show on USA.

  • RunnerX13

    I’m not even sure what channel USA is.

  • Bill Reed

    USA is the only channel smart enough to put Bruce Campbell on the tube every week. They deserve it.

  • Srjuanm

    I find it hard to believe that the above do not know what USA cable channel is. Surely you jest. What is this website about anyway?