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New Captain America Set Report Reveals Photos And Shield Details

If you’re itching to see more from Captain America: The First Avenger, look no further: we’ve got a few new photos from the production’s set courtesy of Dutch magazine Veronica (via The Chris Evans Blog), as you can see below.

Although the article, written entirely in Dutch, doesn’t offer too many new details, it does present some interesting information about the shields that Cap will be slinging come July of next year. Superhero Hype translated the article and reports: “25 shields were made for the production. Small ones were made for the fighting and running, and one was even made out of bronze that was impossible to lift. Chris Evans in some scenes threw a “green frisbee” that will be turned into the shield using special effects.”


  • demoncat_4

    figured they would need a whole bunch of shields and the main one would be done by cgi . the broze version surprised the workers could even transport it to the set without a crane or some support.

  • Dan Monroe

    How awesome to see a breaking story which reveals absolutely nothing. Must be a slow news day.

  • zsherman

    Whatever about lifting shields, what the hell did he lift to get that big?! I want his workout!

  • lead sharp

    Genuine question, why would you need a shield you couldn’t lift?

    It all looks nice and real though, which is a plus. It’s not going to be a cgi flick with human actors.