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Disney Pop Princess For Marvel’s Avengers?

Disney star Demi Lovato may have won tween hearts in the Camp Rock movies and courted tabloid headlines by checking herself into a counseling center for emotional issues in the middle of a tour, but does that make her Avenger-worthy?

Radar Online is reporting, surprisingly matter of factly, that the Sonny With A Chance star has a role lined up in Joss Whedon’s big-screen adaptation of Marvel Comics’ premiere superhero team. It doesn’t hint at what that role would be – and my mind’s a blank for who she could play, I admit – but the Disney/Marvel synergy definitely suggests that it could be a possibility. Maybe Joe Jonas could join the cast as Kang the Conqueror, if this continues…?


  • Anonymous

    Please, please not Janet van Dyne.

  • Worldbreaker1980

    If they’re doing the Kree/Skrull War as has been rumored, I can see her being cast as Princess Annell. That’s mostly a shot in the dark, and also hoping she’s not The Wasp.

    Please, don’t let her be Wasp.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    And let the Disney influence begin.

  • Mr. M


  • Shomy092

    Just not Janet….

  • Equinox999equinox

    Say hello to your big screen version of the Wasp.

  • Anonymous

    Teenage Scarlet WItch…?

  • Lex Combs

    I could see her as the Scarlet Witch.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that this news does not signal an end to Disney’s cool. So far they have been able to patiently build a universe through their movies, and the quality has been above average. I hope that they do not use Marvel simply s a way to market their own Disney brand.